WINES BY WIVES … Another Housewives Venture Bites The Cork! Let’s Take A Look Back! What Happened To All That “Charity” Money?? Vicki Did NOT Want Tree Joodice In Her Club…

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It is just too sad. That original wine venture fronted by OC Housewives Vicki and Tamballs, “Wines By Wives,” has finally popped their last cork. Was keepin’ an eye on this one, waiting for that last drip of wine to finally … Continue reading


JAX LAURITA: BubbaJax Tryin’ For A New Image… What BubbaJax Does All Day… Will Autism Be BubbaJax’ Story Line?

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BubbaJax gave a detailed “interview” to “LuxuryReport“… the “interview” went ‘deep’ into BubbaJax, and her daily life dealing with the devastating diagnosis of autism.  However, most interesting was her run-down a her ‘typical’ day… looks like Jax didn’t have time … Continue reading


ANOTHER SH DETOUR!… Just Something To Think About…

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  We all need to take a break from these moronic Housewives! IMO, the most “charitable” way to contribute is directly and anonymously… these are some examples… (Thanks to SH reader “cybraxis” for a beautiful reminder of how to be … Continue reading