The Phony RHONJ Reconciliation… Ranked 19 On The 10-Point BULLSH*T Scale!!

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NOTE:  We’re calling bullsh*t on this phony baloney reconciliation… and the BS meter exploded!  The ONLY reason these people are showing their new phony solidarity is to set themselves up to negotiate when Bravo offers them $$$ for their possible … Continue reading

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Dog Bite Lawsuit Filed Against Kim AND Bravo!

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NOTE:  This item re Kimbecile’s attack dog, Kingsley, is from OKCFriday. Attorney Bill Zuhdi has filed a lawsuit in California Federal Court against a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and Bravo, the network which televises the … Continue reading

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: DrunkOtis And PumpMyStomach 2012 Interview

Whilst searching for highlights from AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey’s GameNight Party, came upon this chat with DrunkOtis And LisaVanderPumpMyStomach from 2012 when they were still on speaking terms.  From watching and listening to this interview, it was pretty clear back than that PMS was getting very irritated with DrunkO.

Notice that BOTH DrunkO and PMS have had MAJOR face work done.  They both look haggified…


DrunkOtis On WWHL… Loves PumpMyStomach Hates HagfaceKyle

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Showing that she can be even more disgusting than she is… DrunkOtis goes after two cast mates on last night’s WWHL… “To be honest, I care about her and I love her and that sounds weird. I lived in Northern … Continue reading

DrunkOtis’ Waste Of Time Favorite Things… The Day After

DrunkOtis looks as if she had a hard night of drinking and lost her way from the car to her front door.  Looks like DrunkOtis was pulled out of the gutter by the camera man, threw on some eye shadow and blush without using a mirror… and was ready to film this boring “favorite things” segment!  Just another day for DrunkOtis…


TreeJoodice Cooking Show…

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TreeJoodice cooks the ONLY recipe which she’s memorized her lines to cook!  Her famous ‘devil’s shrimp over angel hair pasta’… which we’ve seen her cook dozens of times.  Tree even keeps in the line “my parents came here off the … Continue reading

Celebrity Apprentice: Housewives Throw Pies

Kenyan Moore and DrunkOtis shove pies into each other’s faces…just like watching a Housewives show:

Tonight’s RHOBH Sneak Peek: KimRichards Gets FreeDresses; HagfaceKyle Avoids Kingsley… DrunkOtis Wants “Family Friendly” Podcast


HagfaceKyle drops by Kimbecile’s house to get an advance look at Kim’s daughter’s free wedding dress and Kim tries on her mother-of-the-bride dress.  HagfaceKyle is in hysterics mode when she learns that Kim’s kids are in bed sick.  Really?  With Kingsley the death-dog around the corner, HagfaceKyle is concerned about getting a sore throat?

Cut to DrunkOtis walking into an office building.  DrunkOtis is meeting with her PodcastOne boss to chat about her podcast’s future and the “explicit” label on her podcast.  DrunkOtis whines that “you just can’t say anything anymore”… PodcastBoss wants to attract more advertisers and DrunkOtis wants to make more money; they agree that the way to do that is to be more family friendly.

Dear DrunkOtis:  Your podcast is not “explicit” … it is disturbing.  The words that come out of your mouth are those of a 13-year-old boy who is trying to impress girls by getting a reaction to spouting a dirty word.

Your immaturity, your lack of intellect and your lack of education is revealed every second an unthinking base word spits of out your mouth on your jackassery podcast.  Your lack of ability to hold a conversation which would engage your guest(s) and will, therefore, engage your listener(s) shows that you are unrefined, unaccommodating, unsophisticated, untalented and unsuitable to be on the air.

The words which you categorize as those which you “just can’t say anymore” have been said… over and over and over and can be heard anywhere.  And they are said by anyone who, like you, lacks the imagination and the intelligence to form more cohesive thoughts without dipping into the sewer of your stock vocabulary.  Don’t expect any “family friendly” sponsors to come forward with the big bucks you’re looking for, as you have already shown the best of DrunkOtis on your podcasts…

Bytheway, we all know that your podcast “career” will be over as soon as it has run its course as your storyline…ala FEBUS’ radio talk show, WretchedRossi’s singing, Heather Dull-BRO’s restaurants, Sonja’s toaster oven, PumpMyStomach’s shoe line, GhettoNayNay’s reporting job, just to name a few. 

Tonight’s RHOBH Sneak Peek II: HagfaceKyle Packs For A Trip

NOTE:   The booooorrrring “packing scene” has been used as filler in every season of every franchise.

Three minutes wasted as you watch HagfaceKyle scurrying around packing for a trip in this required packing scene…while Milania FrontPorcha gets into fake nails and makeup.  HagfaceKyle has no idea that she can actually purchase the perfect beach hat or yacht hat in Spain.   Really… they really do sell beautiful items in Spain!!



The BS NayNay/KimZ Phony Lovefest On WWHL

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  When these two were on WWHL, it was sure to be a lovefest.  The lovefest didn’t disappoint… and it was all total BS. NayNay hated KimZ so much that she tried to strangle her more than once.  But, that … Continue reading



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8:00:  Woke up.  Hit snooze button.  My cousin Kathy sent me a picture book she made of things that I won’t have in prison.  A picture of an alarm clock was on page 387.  How am I supposed to wake up … Continue reading

SH WITTY WEEKEND! Caption This… MelissaGorga Copies TeresaGiudice Again!


“Vermont HunnyBee” will receive ten tickets to the “2015 Melissa Gorga Song and PonyDance Spectacular“!  FinePrint: Tickets will be sent to winner as soon as Melissa’s KickStarter-FundMe site raises enough money to purchase auto-tune machine. 


Despite the high-fiving when there is a bump in ratings, the Housewives shows have continued to disappoint, stagnate and have lost their idiosyncratic “fun” qualities.  Please leave additional remarks in comments if necessary…




Who Is On FEBUS’ Mind At Christmas Dinner?


SH EXCLUSIVE!! Gorgas New Movie!

The REAL reason the Gorgas moved back to Montville!  The Gorgas are remaking THE classic beaver movie, with shooting taking place right in their beaver-infested palace.  Bikini-Melissa will be starring in the lead role!  Teresa was offered a bikini role, but declined… telling Melissa that she had another money-making deal involving her bankruptcy attorney. 


The Gorgas are shopping this trailer to all media outlets, also to zombie fans and beaver lovers, hoping to raise more cash to finish the movie:

(Thanks to our friends from Poland, “Pearl” and “Myth”!!!)


TeresaGiudice Suing For AT LEAST $15 Million In Lawsuit Against Bankruptcy Attorney… See Documents!

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NOTE:  Teresa is suing for three counts… EACH count demanding AT LEAST $5 million…for a total of AT LEAST $15 million.  PLUS attorney’s fees and costs! There are so many holes in this complaint.   Carlos J. Cuevas is Teresa’s new … Continue reading

HagfaceKyle’s Dumped Fiance Michael Tuck

kyle before and after

Did HagfaceKyle REALLY think MissAndy wasn’t going to ask her??  HFKyle said on RHOBH that he was 24 years older…

Michael Tuck… with BreeWalker:

NOTE:  As usual, WWHL was filled with pre-screened phone questions aimed at promoting HagfaceKyle’s stuff.  If there was a “dry eyes” segment, it was missed!!


Kimmer’s BravoBlog: Free Fatburgers And Wedding Dresses For Everyone!

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Hello… I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! I made two 28-pound turkeys. One for my sister Kathy’s and one for my house. The kids and I cooked for two days straight! Thanksgiving was just amazing, and we were and … Continue reading


HagfaceKyle’s BravoBlog…

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Watching Lisa R. getting ready for her birthday makes me smile. Her daughter giving her tips is very familiar to me. My girls hang out in my room while I get ready and give me style advice. When I don’t … Continue reading