SH EXCLUSIVE! We Have SimonBarney’s Shocking Secret Message To Gramballs!

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GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: Gramballs Gets Robot Baby!

Tamballs’ RHOC Story Line…

Ryan’s spinoff Tamballs’ story line for the RHOC’s new season… which premieres June 11:

tamballs tamballs ryan

 We give Tamballs, her kids and her weak story line 9983636453939937436 Kens!


Tamballs and Ellie’s Latest Fitness Ad… Enter At Your Own Risk

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This is Tamballs and Ellie’s answer to all those rumors… which they probably started… of a sex tape.  They are pushing their fitness center via YouTube, where you can see more HERE.  Apparently, their discounted classes weren’t bringing in the … Continue reading


Tamballs Desperate For Gym Clients… AGAIN!

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How many discounts will Tamballs publicize for her CUTFitness gym before the doors close?  Another CUT rate for CUT Fitness has been discovered at Groupon!  This is the second Groupon offering from CUT in less than three months! CUTFitness issued … Continue reading


Tamballs Was Sad… Big Changes Coming

Tamballs just wasn’t herself all last season of the RHOC!  Tamballs blames her ex-husband for her chronic sadness and the only HW who stood by Tamballs and understood her pain was Dull-BRO.  But, that’s all gonna change because there’s going … Continue reading


CUT RATES AT CUT FITNESS!! Great Christmas Gift! Where’s Tamballs??

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CUTFitness has reduced their prices by 78%… just in time for Christmas! Five packs of classes for $29 OR…SIX weeks of UNLIMITED classes at CUTFitness for $49!! TWELVE Grouponers recommended this Groupon!!  Yes, TWELVE!! Tamballs is no where to be … Continue reading


SimonBarney Files For Physical Custody Of Kids… UPDATE: Tamballs Retains Custody Of Two… Tamballs DID NOT “WIN”… Judge Said He Did Not Have Enough Information!

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UPDATE:  The judge dismissed Simon’s motion for change of circumstance in custody regarding their two younger children, Spencer and Sophia, claiming a lack of evidence. From ROL… NOTE:  Tamballs can only argue this matter in court… her counterclaim will be very … Continue reading

The Tamballs Mystery… Keeps “Barney” Name

How difficult is it to change your name for a CA real estate license?  According to the CA Bureau of Real Estate, this is all that is necessary:

Change of Personal Name – Enter full new name. Attach verification of name change (i.e., legible copy of drivers license, marriage certificate, court order, etc.). Sign this form with your new name. A new license will be issued bearing the new name.

Tamballs renewed her RE license, but kept her married-to-Simon name.   Wonder how Ellie feels about this???

tamballs re license


(Thanks “Dave”!!)


WATCH As MissAndy “Grills” Tamballs About ‘Takin’ Down The Beadors’

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It’s the never-ending saga of one of the top ten dumbest story lines:  “takin’ down the Beadors”…  just another example of the upcoming yawnfest aka the RHOC Reunion Show. Where’s Ellie???  Maybe MissEllie is hard at work at his adoptive … Continue reading

RHOC Reunion Show…

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Prediction:  A YawnFest…


Tamballs’ Pot-Meet-Kettle BravoBlog… Backstabber Tamballs Calls Vicki A “Backstabber”

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  After the shock of Ryan moving away and getting married to a girl he doesn’t know, I thought it was a good idea to talk with Vicki. Vicki and I have been through so many of the same life … Continue reading


Tamballs’ Total BS About Divorce Rumor… Says Ellie Doesn’t Give A Sh*t About RHOC

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Tamballs took to her Facebook page to shut down those nasty rumors about her and Ellie divorcing! NOTE:  Is Tamballs for real??  Ellie would STILL be answering phones at his adoptive father’s law office if not for giving “two sh*ts” … Continue reading

SH WITTY WEEKEND! Caption This… We Got A Winner!

“Jeckyll and Hyde” is the winner of a five-minute spin class with Ellie at CUTFitness!  (All travel, hotel and expenses are the responsibility of the winner.  Spin classes may be unavailable … if CUTFitness shuts down!)



RHOC Recap… “Skunk In The Barnyard” by Sandi Duffy

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“Skunk In The Barnyard” by Sandi Duffy   Shannon finds out Heather is talking about the email David sent to Shannon, and Tamra is denying telling Heather even though we all saw her tell Heather last week and I would … Continue reading


RHOC Recap… “Not A Good Day LA” by Sandi Duffy

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“Not A Good Day LA” by Sandi Duffy   I didn’t recap last week.  By the time I got around to watching it, I realized if I recapped it, it would be about 3 sentences long because literally NOTHING happened. … Continue reading