SaintZina’s Amnesiac Schizoid BravoBlog: Zina Forgets She Said That She’d “Rip Off Their Face”!!

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Was going to pass on SaintZina’s BravoBlog… UNTIL… she pushed her site.  Those Housewives don’t agree to the embarrassment of being a Housewife unless they have an ulterior motive; and that means pushing their stuff!  In her BravoBlog, SaintZina wants … Continue reading

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RHONJ Preview: Marcheses Get Da Boot!

Amber steals Tamballs’ white eyeliner and SaintZina steals the TopChef tagline…when she asks the Marcheses to pack their stuff and leave!

RHONJ Deleted Scene: Amber LocksLips With HouseHusband…SaintZina Picks Her Nose!

The only reason to see this is to witness SaintZenDina pick her nose…

NOTE:  They all watch with amazed looks on their faces, when everyone knows that they would ALL do the same if the script called for it!  Which of these new HouseHusbands will get the required butt shot for MissAndy??  JoeyOrgan is out, as he’s already happily done the butt shot… twice!

Let’s Compare And Contrast: RHONJ At Grocery Store vs Milania At Corrados

Which is worse?  The RHONJ adult subhumans grocery shopping in Florida in early 2014 or Milania ripping it up at Corrados back in 2011??


Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.40.17 AM


SaintZenDina Mysteriously Disappears From BubbaJax BravoBlog! Who Scrubbed It??

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    Any mention of SaintZenDina from BubbaJax’ chat on has mysteriously disappeared! This is how BubbaJ’s chat NOW appears…   THIS is what BubbaJ said before her words about SaintZenDina vanished!  BubbaJax says there’s no relationship with SaintZenDina … Continue reading


SaintlyDina’s Passive/Aggressive BravoBlog… “BUY MY STUFF”!!!

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NOTE:  The Housewives apparently are not required to submit a WEEKLY BravoBlog, as several have skipped their weekly diatribe.  Only the Housewives who are pushin’ their stuff make sure that their BravoBlogs are supplied to be read by the unwashed … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview: The NeverEnding HouseHusband Cheating Story Line…

Twins begin to question TreeJoodice during a chat with SaintlyZenDina.  How long will this eye-rolling story line of the cheating HouseHusband be drawn out?


SaintDina’s Bizarro BravoBlog: BUY HER KID’S STUFF… And Make Sure You Increase Her FB Numbers, Too!

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I’m sorry my blog is a little late but I was on a little cowgirl retreat; check out my Instagram for some beautiful zen pics! I may be labeled as a Jersey girl, but it’s the country and natural settings … Continue reading




“DiscoStain” receives infinity zen blessings from SaintDina.  Disclaimer:  Zen blessings are bestowed upon the unwashed after SaintDina has publicly done all of her saintly PR duties… and after composing her famously exquisite leaves, sticks and cat hair tablescapes.  Anyone seeking zen blessings are required to bring at least a month’s worth of meals and wear a catheter, as anyone stepping out of the long line to receive SaintDina’s zen blessings will lose their place in line!


The Rumors: EXes Coming Back … The Fact: RHONJ Has Flatlined And Cannot Be Resuscitated

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Good god!  Who is circulating these rumors about EX-cast members being lured back to the RHONJ??  Let’s stop for a second and analyze these preposterous claims. The RHONJ is done filming.  Their season is over.  The episodes are now airing.  There … Continue reading


DullDina To Appear At Aluminum Store… She’s Now A “Philanthropist”

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DullDina has taken a cue from her really-good-friend-for-life, TreeJoodice, by making an appearance for a local Jersey aluminum company!   If you recall, TreeJoodice did some slumming waaay back when for a local electronics store… FEBUSDina says that it’s all … Continue reading


RHONJ Preview: Debutantes At DullDina’s Dump … Where Do The Housewives Go AFTER “Reality”?

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In this next scene from the diminishing believability of the RHONJ, there is a meeting of the JerseyJuniorLeague held at DullDina’s house.  While the unspoken question on everyone’s mind is “Where’s Tommy?,” the Housewives banter about nothingness in the very … Continue reading


RHONJ Recap…”Trash-Talking”… by Sandi Duffy

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“Trash-Talking” by Sandi Duffy This is soooo boring. Joe Gorga bought a garbage truck. Amber flips her hair in her husbands mortgage commercial. Milania acts like a brat. Teresa is having a party to launch her dessert cookbook. Amber tells … Continue reading

RHONJ… More From The Phony “Psychic”…

The phony “psychic” told Tree and DullDina everything they wanted to hear…


RHONJ Preview… TreeJoodice Pushin’ Her New Dessert Line

RHONJ Preview… TreeJoodice’s kids memorized their lines and Tree’s pushin’ her new dessert line:


RHONJ: Why Viewers Aren’t Watching… UPDATE: Poll Results… No One Wants To Watch Scammers OR Felon TreeJoodice!

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  Last Sunday’s Season Six premiere episode of TheRealHousewivesOfNewJersey attracted 2.1 million total viewers, down from 2.8 million for the Season Five premiere, and 3 million for Season Four. It is the RHONJ’s second-lowest premiere audience. Is there an explanation … Continue reading

Danielle Lays The SmackDown On DumbDina… Danielle Is “Ready To Talk”!

Danielle wants to talk..she’s been talking a lot lately!  Would think that if Bravo or Harvey wanted to hear anything from Danielle, they woulda already gotten in touch with her.  What “legal problems”??

danielle tweet

(Thanks to SH reader “cmhr”!!)


DumbDina Proves Just How Dumb She Is…

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DumbDina proves her idiocy and pure ignorance in this interview from TheWrap… total BS: Q: All eyes will be on Teresa’s legal problems this season. How do you handle your relationship with Teresa while she’s dealing with this stuff? Do … Continue reading