BLIND ITEM!! Who’s The RHOA HouseHusband?

From CDAN:



The husband of this Atlanta Housewife is cheating with two different women.

Both waitresses used to work for him.

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BLIND ITEM! Who’s The OTHER Smelly Housewife?


Real Housewives of Miami veteran Joanna Krupa has slapped Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville with a lawsuit, after Glanville allegedly accused Krupa of having smelly private parts, but in fact…

It’s a different HOUSEWIFE that has a hygiene problem!

“All the ladies can smell it.

Even the crew have complained about the smell,” a top source tells NaughtyGossip.

“She has been told about the problem and the fact that she needs to wear knickers many, many times.”

This lady is known for her love of younger man, and partying!   But these days the smell is making everyone run for the hills!

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BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Scammin’ Housewife?

From CDAN:

This Real Housewife is running a scam which involves getting old people to leave her everything they own.  

She has them leave the property to a friend of hers who then gives it to the Real Housewife.

Four people so far.

NOTE:  The scammin’ Housewife would have to know legalities and will preparation to accomplish this scam…

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KimRichards’ BravoBlog: Preparing To Dump DrunkOtis… Will Always Side With HagfaceKyle

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Sorry, I’ve been MIA on the blog. I was on a much-needed vacation, but I’m glad to be back! This episode was a hard one to revisit, because of the whole me-Brandi-Kyle situation. Even though I had just been released … Continue reading

RHOBH Unseen Footage: DrunkOtis Scores In The KimRichards Custody Battle!

The battle between HagfaceKyle and DrunkOtis continues!  In this unseen footage, DrunkOtis promises Kim that she’ll be her friend forever, but Kim hesitates to commit.  Looks like DrunkOtis is winning the custody battle for Kim!

RHOBH Preview: PumpMyStomach Acts Shocked; Kim Says MYOBizWax!

In another preview of the next can’t-wait-to-watch episode of the RHOBH.  PumpMyStomach pulls out all of her acting abilities to look shocked when her employees and a few Hollywood friends jump out from behind the SUR bar to surprise her.  (Watch in slo-mo; PumpMyStomach is anticipating the big surprise.  Besides, it’s in the script!!)  

And, we’re totally with Kim… mind your own biz-wax!!

The MOST shocking nanosecond of this preview… Loada appears!!!  Where’s KingD?

rhobh loada RHOBH preview at SUR

RHOBH Preview: The Beverly Hills Bad Acting Club

All of the professional actresses in the BeverlyHills BadActingClub, except for Loada because she was busy setting up “stick an IV in me” photo shoots, gathered at EyeD’s house to go over lines for uh… we don’t know.  Kim tells her Bette Davis story and BulbousLipsLisa is relegated to being the narrator, which she’s pissed about, as she says she is the most experienced actress! The last time DeformedLipsLisa worked was playing herself in a movie with her husband HARRY HAMLIN!!  HARRY HAMLIN!!!!


HagfaceKyle’s Bizarrely Convoluted And Obviously Jealous Of DrunkOtis BravoBlog

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We pick up where we left off last week at the Gay Mixer. When Brandi once again brought up Kim’s late night calls to her, I said, “Oh, do you want to elaborate? ” I didn’t say that for Brandi … Continue reading


DrunkOtis’ Ghostwritten BravoBlog: Addicts Are The Same As Anyone Else! Don’t Discriminate!

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NOTE:  THIS IS DEFINITELY GHOSTWRITTEN.  DrunkOtis is crisscrossing the US and it appears that she has given the task of writing her BravoBlog AGAIN to her ghostwriter. Hey Guys,  Hey Guys???  That’s a new one!! Seems every time I write … Continue reading

EileenDavidson Starring Role… In A MOVIE!!

Maybe VinceVanPeepin’ “encouraged” EyeD to take the role… which left the Housewives speechless:

We still wanna know why EyeD banished us from twitter!?!  Did HagfaceKyle give her orders… or, was it MissAndy… or was it Loada?? WHY, Eye… WHY???  

eileen twitter blocked


IF IT’S STILL TUESDAY… IT’S STILL TERESA IN DANBURY!! Tree Out Of Laundry… Into The Kitchen! Too Many Letters; Can’t Answer!

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Teresa Giudice has settled in to a comfortable routine inside Danbury Federal Prison, staying busy with a packed schedule of working in the clink kitchen and joining a TV watching club with fellow inmates, a source tells Confidenti@l. I’LL VISIT … Continue reading



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Everyone at NBC feels HORRIBLE about the TERRIBLE thing that happened to Lyin’Brian. What happened to Lyin’Brian can be summarized by KingD… it’s just another TRAGIC MISTAKE!!   NOTE: What do you call a former fireman from Jersey with a surprisingly … Continue reading



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NOTE:  Teresa items are pure BS and are allegedly paid for by Tree’s crack PR team to keep her name alive and in the minds of her rabid fans! Teresa Giudice is reportedly having major issues with husband Joe Giudice … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: Who Are The Two Bellicose Brawling Housewives?

From CDAN:

One former Housewife and one current Housewife from different cities almost came to blows the other night at dinner.

Neither knew the other was going to be there and both of them took turns walking past the table of the other saying nasty things.

The current Housewife was drunk as per usual and was ready to fight right then and there.

NOTE:  “DRUNK” … per usual??  That’s a giveaway!!

brandi ex pg

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SH “HIT AND RUN”… Items That We Don’t Care About

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The Housewives items which all get 9983746635534 Kens…   LawsuitJim takes his whining about FELONTeresa to the NYDailyNews… where he is STILL complaining about waiting for FELONTeresa and throws in a plug for his wife’s new fitness business.   SHUT … Continue reading


DrunkOtis’ Ghostwritten BravoBlog: STRANGE UPDATE… After Being Called Out On SH RE “Gladys Kravitz” DrunkO Puts Up Video On FB

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NOTE:  There is NO way DrunkOtis wrote this.  The shows have gotten SO boring that not even the cast watches the episode… they have their ghostwriters watch and then write this drivel! Hello Everyone, I’m in NYC tonight and running … Continue reading


GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: MissAndy Says He’s “Biggest SH*T Stirrer Paid To Do It”…MissAndy’s Gay Agenda…Andy’s Exploitation Of All He Surveys

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In light of MissAndy’s recent little tantrum about using the term “my gays”… let’s look at how MissAndy exploits anything he touches in this GoBack item from 2012. ORIGINAL ITEM FROM JULY 2012… Preface:  A new study by The Williams … Continue reading

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: AlexisBellino On GeneralHospital

Another Housewife shows off her acting ability!!  Alexis tries to be a news reporter on GH back in 2012:


Kim And Kyle’s Airplane Terror Nephew… “Peasants” And “Scumbag”… Gets Slap On Wrist From Judge

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Kim and Kyle’s nephew gets off with a slap on the wrist…if even that! Conrad Hilton Jr appeared in a LA court yesterday after seven months after ‘going insane’ on an international flight back in July. The 20-year-old little brother … Continue reading


BigLipsLisa Says Nothing In Her “WhyBother” BravoBlog… Zip, Zero, Nada.

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NOTE:  The point of BigLipsLisa’s BravoBlog is __________??  Obviously, BigLipsLisa was busy this week being totally amazed that she’s married to HARRY HAMLIN!!! Remember not so long ago when some of you were asking when Season 5 was going to really … Continue reading


HagfaceKyle’s “Don’t Blame Me” BravoBlog: Defends BigLipsLisa… HFKyle Doesn’t Want To Spill “Private Information” About Kim!!

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Kyle responds to Brandi’s claims in last week’s blog.  If you missed last week’s DrunkOtis’ GhostwrittenBravoBlog, where DrunkO was the first to pull the “I’m a MOMMY!” card…  you can read it HERE. Before I get onto this weeks episode, … Continue reading

MissAndy’s Head Spins Over HagfaceKyle’s Use Of Term “My GAYS”!

MissAndy doesn’t like the usage of “my gays” which HagfaceKyle used on the RHOBH.  MissAndy then says to replace “my gays” with “my blacks”…

LuAnnie tries to get in MissAndy’s good graces by using the term “my boys”… nice try, LuAnnie.

kyle tweet my gays andy