“SAVE OUR DAUGHTERS” CHARITY: Exempt Status Revoked By IRS… Where Is The Money Going??… UPDATE: NayNay’s Photo Added 2.19.2014

In response to the statement issued by the “SaveOurDaughters” Charity… KenyaMoore has produced messages from “SaveOurDaughters” and some canceled checks.

All of this back and forth re who did what and how much money was donated may be for nada… as “SaveOurDaughters” has not filed the proper forms with the IRS to be a charitable organization AND is not recognized as a legitimate charity.



2006 was the last year “SaveOurDaughters” provided their revenue and expense report… as you can see, out of over $100,000 revenue, only $16,000 was used for their charity!  Where did the $93,782 go???


NOTE:  There are NO Housewives included in the “Celebrity Supporters” page on the SavingOurDaughters site!  UPDATE:  NayNay’s photo was added to the “Celebrity Supporters” at SaveOurDaughters on February 19, 2014!  NayNay’s photo was NOT on SaveOurDaughters until that date…


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