JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax Tryin’ For A New Image… What BubbaJax Does All Day… Will Autism Be BubbaJax’ Story Line?

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BubbaJax gave a detailed “interview” to “LuxuryReport“… the “interview” went ‘deep’ into BubbaJax, and her daily life dealing with the devastating diagnosis of autism.  However, most interesting was her run-down a her ‘typical’ day… looks like Jax didn’t have time … Continue reading

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ANOTHER SH DETOUR!… Just Something To Think About…

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  We all need to take a break from these moronic Housewives! IMO, the most “charitable” way to contribute is directly and anonymously… these are some examples… (Thanks to SH reader “cybraxis” for a beautiful reminder of how to be … Continue reading