FAMBLY FOTO!!  Tamballs, Ryan and daughter-in-law to be!  If it weren’t for bein’ an OC Housewife, “I’ll do anything” Tamballs would still be in that trailer…

rhoc tamballs ryan pg

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Opree Shares The Wealth!!

Opree tells TMZ that people hit her up for money based on how much they think she makes, which is now up to $50,000.  Being that Opree makes (on the LOW side) around $80 million per annum just from her TV shows and OWN network, you would think that the amount would be somewhat higher!


If you could, and if you had the burglar balls… would YOU ask Opree for a loan??  If so, how much???  Would you repay the loan to race-baiter-Affirmative-Action Opree?? 



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Am having some issues with the Real Housewives franchises.  Interest in these moronic Housewives has fallen to a new low. To be perfectly honest, am much more excited about the new season of “Life Below Zero” on April 17 than … Continue reading


Joyce Giraud BravoBlog… Not Likin’ Yoda Too Much!!

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  Hola Mis Amores, I can’t believe it’s finally the last Episode. So before I dive into my thoughts on tonight’s Episode, I want to once again THANK ALL of you for the support, the love, encouragement, and the messages … Continue reading



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WE’RE fascinated by the bald eagle live video feed!!  It’s all happening right now!  PA Fish and Game experts have determined that the first of the three eggs are expected to hatch today, the second on March 29 and the … Continue reading

TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Guardian Angels And St. Florian At Work!

We’re takin’ a SH detour for this truly unbelievable video!

WATCH as this construction worker, working on the Houston Apartments yesterday, is saved at the very last second by firefighters.

You can see just how close this was to turning out really badly…

RHONY Preview Ramoaner “Losing Her Arm”!!

Ramoaner is “losing her arm” as daughter Avery prepares for her prom… and then college in THREE months!

NOTE:  Take your own advice, Ramoaner!

RHONY Ramona Take a Xanax

Apollo Says “Everybody Cheats”

On last night’s RHOA:   Big discussion about how EVERYONE cheats… PUH-LEEZE!!  Phaedra says Apollo don’t know what the hell he’s talkn’ about…


TERESA GIUDICE What Will Happen PRE And POST Sentencing! MissAndy Don’t Know Nuthin’

The Giudices’ fraudulent legal problems “will very much be a part of the show next season,”  MissAndy recently said, though Bravo won’t reveal how much da Joodices will appear next season, which is currently filming. MissAndy has been skirting direct questions re … Continue reading


REAL WORLD NEWS Putin Eyes SAmerica While US Watches Leader Dance On Ellen… MUCH MORE!!

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ImperialLeader is delegating responsibilities to his 20-something interns allowing him to play an unprecedented number of golf games and plan his next vacation trip to Martha’s Island as soon as Mooch returns from her no-reporters allowed taxpayer-funded visit to China … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS!! FrontPorsha Apollo PTHousewife Ramoaner NayNay

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FRIENDS OF KORDELL are keepin’ the FrontPorsha Divorce Saga Alive:  “She used him and took advantage of the situation in hopes that it would get her to the next level financially and professionally,” the tipster claimed. “Honestly, if she hadn’t … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Who’s Been Sleepin’ In Harry Dubin’s Bed?

On tonight’s Real Housewives of New York:  PT Housewife is STILL usin’ Harry Dubin’s bed!


CARLTON GEBBIA Goes After DrunkOtis, JoyceGiraud… Likes KimRichards!

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A long exhausting and depleting 13 hour day. Of course, I had no idea what to expect about this reunion, but I will tell you I went to my magical store, Objets d Art, got my candles, tucked my crystals … Continue reading

SITTING SHIVA SPEAKS!! Will She Be A Beverly Hills Housewife?

MoHamHead’s newest fiancee, SittinShiva, chats about the possibility of becoming a Beverly Hills Housewife…



NOTE:  We liked this chick better…

Camille RHOBH Mohamed girlfriend

RHOBH Reunion Show Preview: MissAndy Wants Some LipLocking! Yolanda Foster Complies… DrunkOtis Says She And RHONY’s Tallmark Kissed A Lot!

There could not be a Housewives reunion show without MissAndy prodding the Housewives to do some ridiculousness.  This time MissAndy wants to see some lip-lizard-lip-locking; however, his request is pooh-poohed by all except for Yoda.   DrunkOtis says that she and RHONY Housewife, Tallmark, have kissed lots of times…

Note to Tallmark:  Do you know where DrunkOtis’ lips have been???


RHOBH Reunion: Mean Tweets!!

To get the Housewives “loosened” up before the REAL questions begin… MissAndy asks them about the mean tweets they get!  How interesting that not one of these Housewives talk about the mean tweets they issue!

WHAT!?!?  MissAndy didn’t ask them how big their boobs are… as he did the OC Housewives???   NOTE:  If you missed MissAndy’s questioning of the RHOC’s boobs… see SH June 27, 2012.

NOTE:  The worst we ever called HagfaceKyle, besides “lizard-lip-lickin’ HagfaceKyle,” was “Manhands”… but, never tweeted that to her!  HagfaceKyle got the “Manhands” tweet from someone who obviously read “Kyle Gotz Da Manhands” a 2011 SH item and sent it on to her!    

AND… MissAndy does not like it when you ask him a question!  When MissAndy does not like the question, MissAndy blocks immediately!  After SH asked MissAndy about what was wrong with a DailyNews item, he never answered and blocked SH back in 2012… too close for comfort apparently!!



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We need a breather.   Bravo has done it again… and they did it to the Real Housewives of New York.  Again! How does Bravo expect viewers to be interested at all in the New York franchise when viewers are … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS REUNION SHOW Preview: DrunkOtis Defends Against Joyce Giraud’s Allegations! CreepyCarlton Amused…

RHOBH Brandi

DrunkOtis is defending herself against the **cough, cough** totally absurd accusation by Joyce that DrunkO “dates” ugly short men.   The accusation SHOULD be:  Does DrunkOtis have one night, one hour, one minute “meetings” with ugly short men… as there is plenty of evidence to prove that accusation!!


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