“THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY IS FAKE” IS OLD NEWS: Let’s Look Back At Emails Sent From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Producer!!

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The latest “breaking news” is that Tamballs is tryin’ to get her kids on the fast track to board that Bravo money train!  Tamballs wants her kids filmed while she has physical custody of them… against the wishes of her … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY”… TheSimpsons…BFrankel Whining Porn Guest… PT Housewife “Perfect Family”… Melissa Gorga… Drunk Otis… PierogiPrincess Kicks Lisa Hochstein Outta Wedding… WretchedRossi “Shoe Designer”… Marcia Wallace… Mike Tyson… Haunted Halloween Houses

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Her talk show is gasping for breath.   Whomever is scrounging around for guests at BFrankel’s show has discovered the bottom of the ocean floor… TeenMom/Porn”Star” FarrahAbraham is clearly seething at BFrankel’s questions on today’s show: NOTE:   Farrah is … Continue reading


GRETCHEN ROSSI: “YOU COULD BE A REALITY STAR”… Seminar Taking Place in El Paso, TX… UPDATE: Seminar Tanked…Cancelled…

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 May 2, 2012  7:20 pm   UPDATE August 5, 2012  9:45 am  Gretchen *BLEEEEEECH* CHRISTINE Rossi… While searching for something else, came upon this item from three months ago.  Wretched *BLEEEECH* CHRISTINE teamed up with Shuter trying to get participants … Continue reading