RHOBH Preview: It’s DejaVu All Over Again

This is deja vu all over again.  How many of the same scenes with different Housewives can there be?  Cedric crashing the SUR opening was much better…

RHOBH Extended Fight Scene…

The best part of this extended fight scene where Kim shows her allegiance to HagfaceKyle is Vince at the refrigerator…




RHOBH Preview: WATCH DrunkOtis Tell Smothering Loada To Bug Off!

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Loada hates drunk people… PREDICTION:  Loada will not renew her Bravo contract.  Her work to get puffy-faced Alana and depressed drunk Jello “modeling” careers, even though they are not model material, is done.  Loada is sick of being called out on … Continue reading

Kim Richards On “Revenge”

Those tour-de-force acting Richards’ sisters!  Kim gets away from playing herself on the RHOBH and displays her REAL acting chops on “Revenge.”  Is there an Emmy in Kim’s future?? 

Just for comparison… HagfaceKyle on CSI…

(Thanks “PDM”!!)


WATCH GirlGroup’s Disastrous Auto-Tuned-To-Death Sympathy Video That Backfired… 3KT Is Down One Carat

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ANOTHER BLATANT PLEA FOR SYMPATHY FROM 3KT…    Heard that MelissaGorga is campaigning to join the group as the “pretty one who can actually lip sync sing”! If there was anyone who gave one crap about this kid, she would … Continue reading

Joodice Kid Says Everything is GREAT! Emails Tree Every Day!

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SH “HIT AND RUN”… Look Inside!!

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Camber gets caught tweeting herself!!  She’s desperate to keep her crap “reality” job… Sorry, Jeana, we like you and all that, but we won’t be watching the RHOC.   Loada has a full recovery!!  Poor KingDavid… Living with Loada has … Continue reading



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Giada de Laurentiis’ divorce is not as smooth as she thought it would be.  BobbleheadGiada’s husband, ToddThompson, isn’t letting Gee-AH-da get off without getting some of that community property spa-GEEH-tee that Jahda made after her FoodNetwork show took off and … Continue reading


JOODICE’S GO TO JAIL…To Visit Mom! A Day At Danbury…

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Nearly two weeks after starting her prison sentence, Teresa Giudice was finally able to reunite with her HouseHusband and her four beautiful dawters and E! News has all of the exclusive details. “They were amazed at how good she looks,” a source close … Continue reading

Who’s The RHOBH Wannabe??

From CDAN:  A pretty easy blind…  


This former Real Housewife finds out where the Real Housewives Beverly Hills is going to be shooting and tries to get in the shot or get herself involved in the filming almost every day.

It’s Joanna Krupa!

NOTE:  SkankyJo is doing everything she possibly can to keep herself not only relevant, but is trying to position herself into a Bravo contract for the RHOBH.  SkankyJo’s latest ploy was sending a letter to DrunkOtis “threatening” to sue her over her comments about Skanky’s skank.

RHOM Romain Joanna pg

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)

RHOBH Preview: Kim In Hospital… DrunkOtis Will Be Drunk If She Wants!

RHOBH Preview:  HagfaceKyle is such a bad actress!  HFKyle knows why Kim is in the hospital.  DrunkOtis tells off Yoda…

Yoda’s words to Shana… not applied to her “friend” DrunkOtis!

NOTE:  Kim was hospitalized August 2014.  Kim entered her bedroom without a 4 lb bone for her pit bull.  (Please note:  The last sentence is just a bit of sarcasm!)



HagfaceKyle On WWHL…

On last night’s WWHL, HagfaceKyle went deep into the “friendships” between Yoda/DrunkOtis and PumpMyStomach/DrunkOtis.  HFKyle was also asked about Yoda’s Lyme, which she really had nothing to say other than she hopes she feels better.

Poor HagfaceKyle… she’s still working on her lizard lip licking!


Playing Poker At Eileen’s House… Kim Is Kooky

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  Kim was acting goofy playing poker… or were they just learning to play poker… or was Vince just showing off his knowledge of poker from playing in world poker tournaments… or from being the commentator for the world poker … Continue reading


IT’S TERESA TUESDAY! What’s New At Danbury!

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Being barraged with the daily Teresa items is overwhelming… there’s only so much information about Tree’s new life in Danbury prison one can disseminate!  And, really, who didn’t already know some of the “exclusive” reports describing the “horrors” which Tree … Continue reading


BLIND ITEM! Guess The Housewife! Whose Daughter Has Sex Tapes?

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From CDAN: The daughter of this Real Housewife is the most popular student at her college. Not only has she sent out naked photos of herself to a ton of people but she is the one who will do anything … Continue reading


NayNay’s Son Jailed And In Rehab… Another DrunkDriving Drugging Housewives Kid

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According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Nene’s troubled 25-year-old had violated his probation and tested positive for drug use.  This was far from Bryson’s first brush with the law – he has earlier arrests for shoplifting and driving with … Continue reading


MissAndy Answers: Was DrunkOtis’ Drink Toss Real? Does MissAndy Talk With Teresa?

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The drink toss was totally staged… and MissAndy was in on it.  IF you have any doubts, listen to ONLY the audio.  Bravo/MissAndy/Housewives are doing anything to attract viewers, as the Housewives have driven off the cliff… and are free-falling … Continue reading



“StinkyHousewives” will receive a trip to NYC to attend NYU classes with Alana!  FinePrint:  Prize will be awarded as soon as NYU alerts us if Alana pops in for a class.  Last checked, Alana hasn’t been seen within ten blocks of NYU… 



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According to the latest report from Danbury, Tree and her four beautiful dawters will soon be treated to a prison “Mommy and Me Tea”! Danbury held a “Mommy and Me Tea” for female offenders on December 2, 2014, where 19 children and 12 … Continue reading


The BEST Housewives News EVER! AdrienneMaloof Dumps 20-Yr-Old Boyfriend!

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From TMZ: RHOBH star Adrienne Maloof has kicked her Anheuser-Busch heir BF to the curb. Sources close to the couple tell us Adrienne ended her year and a half relationship with Jacob Busch — but there’s no bad blood between 53-year-old … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: PoopyPiggy DrunkOtis Is “Creepy” And Assaults HagfaceKyle!

DrunkOtis is disgustingly creepy… and assaults HagfaceKyle!  

LymeYoda wasn’t with this Cast of Clowns, but was seen in NYC heaving a CA king mattress out of Jello’s new “student” apartment.  Afterward, LymeYoda hopped into her private ambulance for a quick “stick an IV in me” LymeFace photo op!


Bravo Greenlight’s RHOC For Season TEN… No Manzoids!! And For God’s Sake… Miami Has Been DEAD For Years!

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Returning Series Greenlights… Dates TBA: “Flipping Out” Season 8 Produced by Authentic Entertainment with Lauren Lexton, Tom Rogan and Billy Taylor serving as executive producers. Everyone’s favorite interior designer, Jeff Lewis, and his genius design team including Jenni Pulos are … Continue reading