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CARLTON GEBBIA: Starring In 2001 Gebbia Entertainment Bad Movie As “Carlton Elizabeth”… Scathing Reviews For “Pretty When You Cry”

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NOTE:  This item from the NYPost May 2000 explains that the Gebbia’s sold their discount brokerage firm and plowed a part of the $155 million sale price into the movie business: 

What do you call five members of a family who sell their discount brokerage firm for $155 million and sink a good chunk of the proceeds into the movie business?  Some might say “crazy.”   NOTE:  “Discount brokerage firm” think boiler room.

But the Gebbia brothers – Richard, David, and John – say they’re following their dream, along with the support of their parents John and Gloria. And now they’re planning, along with outside investors, to put some $80 million into a slate of 15 to 20 movies over the next four years.

The family’s first film will be a $4 million to $5 million production, “Season’s Greetings,” about a love triangle that leads to betrayal and murder.  NOTE:  “Season’s Greeting” was changed to “Pretty When You Cry”… starring “Carlton Elizabeth.”

David Gebbia admits he and his brothers are short on film-making experience but says they’re long on a hard-work ethic inspired by their dad – plus they have an absolute mania for movies.  “We haven’t done a film, but we did all our commercials for the company, and we did all our marketing for the company,” David said. “We believe we can do the same thing we did in the brokerage business in the entertainment world – with hard work.”

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CreepyCarlton as “actress” Carlton Elizabeth starred in family’s first movie released in 2001.  The film is described as “A wife is caught in a web of sex and violence.”

Detective Black (Sam Elliott) interrogates Albert (Jamie Kennedy), a mild-mannered man who is a suspect in the brutal murder of Frank (Michael Cavalieri), a drug-addled, sex-obsessed nightclub owner. Albert admits he loved Frank’s beautiful wife, Sarah (Carlton Elizabeth), but wasn’t so crazy about their sex-torture scenarios. As the interrogation continues, flashbacks reveal the sordid sexual relationship among the three grew evermore bizarre — and things are not what they seem. But where is Sarah?

A MUST READ are the reviews of “PrettyWhenYouCry” at IMDB.  The reviews start out bashing the film and the actors, especially SamElliott for agreeing to be a part of the film and CarltonElizabeth… the Gebbias musta gotten wind of the bad reviews as further reviews rave about the movie and about CarltonElizabeth!

Script is awful (writer is also producer — it always pays to bring the ball), but performances would probably be OK in a high school play with a lot of bondage sex, cursing, sexual violence, and drug use. (The 12-stringer doesn’t object to any of those except when they’re handled as poorly as they are here.) Femme lead Carlton Elizabeth looks like a model and tries hard with what there is. It’s not her fault that she’s styled and shot throughout as if she’s badly in need of a) a bath, b) a meal, and c) an implant reset.

Apparently, GebbiaEntertainment bowed out of the movie business, as “Pretty…” was their first and last attempt at movie making.

The official trailer… kinda like CreepyCarlton made a home movie!

Carlton Elizabeth is also known as “Carlton Lynx”…

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In keeping with CreepyCarlton’s cross obsession… her swimming pool is also cross shaped:

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