REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Tonight’s Episode… “Uncomfortably Public Relations”… Lea Black “TeethCleaning”… Elaine Lancaster “MarysolDon’tMeetMYStandards”

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November 15, 2012   Bravo… What’s gonna happen on tonight’s RHOM… While Elsa visits Lea to put an end to her ongoing feud with Marysol…                   “You make up with Mary-sol… or I … Continue reading


JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax BravoBlog… FINALLY!…BubbaJax Explains PFS… Would Never Hurt MelissaGorga…

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October 25, 2012  Bravo…                                             “ThankYou HousewifeHoe!” I am answering some of your questions one last time and then Season … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s BravoBlog… “AnswersToQuestions”… Did NOT Know “LookersManager”…Did NOT Know About “SetUp”… Melissa On “VictimTour”… What Is It That Melissa “Still Does?”… REAL Marco Skeletons Coming Out

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September 25, 2012  5:00 pm  From Bravo… Hello Sweethearts! I have to start by thanking you all! Thank you all for caring, for your wonderful messages, and tweets. Your support means the world to me! I also want you to … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Posche Fashion Show “The Hair Goddess”… Miami Ratings “Over 1 Million”… Lookers Manager On Twitter… Photoshopped “Fat Melissa”… Bravo Producer’s “Nasty Email”

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September 15, 2012  10:00 pm    The fabulous, fantastic and now “famous” Posche Fashion Show… coordinated by Kim DePaola, owner of the Posche Boutique in Wayne NJ… is where all loose ends from each season of the the RHONJ seem … Continue reading



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POSTED FEBRUARY 12, 2012  12:00 noon HMMMM…. Will the next season of the Real Housewives of New York be the “newbies” v the “oldies?”  (L-R) Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thompson attend the Anne Bowen fall 2012 fashion show … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Orange County: Slade Slimey’s Paintings… Update 5-30-11

UPDATE 5-30-11:   You snooze you lose!   Slimey’s two paintings, ‘Fashion Show’ have been sold.  The price for each painting was $750.  The buyer was someone from Texas.  Hmmm… Wretched just visited Texas on RHOOC.  Wretched has ties in Texas going … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Season 6, Episode 12… Fashion Victim

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                                                Real Housewives of Orange County:  Fernanda Rocha, Gretchen Rossi, Tamra Barney, Vicki Gunvalson, Alexis Bellino, Peggy Tanous… FASHION VICTIM… Tamra Barney, Eddie Judge, Peggy and Micah Tanous are in Vegas with another couple for the weekend trip.  Peggy gives Micah … Continue reading

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Dina’s Back… On HGTV

Dina Manzo may have walked off (she kind of slinked out is more like it) ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey,’ but her TV career is far from over (she had a TV career?  Oh yawn yay!). With a project in the works, Manzo is excited to return to TV.
“You’ll see my face pop up on TV in the near future (are you sure we didn’t already see it, Dina… remember your unforgettable role on ‘The Fashion Show’). I’m working on something very exciting, but it’s not reality TV,” she says. (Dina, we can only hope it’s a show about your tablescapes.)
                                                                Dina Manzo at Berdorfs

Manzo, who admits she’s “happier than ever” since quitting the franchise, still roots for her former castmates. “I love them all (Dina: except for a Joo-dice, they’re all your relatives). They’re great. The show just wasn’t for me.
I’m a private person,” (Uh… you did sign a contract to be on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, right?) she revealed at Bravo’s New Year’s Eve Party in New York.  Ringing in the New Year, Manzo, a self-described “workaholic,” said her resolution is to let loose and start having more fun.  “I am always so goal-oriented and serious. I want to stop and smell the roses, live in the moment and enjoy life,” she says. “


Dina’s very private wedding:

Bravo’s “The Fashion Show”: A Fashion Disaster

Twelve people were living under the subway. The ‘twelve’ kept their distance from each other, but each contributed to their daily survival. Great food scavenged from fine restaurant’s trash cans, heat from a wood fire that was always tended to and electricity from a circuit that was tapped into. They watched the scratchy picture of the 12-in black and white TV and they saw the life that went on above them. They were curious if they could live above ground, not just go above to retrieve what they needed for the day, but if they could stay and fit in.  Would their life above be any better than the grey pictures of their TV? They had to try.

They each departed with only the clothes on their backs and one extra change of clothes. Once above ground, they scattered and each wandered the city. Unbeknownst to one another, they each met a man with brillo-textured hair who rambled on about how he hated the color brown. This unusual man gave each a card on which was written an address…

Each of the “twelve” found the address and one by one they entered a curtained room.   They were instructed to choose a sewing box, which contained a number. The number corresponded to a model and they were given the task of dressing their model in the best representation of their work, which luckily they had brought with them from their subwayworld.

The numbers were used to divide the ’12’  into teams of six each: The House of Nami and The House of Emerald Syx. The design houses are to design a cohesive collection based on international model/cosmetics creator/icon/wife of David Bowie… IMAN. One member of the winning house will be crowned ‘the winner’ and one member of the losing design house will be sent back to the underworld.

After each design house has briefly discussed their strategy, they were taken to an area by the man with the brillo hair who hates the color brown, Isaac Mizrahi, to explain their vision. Their collections were presented on the runway to the judges, Isaac, Iman, Laura Brown and guest judge, Rachel Roy for review. After the judges deliberated, the House of Nami was announced as the winner and a member of the House of Emerald Syx was shown the door, but not before they took back the sewing kit and her number.

The Fashion Show is Bravo’s second try and they need to keep trying.  If Bravo cannot devise their own formula for a fashion reality show, they need to gracefully bow out of this genre until they find a unique blueprint that will challenge Project Runway. Iman has replaced ho-hum Kelly Rowland as co-host, but she’s no competition for Heidi in the co-hosting spot. Iman is a fashionista from way back, but she went to the Camilla Alves (Shear Genius) school of TV hosting… we could use subtitles, please. Laura Brown has been added as the ‘editorial judge’ ala Nina Garcia. Rachel Roy was the guest judge, recycled from guest judging on this season’s Project Runway. Then there’s Isaac Mizrahi. Tim Gunn is the gold standard and Isaac is…well, Tim Gunn is Tim Gunn and Tim Gunn hasn’t a prejudice toward any color.

There are more comparisons at which TFS flatlines: Project Runway shops at Mood and The Fashion Show at Zarin fabrics; Project Runway’s designers are ensconsed at the Atlas and The Fashion Show designers are stowed somewhere on NYC’s West Side; Project Runway’s designers are themselves stylish and The Fashion Show designers haven’t looked in a mirror lately.

The Fashion Show wants to be fashion forward, but ends up on the clearance rack.

Bravo, please go back to Andy’s place or wherever all the Bravo producers hang out and conceptualize an innovative formula for a fashion reality show that would excite and engage your viewers.

Back to the episode… the remaining designers dropped their scissors in unison, grabbed their extra change of clothes, abandonded the workroom, exiled from The Fashion Show, and dropped back into their underground lives.

They made sure they took their sewing boxes.