Poor, Poor, POOR DrunkOtis “Homeless” Again!

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POOR DrunkOtis allegedly is “homeless”!  DrunkO just can’t find a landlord stoopid enough to rent a house to her!  Why hasn’t DrunkOtis’ phony real estate agent boyfriend who works for MO-Reesio, Jonathan Ruiz, done his job and found her a … Continue reading

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YOLANDA FOSTER: House STILL For Sale… The Views Yoda DOESN’T Want You To See!! UPDATE: Price Reduction!

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UPDATE:  Yoda has quietly reduced the price for her precious lemon house.  From $27 million in March 2014 to a much more reasonable $24,995,000!   ChrisCortazzo remains the RE agent tryin’ to unload the Foster’s highway “palace”…and has added a … Continue reading



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CAMILLE is asked about her house…she’s still living there! What would Camille do???? Camille Grammer’s Malibu house is still for sale with ChrisCortazzo… for a reasonable $14.9 million.

YOLANDA FOSTER: Why YODA Is Selling Her $27.5 Million House…REALLY???


Why is YODA sellin’ her dream house???  She tells TheDish that it’s just too much house to take care of… and her kids are movin’ out:

“This is our dream home, but due to my battle with Lyme disease for the past two years I just don’t have the strength to run this almost 5-acre property anymore and should really focus on my recovery with as little stress as possible,” she says. NOTE:  According to public property records, the house sits on a little over THREE acres.  YODA must be doin’ that new CommonCore math!

“My daughter Gigi ALANA moved to New York last July and my Bella will move this July, so it will be just the two of us with my 14-year-old son, Anwar.”  NOTE:  All of these reasons YODA state sound very logical.  HOWEVER, this house was her and KingDave’s “DREAM” house.  YODA knew that her kids were gonna be outta the house and YODA has been “recovering” from LymeDisease for two years.  Just don’t make no sense!  

Furthermore, HOW did YODA deal with the many homes she had while married to Mohamed…homes AND three young children??? 

YODA was super SUPER sensitive when “divorce” was mentioned…in fact, she had a conniption fit over the first SH item re her house (see link below), which originally stated that we doubted that divorce was the reason for the sale!!  She swears that “divorce” has nothing to do with the house sale.  Is YODA doth protesting too much??

rhobh yoda house stressful

NOTE:  Since officially listing the CarbonCanyonRd house with a real estate agent, YODA has increased the asking price by a half $$ million, from an inflated $27 million to an even MORE inflated $27.5 million!… Click underlined to see MORE of  the REAL pics of YODA’s house



SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: DerekJ “HWFashions”… Lana Fuchs “TwitterParty”… Joanna Krupa “PierogiePrincess”… YOU Are Bored With Housewives!… Vicki Gunvalson “LoveTank” Solutions!… Brandi Glanville In Norway… Camille Grammer “HouseIssue”

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December 3, 2012    Good for DerekJ!   DJ is now writing BravoReviews of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.   Derek’s “insights” are mostly his views on what the Housewives wore… I can’t leave without saying how damn funny Nene is! … Continue reading