SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!… Housewife, Relative and Production REVEALED!

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NOT HEATHER DULL-BRO!! How many of these talentless Housewives have relatives who are trying to get ahead in the bizness of show by attaching themselves to their Housewife relation? Recently one of the Housewives’ relatives completed a production! Can you … Continue reading

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SH CAPTION CONTEST!! Wake UP… It’s DinaTime!

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As you all know, Dina **YAWN** Manzo is a definite for next season of the RHONJ (the other three mentioned as sure-thing Housewives are in the “ClaireSueDecoy” don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched”category!  Dina has made it clear her … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!!… OR… Guess The Cheating HouseHusband!



“What Real Housewives husband thinks he is getting away with his current affair.   NOTE:  “current” implies that this is not his first affair.

He thinks the woman is wrapped around his finger.  NOTE: “wrapped” and “finger”… could connate a ring.  

She has photos and cell phone video and his perfect world is about to come crashing down. NOTE:  Which Housewife would take photos and video of her HouseHusband… for future release?

This is a huge one.   Tabloid covers for weeks.”  NOTE:  Ratings boost for their franchise!  Interesting that the blind does not mention if HouseHusband is cheating with other women or cheating with men!

NOTE:  This just cannot be MO-Ritzio… he’s just too busy showin’ houses!!!

RHOBH Kyle Mauricio pg

(Thanks to SH readers “PMG” and “Chameleon”!!!)


SH “HIT AND RUN”: Joanna Krupa… Camille Grammer… Danielle Staub… Sonja Morgan… Adriana de MouraMarc… JohnnyTheGreek… Lisa Vanderpump… Oprah… Gold Rush… JAY MOHR Reunion Host!!

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Camille Grammer and boyfriend, Dimitri on Greek Vay-cay Sonja Morgan’s August Newsletter… poppin’ outta her burlesque costume! RHONJ JohnnyTheGreek Wants To Add Extra Charges to BeautyShopBrawl Miami’s Adriana Marc does PETA ad… just like PierogiePrincess JoannaKrupa did last year! If … Continue reading


RHOC: The Finale… Ryan v Lydia’s FairyDustin’ Mother… Ryan Says Bravo Edited The “Sofa Segment”… Says He Has Recorded Entire Scene… See Vicki’s “Re-Done” House With Special Sofas!

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On last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County, the main story line was that of Vicki Gunvalson’s son-in-law, Ryan Culberson, seemingly goin’ bonkers on Lydia McLaughlin’s mother.  Lydia’s fairy dustin’ mother allegedly put her feet up on Vicki’s new sofa … Continue reading

RHONJ: Another “Rosie and Juicy” Show… Let’s Talk About Sex

Bravo  Juicy started at 12!?  Where were the lil rascals’ parents? What did lil Juicy tell his priest in confession??  That act had to be huge for a 12-year-old to carry!     SusanBoyle Rosie is 45?!


MELISSA GORGA, TERESA GIUDICE: MeGo Says “Peace” With Tree Is Short Lived…

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Melissa Gorga has been dropping hints with various media outlets before each weekly episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  This week, MeGo talks with TheWrap… “I’m sitting on years of things that went on where Teresa was involved,” … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Tamra Barney “First Husband Talks”; Says Tamballs Liar!… No Housewives Shows Emmy Nominated… Kyle Richards “Plastic Surgery Confidence”… NayNay Leakes’ New Show… Lauri Peterson “Wants Back For Season Nine”… Costco Secrets!

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Tamballs’ FIRST husband and Ryan’s father, Darren Vieth, tells ROL that Tamballs is a liar!  Well, what else is new? “Tamra is a liar, a cheater and a bad mother to our son, Ryan, and she seemed to enjoy constant … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY PREVIEW: Kathy Wakile, Jacqueline Laurita… Boutique Disturbance

Bravo…  How totally rude!  Couldn’t KomaKathy have put that call on speakerphone and taken that call outside?  Such a producer-induced scene… 

NOTE:  If you missed last night’s RHONJ, you can watch the full episode at Bravo!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY PREVIEW: Teresa Giudice Is The Reason Joe Gorga Cries Every Night!

Bravo… RHONJ Preview.  Drop it on him, Tree… PUH-LEEZE!!!  More whinin’ from JoeyMarco Gorga…


A LOOK BACK AT THE RHONJ REUNION SHOW: Season Four… Caro and Lauren Manzo Tell Teresa Giudice “People Like You Are The Reason People Kill Themselves”…

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Bravo…  I was recently asked how many hours a day are spent on this site.  My answer was that the total amount of time fluctuates, depending on many different variables.   The following is an example of today being a … Continue reading


MTV’S “BUCKWILD” CANCELED… Producer Pissed… Despite Death And MTV Cancellation … Says He Will Continue The Show!… A Look Back At How Bravo Handled The Death of Russell Armstrong (RIP)… New “WatchWhatCrappens”!!!

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IMO, the cancellation of MTV’s ‘JerseyShore goes to West Virginia’ aka “Buckwild” was the right thing to do. MTV cancelled “Buckwild” after the death of one of the shows ‘stars,’ 21-year-old Shain Gandee. “We are shocked and saddened by the … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Reunion Preview… Kyle Richards Tells Andy Cohen The Reunion is “Brutal”…

Bravo The RHOBH are takin’ a “makeup break”… Kyle says the reunion is “brutal”…


BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s BravoBlog… Loves The LV Shoes From YoFo… Kyle Could Have Been More Supportive of Kim Richards…Says She Really Wants A Lisa/Ken Vow Renewal… Did Brandi Actually WRITE This?

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Bravo…  NOTE:  After reading Brandi’s words, this BravoBlog seemed as though Brandi might be getting some assistance in her writing skills!   Boat “excursion” “Endearing”  “Perplexed”  … and knows how to use “ME” and “I”??  Brandi, IMO, had no knowledge … Continue reading


THE REALITY OF “REALITY” TV: Kristin Cavallari from “The Hills” Spills MORE!… Says PRODUCERS Bribed Cast Members To Lie About Her!…It’s All About The RATINGS…AND PRODUCERS Create The Shows!… DUH!!!

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Kristin Cavallari is spilling more about her time as a part of the “reality” show, “TheHills.”   Kristin tells USMagazine about her experience as a cast member: “According to Cavallari, her costars  were encouraged to lie on camera and to the … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Paul Nassif Sendin’ “Reunion Message”… Shana and Yolanda “Fight For The Cameras”… Brandi Glanville’s “New Boyfriend”!!!… Crooks Ayers “Makin’ His Way Back To Vicki!!… Mohamed With Joanna Krupa “Picture Says a LOT”!!

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@DrPaulNassif will be at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show… via taped message… and… he’s also givin’ away some freebie Botox! From ROL about the reunion show:     ‘Lisa has been furious with Kyle all season for never defending … Continue reading


Are YOU Bein’ “BamboozledByBravo”???… Shana Says That “Cameras Are There All The Time”… Then Says That “Filming Is Planned”… Kyle Richards States That The RHOBH Is “REAL”… AND The RHOBH Has “Saved Lives”!!!… Just An Extra: Camille Grammer Explains Who Faye Resnick Is!!

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The producers of the many Bravo’s Housewives franchises have spun too many tales to continue labeling the Housewives franchises as “semi-scripted”… the “semi” needs to be dropped from the description of these shows! There is nothing “real” about these Housewives … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS REUNION: Who Showed Up…Who Didn’t… AND… Who’s Comin’ Back… Who Isn’t!… Adrienne Maloof, Andy Cohen, Marisa Zanuck, Faye Resnick, Yolanda Foster, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Camille Grammer, Brandi Glanville…

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              I got all the questions from the writers of the show all you viewers right here in my hands…  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show was taped yesterday. Which of the Housewives … Continue reading

KIM RICHARDS: Kim Gets A Dog… A Pitbull!

Bravo...  The reason for Kim’s absence from tonight’s episode of the RHOBH…



YOLANDA FOSTER: Yolanda’s BravoBlog… Helping With Her Words, Not Hurting… Kim Richards “Come On Over!”… Shana “Stop Drinking”!

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Bravo… Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week and are getting back into the swing of things and ready to tackle 2013 head-on. Thanks for all your well wishes; I am on day 40 of my IV antibiotic … Continue reading