JOE GORGA: “Things Nobody Knew”…

The man of many hats, JoeyMarco Gorga, smashed that glass with a vengeance after the last group therapy session at Miraval… he threw that glass seething with animosity, hostility and rancor after he said there were some “things nobody knew” during his chat with Tree:

WHAT possible “secrets” could there be about JMG?  Is he’s referring to the ALLEGED rape accusations…  “Joe actually had charges pressed against him for rape back in the day, but his family pressured the girl to drop the suit.” … made in those “Damn Melissa Emails“???

(Thanks to SH readers “MP” and “cybraxis”!!!)


JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Psychic… How Could Tia NOT Know This?… The Psychic That “Blew BubbaJax’ Mind” Is Bein’ Booted

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Bravo just LOVES their psychics… and tarot card readers, palm readers, mystics, air cleaners… whatever you choose to call them! But, exactly how accurate are these “foreseers” of the future? BubbaJax’ very favorite “psychic” Tia… which BubbaJax raved about in … Continue reading