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WWHL AFTER SHOW: MissAndy Denies Dating SeanAvery AGAIN… Tamballs and Ellie In Clubhouse

WWHL Part II MissAndy vehemently denies his relationship with SeanAvery and says that Sean is straight….AGAIN!  MissAndy covered that subject last week on his “AskAndy” YouTubeVideo.  MissAndy just might be doth protesting too much!

Uh, don’t know too many STRAIGHT guys who prefer to take vacations with a gay guy… for YEARS.  @imseanavery has suddenly gotten a girlfriend, HilaryHoda.  Sean even put up a photo of the both of them… the photo at “PhotoByImSeanAvery”  says it all.  Sean is hiding behind Hilary looking directly at the camera, as if Hilary were not there.  Hilary is smiling, as if she’s not there.  There is zero chemistry… they look like they both just met each other.

When initially asked about his relationship with Sean, instead of confirming or DENYING that he was dating SeanAvery, MissAndy coyly said to “ask @imseanavery.”  Interesting that no one has asked @imseanavery.  MORE interesting is the fact that Sean threw up the photo with his “model girlfriend,” Hilary,  just last night.   Does Sean want to keep any relationship with MissAndy closeted??

Oh yeah… Tamballs and Ellie are in the Clubhouse with MissAndy…

NOTE:  As predicted, Tamballs did everything required of her:  trashed Wretched to create more drama for season nine of the RHOC; trashed Vicki to create more drama for season nine of the RHOC; made sure to mention that Ellie’s dad was at the wedding; then made sure to blubber over how MissAndy saved her life!


TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs on WWHL… Kids, Reunion, Slade or Crooks?

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This is WWHL Part II… Please see Part I at BravoTV.com! Tamballs was in the Bravo Clubhouse last night talkin’ with the Lord of the Housewives, MissAndy. Highlights of their chat were: Tamballs indecision about having more children with Ellie. … Continue reading


TAMRA BARNEY… Not One, But “Two Attempts”… Saved By Eddie Judge… Is This Tamballs’ New Cause?

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Tamballs tells INTouchWeekly that she attempted to kill herself not once, as she previously revealed, but twice.  The first time was at age 21; the second time at age 25 when she took “a large amount of prescription painkillers.”  Everything … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Brooks Ayers, Eddie Judge, Slade Smiley… All THREE Got Roles In New Movie!

Take THAT, Heather Dull-BRO!  Crooksy, Slimey and Ellie are gonna be MOVIE stars!  It’s a remake, but so what!!

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FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… One Year Ago: Tamballs and Ellie… The Engagement!… How Things Have Changed In ONE Year!

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ORIGINALLY POSTED MARCH 14, 2012… RE-POST March 15, 2012   US Magazine…                Eddie Judge and Tamra Barney… “Eddie!  You can get off me now… the camera guys are gone and this water is freezing!!!” The … Continue reading


MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Tamballs’ Tanked… NO Housewives Showed Up!… Fraudulent Advertising!!… Tamballs Says Elllie Not Interested in Wedding Plans…CUT Fitness Giving Away FREE Classes…Melissa Gorga “Me and JLo”… New Celebrity Apprentice Info!!… Kim Zolciak “Another Tardy Season”

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NOTE:  PLEASE accept my sincerest apologies for any problems you may be having in seeing comments.   This issue started yesterday morning and it is being addressed… hopefully, it will be corrected soon.  Thank you very much for your patience. … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Tamballs Barney… Melissa Gorga… New Jersey Jury Does Not Buy “Self Defense” Story… Adrienne Maloof Poll Results!!… AND Adrienne Maloof Confirms Brandi’s Blurt Was “Surrogacy”…

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Parenting has issued the first of their monthly “advice” articles by BubbaJax Laurita on January 17.    BUT… “Parenting” is apparently reaching out to more Housewives than just the New Jersey crew. “Parenting” gives the HoneyBooBoo of the OC, Tamballs … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Relevance… Blue Monday… Tamra Barney Promising “Many Housewives” At Party… Tamballs’ Bachelorette Party Is Now A Bravo-Approved “Housewives LIVE Tour”!!!… Only BRAVO Don’t Know It!!

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NOTE:  The word of the day is “RELEVANT”…  adjective Definition: having a bearing on, or pertinent with, the present subject; Synonyms: germane, pertinent, material, applicable, significant, apposite; Antonyms: irrelevant, unsuitable, unrelated, immaterial ******************************** Hope you all know what today is!  Today is BLUE MONDAY… the … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Tamra Barney “NeedAJob?”… Closet__Freak’s Review of RHOBH… ANOTHER EX-Cast Member Tryin’ To Stay Relevant… KimD on RHONJ

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November 28, 2012 Remember when the Real Housewives of Orange County was interesting to watch?  When the OC started as a “look behind the gates” at life in Coto de Caza?  BEFORE the HoneyBooBoo of the OC, Tamballs, came on … Continue reading