AMY’S BAKING COMPANY UPDATE: Hey! There’s a Fly in My Drink!!… Has Samy Bolted?… What Happened To The REAL Samy???

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Amy and Samy Bouzaglo’s YELP comments for Amy’sBakingComany have practically disappeared!   AND… the Boog-a-looz now have an “ILOVEAmy’sBakingCompany” FacebookPage!   Where ACTUAL people have written in praising AMC: Here’s the latest: A “journalist” popped into Amy’s Baking Company a few … Continue reading

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Preview Part II… Alexis Bellino and Jimbo Bellino “Bathroom Etiquette”… Watch Jimbo Shave AND Talk Scripture At The Same Time… Exciting!

Bravo...  It’s da Bellinos as you’ve NEVER seen them before!!  Alexis and Jimbo share everything… including washin’ up together in their bathroom!   Jimbo asks how can Alexis be around Tamballs?  We all know the answer to that one:  Alexis and Jimbo need that Bravo paycheck!   Note to Alexis:  the word you’re looking for is “hindsight”!


FOR ALL SH READERS!… All Others, You Know What To Do…

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How real is “reality” TV?  As you all know, “reality” TV has morphed from being ‘reality’ driven to being producer driven.  And has gone from being “reality” to being labeled “semi-scripted.” What started out as being a look at the … Continue reading



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NOTE:  None of the RHOC’s BravoBlogs were THAT interesting!  If you need a prescription discount card, you may want to visit the link to Vicki’s… she’s giving them out and she’s also pushin’ her insurance! To be completely fair, Heather … Continue reading


ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexis’ BravoBlog… Alexis Prepared to Sue Tamballs… Says She “QUIT” But Was “Pursued” To Return… By VICKI!

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Bravo… Fancy meeting all of you here again. . .on the blogs! Oh boy, here we goooooooooo! I hope all of you have had a great first half to 2013, and I really hope you enjoyed the premier of Season … Continue reading


From The SH Archives… ALEXIS BELLINO, TAMRA BARNEY, GRETCHEN ROSSI, PEGGY TANOUS: Wretched Tells Tamra “Don’t Marry Eddie”… VIDEO

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ORIGINALLY POSTED MARCH 8, 2011   RE-POSTED JULY 28, 2012  4:15 pm  Peggy Tanous, Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney…  NOTE:  This video was ‘leaked’ by one of the RHOC over a year ago… before Peggy Tanous got da boot and before … Continue reading



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Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion… Part I   by Sandi Duffy I was almost late to the reunion because I was busy purchasing tickets to see Richard III.  I’m telling you this, so you all don’t think I’m a … Continue reading

TAMRA BARNEY, GRETCHEN ROSSI: Tamra and Gretchen on Chelsea Lately… VIDEO

June 28, 2012    9:45 pm     Perfect timing! The following video was sitting in ‘draft’ mode and was found while looking for something else!  This is the perfect time to show how the tramp sisters Tamballs and Wretched **BLEEECH** CHRISTINE’s friendship has blossomed…

NOTE:   Vicki is probably steaming… kinda can’t blame her!

“MEAN GIRLS” OF ORANGE COUNTY: Starring Alexis Bellino… Co-Starring Tamra Barney, Heather and Terry Dubrow…

June 28, 2012  6:30 pm   Another fabulous creation from SH reader “Housewife Hoe“!!!


SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Tamra Barney “Ghost Writer Wins”…Mysterious “HH” Is Heather Hummel… Poll Results…UPDATE: Ghostwriter Responds…”Tamra Afraid SimonBarney Would Sue”… RHODC…

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June 25, 2012  3:00 pm   UPDATE:  3:30 pm Tamra Barney’s ‘ghostwriter’ responds!  Tamra Barney… “I can write my own book…. it will be completed in 2054…” Heather Hummel sued Tamra Barney… and won!  Heather was contracted to ghostwrite Tamra’s … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Bravo Blogs… Vicki Gunvalson “No Love For Tamra…Buy A T-Shirt”… Gretchen Rossi “Pushin’Products”… Heather Dubrow “Wrote A Recap”..

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GRETCHEN ROSSI:  Wretched **BLEEECH** has decided to only focus on the positive aspects of her life… meaning that she took up space promoting everything to which her name is attached.   B-O-R-I-N-G!!!  Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley… “You really need to … Continue reading

TAMRA BARNEY: Five Things That You Might Want To Know… About Tamra… VIDEO

June 21, 2012  9:30 am

Or… maybe you DON’T wanna know these trivial items about Tamra…


Alexis Bellino meets Sarah Winchester (who could double for da Stanker!) for cocktails; Alexass tells Sarah about the ambush in Costa Rica; Sarah invites herself to Heather Do-bro’s upcoming name-herself party…


**SH EXCLUSIVE** VICKI GUNVALSON: Did Vicki Want Alexis Bellino OFF The RHOC? … In Vicki’s Own Words… Vicki Wants TWO OC Housewives to Get Da Bravo Boot!!…

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June 15, 2012  11:45 am **Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to WWW.STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES.COM with appropriate and specific links to the original content.** Note:  If this is seen elsewhere without proper credit to … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: BravoTV Blogs… Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow, Alexis Bellino…

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VICKI GUNVALSON: After we met with Dr. Huefner, Brooks decided to proceed with the smile makeover that Dr. Huefner promised Brooks.  Vicki Gunvalson… “I paid for my own teeth…” On the episode, it showed Brooks had a missing tooth and … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Finale Part I… Gretchen Rossi Invites Jeana Keough to Heather Dubrow’s Party… VIDEO

June 13, 2012  9:30 am

Worst part of this preview:  “I’m a hugger…”


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Take A Walk On The Bad Side Of Orange County…Bad Teeth, Bad Skin…

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June 13, 2012  1:00 am It’s always been a mystery as to why Wretched **BLEEEECH** Christine piles of coats of makeup on her face.  The mystery is revealed. This chick has terrible skin… and needs to be under the care … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY Photo Recap: Season Seven, Episode Seventeen… “Monkey Business”

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 Season Seven, Episode Seventeen … “Monkey Business”                           $30 bucks I can make Alexis cry!!!              You’re not makin’ me cry, Tamballs… I cry … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Sneak Peek… The Attack On Alexis Begins… VIDEO

On the next Real Housewives of Orange County… in keeping with the winning formula of “let’s take a trip and bash one the Housewives”… this time the locale is Costa Rica and the Housewife being bashed is Alexass…

Of course, Wretched **BLEEEECH** Rossi makes it all about HER!

Empathetic Vicki makes it into Alexass’ room!   Wretched **BLEEEECH** Rossi STILL makes it all about her!!

NOTE:  Was there some reason that ALL the Housewives had to fly from CA to FL for Vicki?  Was there some reason that Vicki couldn’t fly separately and meet the others at the airport??  Have ANY of these chicks ever traveled… ANYWHERE??