LAURITA, MANZOIDS: Huge Black Water Offices… Really?

Bravo shows the outside of an office building…leading viewers to believe that the building is filled with black water stuff, including employees buzzing around.  It’s a facade… they probably have just one teeny tiny room office…



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MissAndy is givin’ away spinoffs like Opree gives away cars!  YOU get a spinoff… YOU get a spinoff… YOU get a spinoff… YOU ALL get a spinoff!!! MissAndy has decided that viewers have not had enough of those zany Manzoids! … Continue reading

GREAT OFFERING FOR SH READERS ONLY!… Housewives Rare Item For Sale!!… “Black Stuff Review” Two Years Ago…

We had our Fourth of July par-tay yesterday and a good time was had by all!

What was discovered while liberating libations from a basement refrigeration unit???



No one wanted to try it…  if anyone is interested, the starting price for such a rare item is $487,339.  A very fair price for a soon-to-be extinct product.  Please send the full amount in $20’s to SH ASAP!

OR… will take any creative ideas on what to do with such a rare item!  NOTE:  The original review of the black stuff from two years ago… SH August 11, 2011.

And, don’t forget… it’s SummerTime!!!


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Brandi Glanville: POOR, POOR No-Money Brandi “Gets V-Rejuvenation”!! … Brandi Is Givin’ Ideas To Richie and KomaKathy Wakile!!… Da Manzoids Raised $1,300 For Autism…Vicki Gunvalson, Brooks Ayers “Screw You, Tamballs”!!!… Yolanda and David Foster on “The View”…

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Brandi Glanville is getting some flack for excerpts from her book … and says things being said are taken out of context! This is Brandi’s book description from Amazon: She’s the brutally honest breath of fresh air on The Real Housewives … Continue reading


CAROLINE MANZO, JACQUELINE LAURITA: Pushin’ That Black Stuff… In Australia!!!

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August 1, 2012   12:35 am One of SH’s devoted Australian readers has notified SH that she has been the recipient of the Manzoid/Laurita black sludge that the Manzoid/Laurita’s are STILL hoping will catch on! It looks like they are … Continue reading

ALBIE MANZO, CHRIS MANZO: Da Manzoids… On Canadian Morning Show… VIDEO

July 21, 2012  9:00 am   The Canadian Morning Show panel don’t wanna drink the black!  Before that… da Manzoids explain how they got on the show… and say that in America they don’t use “Canadian Spring Water”… Chris Manzo = Tom Sizemore


CHRIS LAURITA, CHRIS MANZO: The Most Disgusting Segment On RHONJ… Total Producer Set Up… Scene Dubbed and UNNECESSARY…

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July 18, 2012  10:55 am   MOOD:  Mac Issues Resolved!! Back to “pleasant”!!  SH’s one last bottle of the black crap.  Someone took a sip of it… but, just like Patti LaBelle, didn’t drink more than a SIP!  “Frosted” because … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Albie Manzo/Christopher Manzo/Chris Laurita… The BLK Water Review…

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August 14, 2011  10:30 am   RE-POST  July 10, 2012    NOTE:  In “honor” of the private settlement of the BLK case… the SH review and taste test of that black water stuff…                … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Albie Manzo/Christopher Manzo/Chris Laurita… The BLK Water Review…

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August 14, 2011  10:30 am                                                                        … Continue reading


Stoopid Housewives Stuff: 7-14-11… PM Edition

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Wretched Rossi tweeted this at 1:00 PM (Pacific Time)… BRB… must throw up… It musta been a very successful day for da Manzo boyz pushin’ their blackwater ‘beverage’ this afternoon… here.   If they are measuring success by how many photos … Continue reading

CAROLINE MANZO: Prince Albie Manzo… Albie Got A Job!!!… Sellin’ Black Water Crap… BLK…

March 10, 2011  2:00 pm

Albie’s got a job (sung to Janie’s Got a Gun)!

No, he is not sitting on the New Jersey Supreme Court and no, he is not patroling the Franklin Lakes metro area in his squad car and for God’s sake, he is not party plannin’ at the Brownstone!   Albie Manzo, the eldest son of the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Caroline Manzo, has been chosen to represent a beverage.

                                Albie and Chris Manzo… “Get to your book learnin’ now, Chris… I got an important job now and can’t be playin’ witchu any more…”

In celebration of this miraculous event, all gathered at Kiss and Fly in NYC’s Meatpacking District for the launch party of this non-alcoholic libation… everyone was there, in fact, someone close to this crowd told me that it was the RHONJ‘s season wrap party.  Well, why not launch a liquid refreshment and sponsor the wrap party at the same time? Genius!

Caroline will pose in front of blk water, but that’s about it…. don’t make me drink that stuff…

So, what thirst quencher will we be seeing Albie carrying around, gushing about and guzzling at every opportunity?  Well… it’s this really, really great stuff called blk.  blk is spring water infused with fulvic acid… and it’s black.  What is fulvic acid?  Fulvic acid has proven to be the most powerful organic poly-electrolyte antioxidant and free-radical scavenger known to man, serving to balance cell life… and obviously turns any liquid into a black colored cocktail… YUM!  Good luck with that, Albie…

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(Thanks to SH reader “anonymous spy”!!)