RHOC Reunion: MORE Tamballs/Crooksy Talk With Vicki

Just the thought of being with Crooksy… SHIVERS!  Good God, Vicki’s heaving boobs are huge…


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RHOC Reunion Show…

rhoc reunion cast

Prediction:  A YawnFest…

Vicki And Crooks Talks About Vicki’s Best Part

Crooks is asked about Vicki’s best body part… Oh, Crooks!

We’re givin’ Crooks 33873643,3383864646633 HagfaceKyles:





Beadors Arrive At Vicki’s Mexican TimeShare… Hilarity Ensues… HouseHusband David Thanks Crooksy For Great Time!

On the next RHOC:  Shanny and David arrive at VapidVicki’s timeshare in Mexico.  After Vapid and Shanny WOO-HOO it whilst jet skiing (Crooks/Vicki jet skis; Shanny has some issues about the ocean), they do some tequila tasting on the beach.  The funniest part is when David thanks Crooksy for it all!  Doesn’t David know anything at all about Crooksy?!?!?



RHOC Recap… “Not A Good Day LA” by Sandi Duffy

This gallery contains 6 photos.

“Not A Good Day LA” by Sandi Duffy   I didn’t recap last week.  By the time I got around to watching it, I realized if I recapped it, it would be about 3 sentences long because literally NOTHING happened. … Continue reading

SH **EXCLUSIVE** Tamballs DOES Have A Spinoff!!!


tamballs crooksy jimbo pg


RHOC Recap… “Choke-lahoma” by Sandi Duffy

This gallery contains 10 photos.

  “Choke-lahoma” by Sandi Duffy     Heather and Shannon are both making a huge f–ing deal over their holiday cards. Because I guess they never heard of snapping ai true and going to Walmart.   Tamras son, Ryan, is … Continue reading

BRIANA GOES HOUSE HUNTING… Doesn’t Wanna ‘Nother Coto de Caza House

On the next RHOC:  Briana goes all Oklahoma… where’s Crooksy???


Crooksy found!!  He’s on the Apprentice… The STOOPID Apprentice!!

rhoc brooks crooks trump pg

Tour Of Vicki’s Insurance Office! Exciting.

INSURANCE!!!!  Takin’ a tour of the hallowed halls where Vicki does all her bizness… and, according to Vicki, she changes lives!!  If you look very carefully, you might catch Crooksy creepily crouched underneath the reception desk!


RHOC Second Half of Entire Season Preview: Crooksy An Official HouseBoyfriend

This is a new one… a preview of what’s to come in the entire second half of this season of RHOC.   If this is an indication of the remaining episodes, it’s no wonder that these “reality” franchises are losing viewers and the interest of people who write about them.  There is MORE screeching, MORE crying, MORE accusations and MORE phony baloney story lines than ever seen on any Housewives show!!  Everything that a dumbed-down highly-uneducated unemployed 17-year-old viewer is looking for in a TV show!  And,  there’s MORE Crooksy… who let’s everyone know his favorite part of Vicki.  Offensive, disgusting and playing to the lowest common denominator… but, that’s Crooksy!  And, Vicki just luuuuuvz him…

Tamballs really, really, really wants everyone to believe that already-been-done-on-the-RHONY baby story line with Ellie so badly that she’s done one better than LuAnnie…a phony baby for Ellie to get used to.   PUH-LEEEEZE.


We give this preview 3837462634,0384733636 HagfaceKyle’s…




Vicki’s BravoBlog… With Crooksy Few Times A Week!

  You met our new girl Lizzie tonight at Danielle’s Holiday party. Shannon and I weren’t able to make it so as of this episode I haven’t met Lizzy yet. I don’t know about you, but to me it was … Continue reading

Vicki Thinks Crooksy Is “The BombDotCom”… Declares Her LOVE!!

Vicki don’t care who knows it… she’s gonna be with Crooksy, dammit!!  Crooksy luvs Vicki and will be with her (and her money), ’cause she does it all for him!!


RHOC Photo Recap… “Pretty Ugly”… READ IT!!

This gallery contains 33 photos.

                                                                               I … Continue reading


Vicki’s New Phony Boyfriend

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We’ll miss Crooksy!!  However, the demise of the Crooksy/Vicki relationship has been reported several times and it seems that Vicki always goes back with Crooksy!  After all, how could Vicki throw away those new teeth she paid for??? According to … Continue reading

SH **EXCLUSIVE** Crooks Ayers Partners With HouseHusband Peter Thomas!!

Sign up for classes NOW!!

RHOA RHOC brooks crooks peter pg