BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis’ House Gets Burgled!!

Finally!!  A new phony story line!!   On the next RHOBH… DrunkOtis get a call;  someone broke into her house!  And one of her dogs is missing! (The missing dog story line was done before…)  Watch as DrunkOtis shows her very bad acting skills…HagfaceKyle acts stunned… and listen to the new melodramatic music in the background!   NOTE:  The burglars busted a bathroom window and nothing was missing… phony, fake and more phony!


UPDATE:  According to the phony police report, the thieves took DrunkOtis’ Stella purse and her toaster!!!


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BRANDI GLANVILLE: What You May Have Missed On the RHOBH!… Brandi’s Toaster!… It’s “ToasterGate”!!!

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