LAWSUIT UPDATE: Vicki’s Vodka… Crooks Countersuit

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Here are the basic facts of Crooks countersuit: Ayers is, and at all times relevant was, an individual residing in Orange County, California. Williamson is the money guy behind Vicki’s Vodka. Williamson has/had a girlfriend/mistress named Angela Torres.  Williamson used … Continue reading

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CAPTION THIS! How Crooks REALLY Spends His Money…


Best caption will receive a five-minute conversation with Crooks!!  FinePrint:  Warning! Conversation may include plans to hire a hitman, impregnate a paralegal or how to embezzle funds from Coto Insurance!  Your chat may result in charging you as an accessory! 


COURT UPDATE! Vicki’s Vodka… Motion To Dismiss Crooks’ CounterClaim… Was Crooks Working For Vicki??

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Vicki’s vodka Crooks third party suit Crooks Ayer’s involvement in the Vicki’s Vodka lawsuit has taken a normal legal turn.  A motion to dismiss a counterclaim which Crooks filed against AngelaTorres has been filed. Here’s a brief update on Vicki’sVodka … Continue reading


CrooksAyers Battling Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

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From DailyMail… Brooks Ayers has revealed that he’s suffering from an ‘aggressive and fast-moving’ type of cancer.  The 47-year-old former boyfriend of The Real Housewives Of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson, 52, said the cancer was at stage three. ‘Life … Continue reading


COURT UPDATE: Crooki’s Motion To Seal Records In Vicki’s Vodka Lawsuit Denied … UPDATE: Judge Seals Record

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Crooki has lost in court.  Crooki’s attorneys filed a motion requesting the records be sealed in their ongoing lawsuit against Vicki’s Vodka business partner.   Crooki wanted the records sealed because they are CELEBRITIES, damn it!! Specifically, Victoria L. Gunvalson … Continue reading

SH WITTY WEEKEND! Name That Spinoff…


“Seymour” will receive a personal visit from Crooks!!  Disclaimer: Once Crooks steps through your front door, you may need the services of your local law enforcement and a team of lawyers to evict him.  


Vicki’s Coto de Caza Casa Pulled Off Market… No Sale!

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It is with great sadness to report the following item re VickiGunvalson. Vicki’s Coto de Caza house that she wished to dump for an ocean view property located in DanaPoint has been pulled off the market… AGAIN!! While others are … Continue reading


Vicki’s Life Of Hell…

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From ROL… VapidVicki’s “business associate” tapes a phone call in which Vicki states that her life with Crooks is a living Hell and potential endorsement deals have dried up because of her involvement with Crooks. “This life that I’m leading … Continue reading



new show I


“Luigi” receives one affirmation note from Crooks!!  Disclaimer:  Accepting any “romantic” advances made by Crooks along with the affirmation note will be at the winner’s discretion…


Vicki Defends Crooks… Says He Can “Date” Anyone He Likes

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Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson laughed off recent stories revealing that her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, admitted to cheating on her – on an alleged video. “I was surprised to learn that a video of Brooks’s … Continue reading


Another Look At Vicki’s Vodka Lawsuit …

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Originally posted September 2013: Vicki’s Vodka is quickly evaporating… Robert Williamson III says that he originally agreed to make a $300,000 investment and later bought out another stakeholder for $50,000.  Instead of ending up with 66.7 percent of the company … Continue reading


Crooks Says He Hurt Vicki… Vicki Says “Lose My Number”

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From ROL… “I didn’t mean to cross the line. I didn’t know. I thought it was appropriate.” “I’m on and off with Vicki.  I’m not living with her. I am not engaged to her. She’s still legally married. … Bottom … Continue reading

GO BACK THURSDAY! Crooks Doesn’t Want Vicki’s Money… Just Vicki’s Love!

From May 22, 2012…over two years ago! Has anything changed???  This story line just keeps hangin’ on… pay attention to the dramatic background music!

Sounds like Crooks has said all of these words before… ‘cept the part where he says that he’s “already landed.”

RHOC Reunion: MORE Tamballs/Crooksy Talk With Vicki

Just the thought of being with Crooksy… SHIVERS!  Good God, Vicki’s heaving boobs are huge…