Camille G’s EX-Boyfriend/Attacker Surrounded By Criminal Activity

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Camille Grammer’s EX-boyfriend, Dimitri Charalambopoulos is an example of “nature or nurture.”   Would Dimwitri have been any different had he not been exposed to the criminal world?  Or, was the criminal element a piece of his genetic composition? Dimwitri was … Continue reading


CAMILLE GRAMMER: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Camille’s Boyfriend… Dimitri’s Brother IS… THE “SILVER CITY RIPPER”… WHY Camille Quit RHOBH!

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ORIGINALLY POSTED OCTOBER 20, 2011…  RE-POSTED NOVEMBER 13, 2013… NOTE:  Now that the National Enquirer has issued their version of this story re Camille’s EX-boyfriend, it was time for SH to run this again.    The Enquirer states that their … Continue reading


CAMILLE GRAMMER: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Dimitri George Charalambopoulos

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                NOT ANY MORE!! If you’ve been a SH reader, you will have already read everything you ever need to know about Camille Grammer’s now EX boyfriend, Dimitri George Charalambopoulos!   We’ve been following … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Boutique Owner “Reality Actress”… Paula Deen Update; Paula Fighting Back Legally!… Sad News For Pierce Brosnan… Juan Martinez’ Next Case… Waxer Fired “No V-JJ Waxing For ME!”… RancidRichie Skewing SH Poll!

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Wouldn’t ya just know it!  The owner of Robin’s Closet, Robin Kalfus, is a reality show wanna-be!  Robin’s Closet is the boutique in which KomaKathy answered the call from Tree… From *************************************   Paula Deen is fighting back… in … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: JR Ewing… Larry Hagman Dead at 81… Stand And Shout Out To The Sun!!

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November 24, 2012   The original cast of “Dallas”… Larry Hagman died last night in a Texas hospital… at the age of 81.  Mr. Hagman was best known for his role on “Dallas” as JR Ewing.  Before his role on … Continue reading



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October 31, 2012   Ma Boo, flipit/Ronnie from TVGasm, has decided to comment on relevant recent goings-on…  “I ain’t talkin’ no bullsh*t… I’l talking important stuff!  Like Britney, bitch! “TVgasm‘s Flipit (Ronnie Karam) is used to sitting around his mom’s … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong… SHAFT Making Plans After She Gets da Bravo Boot… Claims She’s Not Dating… Proof Otherwise!

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SHAFT spoke with Access Hollywood today about… what else?… her traumatic marriage to and abusive experiences with Russell Armstrong (may he rest in peace…) About returning for another season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: “We’re gonna see. We … Continue reading

Watch What Happens Live The After Show: With Courtney Kerr and Matt Nordgren… Part II

Part II of WWHL… The After Show

… with ShanaTraylorTrash kissy-face Matt Nordgren and Courtney Kerr…

Do we really even care about these two???


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana Taylor Armstrong… Kissin’ All Over Matt Nordgren

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Let’s not get all blinded by the hype being thrown at us viewers of the Real Housewives of New Jersey by the NJ cast, friends of the cast, producers, kids of the cast, neighbors of the cast, relatives of the cast … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Camille Grammer… Gotta New Boyfriend

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                                              Dimitri George Charalambopoulos and Camille Grammer… hope she doesn’t have to call him by his full name! Camille … Continue reading

TAYLOR ARMSTRONG: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… Shana Hughes Taylor Ford Armstrong… Just Wants To Be A “Snack Mom!”


Oh, how difficult it is to be a reality TV ‘star’…the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Shana/Taylor talked to while she was rifling through free stuff at the Style Icon Gifting Lounge over the weekend in Dallas:

Taylor Armstrong Talks Good, Bad and Ugly of Reality TV                                                                                                                Shana/Taylor Hughes Taylor Ford Armstrong caught grabbing free stuff

“Stepping into the spotlight as one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been a blessing and a curse for Taylor Armstrong.   “It’s not easy having your life on television for people to judge you and feel like they can evaluate your life because you put it out there,” (Huh?  If you’re putting yourself ‘out there,’ you should know that viewers are going to judge!) she said in Dallas on Saturday at the Style Icon gifting lounge, which catered to celebrities (What’s she doing there??) in town for the Super Bowl. “It’s been a little harder than I thought. Sometimes people aren’t very kind.” (Take a look in the mirror, Shana/Taylor…)

On the other hand, Armstrong, whose troubled marriage to Russell was a storyline on Real Housewives (her marriage wasn’t supposed to be her storyline! She was supposed to be the “techy” type… with Dwight Coates!)  says that her relationship is stronger now that they have weathered a rough patch in such a public way.   “Reality TV has a way of fast-tracking everything in your life,” she said. “[Russell and I] had to observe that we’d lost touch with one another. It was good for us in the respect that it forced us to pay attention.  It wasn’t easy going through it, but now, in the end, it’s been helpful. We were able to say, ‘We really have lost touch with each other. We need to do something.’ ”  (What did you do, Shana/Taylor?  Buy each other tasers and zap each other?)

Armstrong admits having regrets when it comes to the drama between her and costar Kim Richards. “I feel pretty good about everything – except my conflict with Kim,” (Is that why you were so remorseful during the reunion?). 

Armstrong said. “I wasn’t really aware that she was going through as many personal challenges as she was, because I wasn’t really privy to that. So I feel bad about our conflicts. (But not so bad that she admitted to starting all the conflicts…) I wish I’d known then what I know now. But it’s life. So I wish her the best and I’m absolutely here if she needs anything.”  (Why would Shana/Taylor think that Kim would stoop to her level and ask her for anything???)

As for costar Camille Grammer – perhaps the most controversial on Beverly Hills – Armstrong is also sympathetic.   “To go through such a public divorce with small children … I feel really bad for her that she went through all of that while filming a reality show,” she says. “Because that’s enough stress as it is.”

Given all that happened on the show’s first season, Armstrong is still unsure of whether or not she’ll appear in a second.   “Every other day I think, ‘I just want to go back to being a snack mom at school,’ ” she said. “Back then my biggest concern in my week was whether I had to be room mom. So we’ll see.” (Oh… please, Shana/Taylor, do what you’re good at… passing out snacks to grade schoolers… that’s a great story, rather than you were fired by Miss Andy.)