CAMILLE GRAMMER: Dimitri In Court… Faces Possible Third Degree FELONY Charges

Good thing Camille Grammer ditched Dimwitri… no one can pronounce his name!!

Dimwitri is not lookin’ too good as he faces possible third-degree felony charges stemming from his assault on Camille back in October 2013.


NOTE:  Dimwitri’s brother is the “SilverCityRipper”… 

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DRUNKS… In Honor Of All The Drunk-Azz Housewives And Their HouseHusbands!

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MO-Reese tryin’ to hide from Hagface Kyle…. waitin’ for a bus and eatin’ watermelon.  Hagface will never find him! David Gebbia after watchin’ CreepyCarlton’s sex movies… and drinkin a case of Schlitz. Martin Genis… who always fills his home-on-wheels back … Continue reading

CAMILLE GRAMMER: Camille Gets Three-Year Restraining Order


Go on witcha bad self, Camille!!!  Dimwitri shoulda known better than to mess with Camille…

Camille Grammer has won a three-year restraining order against the ex-boyfriend she claims beat and suffocated her in a Texas hotel room.

A judge in Santa Monica, Calif., granted the extension today after Dimitri Charalambopoulos filed a counter-declaration Dec. 27 and denied roughing up the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star.

NOTE:  According to the NYDailyNews item… Dimwitri is now a fitness trainer!  Big step down from bein’ a TX attorney! 



MORE HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Tamballs…Kyle Richards…Joyce Giraud… Camille Grammer… BubbaJax … Poll Results!… UPDATE: MamaJoyce Whining About “Bad Edit”

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Kandi Burruss’ mother, MamaJoyce, is pissed and surprised that she got the “bad edit”! “That upset me so bad,” Mama Joyce told Radar. “When they showed the scene of me walking into the house and seeing all the pictures of Todd … Continue reading

BEST OF… The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

As the year 2013 ends, let’s take a look at somma the funniest photoshopped items featuring the RHOBH!





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FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… TAKIN’ A LOOK BACK: What Was Goin’ On In December… One, Two and Three Years Ago!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Camille Grammer… Brandi Glanville… Kim Richards…Phil Robertson Suspension Lifted…Kandi Burruss… “Skinny” Drink Sales Down

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Camille Grammer ain’t messin’ with her EX-boyfriend, Dimwitri.  Camille has filed court papers for a permanent restraining order which would prevent Dimwitri from being able to come anywhere near Camille indefinitely. Kandi Burruss ain’t goin’ the bikini-photo route… but, does issue … Continue reading

SH **EXCLUSIVE**…MissAndy’s Christmas Card To SH Readers!!!

AWWWW… ain’t MissAndy thoughtful!!

Bravo Andy Christmas card to SH readers pg






Fellow “ta-ta and Cheerio” Brit, the now-elderly Joan Collins, is tired of the comparison between her and Beverly Hills Housewife, LisaVanderPumperDumperLumperCarBumper…

RHOBH LisaVanderpump Joan Collins pg


KYLE RICHARDS: HagfaceKyle Talks About The Status Of Her Relationships With The Present RHOBH… And Past Beverly Hills Housewives

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HagfaceKyle gives the usual blah, blah, blah, blah and even more BLAH… the same BLAH heard every damn season! HagfaceKyle tells where she stands with her fellow BeverlyHillbillians: Former best friend, LisaVanderRumpPumpDumpClumpStumpFrumpLumpChumpHumpForrestGump, is now an EX-best friend CarltonTheDoorman used to … Continue reading


BOTH of these Housewives videos are ridiculous!

First is Kenya Moore answering a very obviously-tweeted-message for the express use on WWHL… about Kandi’s weight.

Next is the RHOBH compilation of “Are You Kidding Me”… featuring HouseHusband David Foster…


NOTE:  The Housewives have stooped to a brand new lower level… calling each other names.  And, even stooping lower by specifically calling a fellow cast mate “fat”…


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Camille Grammer, Kyle Richards in “The Hungover Games”…

NOTE:  You can catch a glimpse of the fully made up Bruce Jenner…


CAMILLE GRAMMER: Camille’s EX-Boyfriend Avoided Service Of Restraining Order 29 Times… And We Know WHY!

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Camille Grammer’s EX-boyfriend, Dimwitri, has yet to be served with that restraining order issued for abusing Camille in a Houston hotel room while she was recovering from surgery.  Dimwitri slipped being served the restraining order not two, not ten… but … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… October 2011: Kim Richards’ “You Stole My House” Explained… Directly By Kim And Kyle Richards!

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The subject of Kim Richards’ stolen Palm Springs house has been brought up via comments and twitter. The following post originally on SH October 22, 2011 should explain the “stolen house” situation… …straight from Kim and HagfaceKyle Richards! YOU determine what … Continue reading



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This is the perfect time for a SH detour!  If you didn’t know it, it’s December! There are some people who have waaaaay too much time on their hands!!   However, their imagination to see something and make it from … Continue reading


IT’S BLACK FRIDAY!! … Atten-shun All Housewives… There’s A Sale Goin’ On At SH!!!… It’s A Bargain!… Which Housewives Will Be Smart Enough To Buy???

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There are people who said ‘screw that Thanksgiving dinner’ yesterday and stood in line to grab those bargains… it’s a tradition for some people. As mentioned three days ago, a “non-partisan” company is being paid $1 million to produce POSITIVE O-Care … Continue reading


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EX-DC Wife, Messy Salami is getting married to Journey band member, Neal Schon… and Messy thinks that anyone cares!   In fact, Messy thinks so many care that her and Neal’s wedding will be via “pay-per-view” on December 14!  The … Continue reading


LISA VANDERPUMP: LisaWhoLivesInHerVanDownByTheRiver’s BORING Quicky BravoBlog… YAWN

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And here we are again. . .another week has flown by. I think the circus was a brief respite from life’s chores, funny moments coupled with challenges. A bit of fun — but not one I would repeat. As we … Continue reading


KYLE RICHARDS: HagFaceKyle’s BravoBlog…Skeptical of Lisa Vanderpump’s “Health Issues”… Brandi Glanville Is Always Right; Poor HagFaceKyle Is Always Wrong… Says ALL Stories About Her Are TRUE, Except For MO-Reese’s “Cheating”

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This week we get a glimpse into Joyce’s life with her family at home. Her boys are adorable, and her husband Michael couldn’t be nicer! Mauricio and I immediately liked both of them when we first met at The Beverly Hills Chamber … Continue reading


CAMILLE GRAMMER: EX-Boyfriend Dimwitri Tells His Side Of The “Night In The Nightmare Hotel” Story!… Says He “Didn’t Do It”!… Camille Grammer WILL Get You!!

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  Well, of course, Dimwitri isn’t going to confess to any wrongdoing in connection with the hotel havoc which happened between him and Camille Grammer last month!   NOTE:  Dimwitri lawyered up and is trying to prove his “innocence” in … Continue reading