REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: The Usual Pre-Premiere Blah, Blah, Blah…


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Season Three Preview… RHOM Premieres August 12 at 9 pm…

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Bravo… The Real Housewives of Miami premieres in ten days… August 12 at 9 pm! “Excitement runs high this season as both Joanna and Adriana plan their dream weddings, but not everything is smooth sailing as Joanna and Romain disagree about … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Season Three Preview… Premiering August 12 at 9 PM

Bravo… Karent Sierra booted…

RHOM Cast Season Three


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Sonja Morgan … Bravo’s “Housewives Awards”… Is Brandi Glanville Morphing Into MamaMumbles?

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  It’s been reported that Sonja… that’s Sonja with a “J”!… Morgan has gotten da Bravo boot from the RHONY.   Not so fast! Sonja is still in negotiations with Bravo and was not at the Bravo UpFronts because Sonja … Continue reading


THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI REUNION PART II RECAP: Lea Black, Ana Quicksand, Adriana de Moura, Karent Sierra, Alexia Echolandeau, Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, Was Anyone Else There?… OH! MissAndy!

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The second part of the two-part Real Housewives of Miami reunion show aired last night.  What a waste of an hour… or make that 44 minutes! The production company, Purveyors of Pop, took a show which was not intended to … Continue reading

LISA HOCHSTEIN: Watch Out All You Miami Citizens…Lisa IS A Fembot!!!


The extremely talented “HousewifeHoe” has put out a call for ideas!   If YOUR imagination has given you some ideas of what you’d like to see “HousewifeHoe” do with her wonderful photoshop abilities, now is the time to let her know!

OK guys, it’s really quiet and super boring at work today. I’m putting it out there for ideas on my next photoshop parody of any of the HW franchises. C’mon be creative and inspire me!


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Joanna Krupa, Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, Lea Black, Ana Quincoces, Karent Sierra… RHOM Reunion Show Recap

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After watching the mess of a Miami reunion, it has increased the disdain I have for these women and ALL the Housewives franchises.   NOTE:  Word of the day for the Miami Housewives is “gratuitously”… if you recall, the NJ … Continue reading


Bravo… On Part II of the RHOM reunion… Marysol’s marriage and Alexia’s son are discussed…



REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: RHOM Reunion… Part I… The RHOM Have Taken A Step UP From Last Season!

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MissAndy has gifted the Real Housewives of Miami a REAL reunion this season!! In a REAL Housewives-like setting!  And NOT in his rinky-dink Clubhouse!  See the difference for yourself… NOW… THEN… NOTE:  If you want to see the entire RHOM … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Givin’ Thanks… For Thanksgiving!… VIDEO

November 16, 2012   Bravo   Yes, Joanna, everyone knows by now your “comes from nothing” saga!  Adriana doesn’t mention her boyfriend!  BUT… most interesting is the body language between Alexia and Ana…

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Next Week’s Preview… Elaine Visits Marysol… All The Immigrants On RHOM…

November 16, 2012   Bravo  On the next RHOM…  Elaine Visits Marysol; KarAin’t wants to freeze an embryo; all the immigrants on RHOM are pointed out…


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Tonight’s Episode… “Uncomfortably Public Relations”… Lea Black “TeethCleaning”… Elaine Lancaster “MarysolDon’tMeetMYStandards”

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November 15, 2012   Bravo… What’s gonna happen on tonight’s RHOM… While Elsa visits Lea to put an end to her ongoing feud with Marysol…                   “You make up with Mary-sol… or I … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: RHOM MamaElsa… Jax Laurita “HobbyTime!”… Vegas High Rollers… Amy Phillips… UPDATE: Nene Leakes Punched Out By Kenya Moore…

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October 21, 2012  11:51 am   4:oo pm                                                                  … Continue reading


MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY!!!… Phone Operations at WWHL…Heather Dubrow’s “BrandExplained”…Joe Gorga “DadAndHouse”… Elsa Patton “PleaseStopTweeting”

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October 19, 2012   MissAndy doesn’t have to hunt down cabs any longer! The people behind the scenes in the BravoClubhouse have grown in numbers.  It used to be that the PhoneNazi, Diedre, would interrogate answer your call if your … Continue reading


MARYSOL PATTON, ELAINE LANCASTER: MissElaine Proves Marysol Wrong… Elsa Selling “RingTones”…Elsa Explains Her Plastic Surgery Says “TooOldToCare”

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October 14, 2012  12:50 pm   MiamiHerald…    Lea Black, Elaine Lancaster… “Hey, Elaine… show me how to do that!”   Marysol Patton developed “ElsaRingtones” for sale at $2.99: Marysol Patton, who on and off the air plays straight man … Continue reading

ELAINE LANCASTER: MissElaine Cozies Up To Elsa… Don’t Call Her “MAMA”!!!… Next RHOM… VIDEO

October 12, 2012  9:10 am   Bravo   On next week’s RHOM:  MissElaine can’t understand a word comin’ outta Elsa’s… don’t call her “MAMA”… mouth!  Is there anyone who can translate???

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Lisa Hochstein and MamaElsa on “The Soup”… VIDEO

September 23, 2012  12:20 pm   





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September 10, 2012  2:30 pm   MiamiNewTimes…   What is it with all the love and adoration for the Housewives’ elderly relatives?  MamaElsa can barely talk… and the ones that can talk, are thoroughly disgusting.  Yes, all fingers are pointing … Continue reading


September 6, 2012  9:30 pm   NOTE:  The RHOM will OFFICIALLY premiere its second season on September 13.  However, YOU can watch the premiere episode of the RHOM now if you have VIOS On Demand…

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Latest RHOM Ad… Premieres September 13 at 10 pm… VIDEO


SH **EXCLUSIVE**: MARYSOL PATTON… *SPOILER ALERT*… Elsa Patton Gets Some FREE Bravo Plastic Surgery… PHOTOS

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ORIGINALLY POSTED April 1, 2012   6:13 pm   RE-POSTED JULY 29, 2012  5:30 pm   NOTE:  SH has been reporting on the Real Housewives of Miami since March!  HOWEVER… SH readers may have overlooked this item from THREE months … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI… Season Two Preview… Play-By-Play!!… VIDEO

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July 26, 2012  3:00 pm      Funny play-by-play by Clara Lavelle from  MiamiNewTimes…   0:02: “Kiss my ring! And then you can kiss my ass, too.” Yep, based on what we’ve seen, that gem of dialogue from Lea Black is … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Who’s Back… Who Ain’t…RHOM Season One Reunion…Watch On SH YouTubeChannel!!

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July 26, 2012  12:30 pm   RHOM premieres September 13…   NOTE:  If you are a long-time reader of SH, the new Miami cast is not news to you!   SH has been reporting on Season Two of the RHOM … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI… Premiering September 13… Preview… VIDEO

July 24, 2012  8:40 pm   OH… look who’s showing up on RHOM… it’s Thomas “pervy” Kramer from RHOA!  Remember… Kim Zolciak’s friend…


NOTE: For all who are wondering WHY the Real Housewives of Miami is getting a second season… all is explained!  From SH April 2011



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April 1, 2012   6:13 pm RHOM cast member, Mother Elsa Patton filmed an episode at the Miami-Institute for Age Management on Wednesday, March 28… The inside source, who works in PR, reveals this is the same center where Marysol … Continue reading