YOLANDA FOSTER: Chats About LisaVanderpump With EX At His “Buy My House” Place…

RHOBH Preview Part II:  YODA chats with MO-HAMMY and KosherKyle’s new BFF, Shiva… about LisaVanderPumpMyStomach.  Lisa had the nerve to invite MO-HAMMY to that huge birthday celebration for Kenny and JohnTurturro… knowing full well that MO-HAMMY had better things to do than to waste his time at a ridiculous birthday party for fully adult men.   MO-HAMMY had to offer his house to host KingDavey’s daughter’s wedding!

YODA clings to her belief that it’s all about how important “family” is!  Really??? It’s even more important to show off the venue where the wedding took place!   “BUY THIS HOUSE”!!

NOTE:   YODA would love for everyone to believe that her accepting the role on the RHOBH is to sell her “love and romance” jewelry products that go along with YODA’s mingling with all those Beverly Hills clowns.  However, what could be better than unsuspecting “clown followers” to not only buy your “romance” jewelry… but, to also use a “reality” show as a showcase for real estate you’re tryin’ to sell????