NayNay’s Collapsing RHOA Walkoff Explained…MissAndy “Cares”

Gregg explains NayNay’s mom issues.  MissAndy giving his best “I care” look… 

NOTE:  As an adult, has NayNay never had an adult conversation with her mother??


Giudice Shore House Auction On May 19… Take A Tour With Tree!

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We knew Tree’s shore house was going to be auctioned off, but there was no date for the auction until now.  Tree’s shore house at 49 SylviaLane will be up for auction on May 19 at 2 pm. The item … Continue reading

The RHONY On Who Has The Most Explaining At Reunion Show…

To get viewers to continue watching their sinking ship and to pique interest in the RHONY reunion show, the HWs explain from which HW they want answers: 

The phony boyfriend story line and future reunion questions get 999999444444 Kens!


We Really Don’t Care… BUT!!

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We really don’t care what MissAndy does in his free time nor with whom.  Which is why his turnaround “interview” with SonjaMorgan got zero atten-shun at SH. HOWEVER… In the Sonja “interview,” MissAndy was asked by Sonja who the most … Continue reading


Manzoids Close Restaurant … Customers Didn’t “Enjoy” Themselves!

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From NJPatch: Albie and Chris Manzo, the former stars of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” celebrated the opening of their new Hoboken restaurant, Little Town Social, on Thursday night. The restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as … Continue reading


MissAndy “HORRIFIED” Over NYC GayGuy Hit With Chair… No HORROR At Gay Men Thrown Off Rooftops And Stoned!

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Yes, MissAndy is plenty horrified.  Horrified over a NewYork gay guy who was hit with a chair.   MissAndy is calling for everyone to find this scumbag!! Fortunately for this man, he is still alive. Where has the OUTRAGE been … Continue reading


CaroleR And AlanThicke On WWHL… And MissAndy’s Agenda

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MissAndy… totally uninformed.  The calls into WWHL are carefully handpicked by Nazi Diedre and her crew; the questions are screened and molded into words which will then be passed on to MissAndy.  Most of the time, the original question is … Continue reading

CaroleR Says Luannie Is A Hater and Liar…

Carole… who definitely had some dental work done… tells her side of the lame LuAnnie’s niece breakup story.  Carole says that LuAnnie is not particular about her dating requirements…

For some needed comic relief waaay far away from the HWs bellicose behavior… LuAnnie on a camel:

NayNay Walks Off RHOA Reunion Show… Escorted By DrJeff

NayNay gets to walk off the reunion show after she decides that she can’t talk about her mother, which no one was really talking about in the first place!  Dr. Jeff escorts NayNay off the stage.  Apparently, having a psychologist at your side shields you from MissAndy grabbing you and telling you that you cannot leave!

The Crankles Clause: Paid $7250 For RHONY… Bravo Gets A Cut Of Merchandise

We knew all this, ‘cept for the part about Crankles getting $7250 for the first season of the RHONY… and Bravo’s rights to ALL Housewives items after she cashed out.  Crankles is really trying hard to push her book!

RHONY Preview: Rinda’s Groping BF…

Rinda’s boyfriend gets some Sonja action.  Hasn’t this scene been seen before with Sonja and PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy and Sonja with Mario?  It’s telling that Sonja’s phony son boyfriend just stands by and watches…


From The SH Archives 2012: AN “INSIDER” SPILLS IT…About The Bravo Housewives! WHY HFKyle Kept Kim Filming When Kim Needed Help… MessyG Got Advance From Bravo To Look Rich

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While looking for something else, came upon this little gem from January 28, 2012! POSTED JANUARY 28, 2012 2:15 pm  Received this in an email from a SH reader… YIKES!!!            Adrienne Maloof… “There’s nothing about … Continue reading

PMS Hasn’t Contacted Kimmerz; No Butt Implant; DrunkOtis Bad Tipper

From YahooStyle:

Another HW who swore she wouldn’t be back for another grueling season, but found that the monetary gains were too easy to give up!  The cutesy PumpMyStomach says that she doesn’t have a butt implant (who cares?); she hasn’t contacted Kimmerz (who cares?) and DrunkOtis is a bad tipper (who cares!!??!?)…

Kimmerz not fond of PMS either!


MissAndy Says The Housewives Shows Are Not Staged… No One Believes Him!

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MissAndy is going full-on HFKyle and is insisting that the Housewives shows are NOT staged!  (NOTE: In every interview she’s done, HFKyle would be asked if the RHOBH is real.  Of course, HFKyle would respond that HER show is really … Continue reading

KimRichards Speaks: Explains Arrest Situation…Had Little Drink Before Hitting Polo Lounge


Excerpts From KimRichards’ DrPhil Interview/Intervention … Son Chad Calls DrunkOtis “Toxic”… KimSays “Fans Were Horrible”

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“I have been sober,” KimRichards tells DrPhil. “I haven’t been working a program. Living through this season on the show, sometimes it’s hard enough to get through it. The fans are very hard on me, and I went on Twitter … Continue reading

RHONY Trading Places…

Crankles is the only RHONY who doesn’t want to hop over to the hills of Beverly.  Crankles choice is ATL…

We give this very boring video 9983377634393937 Alec Baldwins…

boring gif


SH WITTY WEEKDAY!! DrPhil Needs Your Help…

weekday captionED kimr andy dr phil

“STAN” will receive two drinks with KimRichards at the Polo Lounge!!  FinePrint: Drinks with Kim will be delayed until the ban on Kim at the Polo Lounged is lifted!


TERESA GIUDICE: Danbury Diva Screwed Over By Juicy… Now Divorcing! ALLEGEDLY…

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One or more of TreeJoodice’s former prison pals is making up stories for ROL allegedly yapping up a storm.   Yesterday, Juicy was blamed for screwing up a deal with the Feds to reduce Tree’s sentence… Giudice’s hopes to be … Continue reading


Not much has changed…

As an homage to Ken, we’re giving the HawaiiDinner 993846636534438888833 Kens!!


KIM RICHARDS REFUSES DR PHIL REHAB… Bolts From Interview… Sister Kathy With Kim; No Sign Of Kyle

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FROM DAILYMAIL: KimRichards apparently snubbed Dr Phil’s offer of help as eyewitnesses in the hallway heard her scream ‘F***’, and other obscenities when she ran out of the room and down the hall. Three of Richards’ children, Brooke, 29, Chad, … Continue reading