MELISSA GORGA, KATHY WAKILE: Melissa Turned Down “Diving With The Stars”… Kathy’s Same “Meet And Greet” In Chicago As Melissa Draws Minimal Number Of Diners!

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Melissa Gorga tweeted that SHE turned down “Danger Diving With The Stars”!   Now WHY would MeGo have turned down that offer?  MeGo says that she was “too scared”! Perhaps the REAL reason for her to turn down the offer… … Continue reading


KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s “Goddess Jewelry”… AND… Git Yer Tickets For “Dinner With Wakiles”… AND Picture Taken Wit Koma and Richie… For $75!!

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December 10, 2012 While looking for something else… Just a bit about KomaKathy’s “Goddess Jewelry”… apparently, KomaKathy wised up and kicked ZenJen to the curb!   OR… was it the other way around??? Telesto Designs makes KK’s “Goddess” jewelry, and it … Continue reading