Loada took her nose out of the huge bouquets of flowers sent to her daily by her REAL friends long enough to pose with KingD and challenge her Hollywood friends to eat a lime…or bite a lime… or suck on a lime.  WHATEVER…



(Thanks “FloGo”!!)


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY Part II… Whatever Happened To DrunkOtis’ Bravo Spinoff Show?

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ORIGINALLY POSTED JULY 19, 2013… Whatever happened to DrunkOtis’ spinoff show as reported by ROL two years ago?? According to ROL… Bravo has thrown another nut to a squirrel! BlabbermouthBrandi Glanville from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been a … Continue reading


DrunkOtis Tweet Says MissAndy “Abusive”! … Twitter Replies Slam DrunkO! AND… The REAL Yolanda Foster!

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On last night’s WWHL, Eileen “what the hell is she doing on a HWs show” Davidson is asked to play MissAndy’s word association game:  NOTE:  Apparently, DrunkOtis is not pleased with how she’s perceived and blames MissAndy for perpetuating the … Continue reading


BLIND ITEM! DrunkOtis Personal Friend Says DrunkO Is “Raging Alcoholic” “Cheated On Eddie”

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NOTE:  In a bit of a blind item twist, the Housewife has been named… BUT, who is the “friend”?? “I know Brandi personally. She was never more than a small time local runway model who was lucky to of found … Continue reading


Mystery Email From 2012… Is MissAndy REALLY That Despicably Deranged?… Emailer Claims Andy Cohen Hates Teresa Giudice… How Two Years Have Made A Difference!!

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From December 27, 2012… It’s time to reveal a super-secret email sent to SH about two months ago… October 2012.  SH has kept every word of this email under the veil of secrecy… until now!  If this person is truly … Continue reading

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: DrunkOtis And PumpMyStomach 2012 Interview

Whilst searching for highlights from AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey’s GameNight Party, came upon this chat with DrunkOtis And LisaVanderPumpMyStomach from 2012 when they were still on speaking terms.  From watching and listening to this interview, it was pretty clear back than that PMS was getting very irritated with DrunkO.

Notice that BOTH DrunkO and PMS have had MAJOR face work done.  They both look haggified…


RHOBH Preview: YODA Gets Call About Daughter Jello’s DrunkDriving Arrest

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Yoda gets “devastating” news about her other “model” daughter, Jello. Bella Hadid — the daughter of Yolanda Foster — who appears on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — was arrested early Tuesday morning for DUI … July 22, 2014. Bella … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: Sneak Peek… Yoda And DrunkOtis Walk And Talk After A 55-Mile Hike To The Beach!

RHOBH yolanda house before lemons RHOBH yolanda house  RHOBH Yolanda house

Yoda and DrunkOtis take a ten-mile hike down from Yoda’s lemon house, dodging traffic and then spending six hours knocking on doors to get permission to access the beach…where Yoda chats about her “model” daughter, Alana, and the other sad drunk “model” daughter, Lemon.


DrunkOtis has tons of business opportunities and all kinds of other stuff going on, but she still can’t find a house to buy.  At least DrunkOtis has her new RangeRover to love…



O-M-G!  LisaVanderPumpMyStomach is confronted by Yoda and DrunkOtis and HagfaceKyle.  These over-40 chicks are arguing about who likes whom best… and whether they’re “Hollywood” or just regular friends.  Pathetic.  NOTE:  Seems as though Yoda has gotten the message from RHOBH producers to “bring the drama”!!

YOLANDA FOSTER: Becomes US Citizen For RHOBH Story Line… “My Really Good Friend” Brandi Glanville Was There



YODA was shown “studying” with KingDave on the next RHOBH, so let’s take a look back to May 2013… the REAL date that YODA became a US citizen.

NOTE:  YODA told E!Online that DrunkOtis her “really good friend” was there with her… and that she has no plans for her Malibu house.

Having Brandi Glanville at her side meant a lot to her.  “My girlfriend is here,” she said. “My really good friend showed up separating her from my other friends.”

Foster also revealed she invited Lisa Vanderpump and other friends but understood why they couldn’t make it to the early morning downtown L.A. ceremony.   NOTE:  No explanation was given they’re savin’ that for another reason to fight on the RHOBH!

As for her Beverly Hills lifestyleFoster says she has no plans to expand her glamorous house as she’s “under a lot of stress” while she focuses on her recovery from Lyme disease.   NOTE:  YODA’s plan is to and try to SELL that “glamorous” lemon house!

NOTE:  Amazingly, YODA did all this while undergoing treatment for LymeDisease!  YODA stated that she could barely think or string together a few words to form a sentence… a side effect of the disease!  That US Citizen’s test musta been dumbed down… waaaaaay down!  OR, YODA’S recovery from LymeDisease is a medical marvel!


BRANDI GLANVILLE: Whining… DrunkOtis Only Telling PART Of The Truth About Writing Her Book… Leaves Out Ghostwriter Leslie Bruce!

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DrunkOtis is steadfastly claiming that she wrote her books… which, technically, she did write.  Just like MessyGorga wrote HER book!  From @BrandiGlanville… Look at the ARROW… the RED arrow… DrunkOtis must have forgotten that she said “I wrote both my … Continue reading



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The First “STOOPIDEST WORDS OUTTA A HOUSEWIFE’S MOUTH” Award… Goes to…   HAGFACE KYLE RICHARDS!! Yes, Hagface Kyle actually said THIS… in reference to her hubbend, MO-Ree-C-O: “He did not deserve to be sucked into this… …and he didn’t sign … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: The Obligatory Fight During A Dinner Party… Starring Joyce Giraud’s Husband V Brandi Glanville

Just change-up the Housewives at the dinner party… lather… repeat…and repeat… and repeat… and repeat…repeat… repe……….. so predictable and BOOOOORING!!  How many best friends does DrunkOtis have??

AND… don’t mind KimRichards’ ex-blind date, Martin Genis, but what the hell is Mohamed doin’ there?

HEY!!  Where are Blanche and Jane???


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: Kim Richards “Racing”… Yolanda “Posing”… Carlton “Bikini Posing”… Brandi/Joyce “Stupid”

How nice of DrunkOtis to pay homage to StoopidHousewives!!  DrunkOtis calls DumbJoyce “stupid” among other words… and the usual “Shut The F Up!”   AND… how many phony scenarios are they gonna throw Kim Richards into??  OOOPS… almost forgot… the ever-cutesy ta-ta Cheerio LisaWhoLivesInAVanDownByTheRiver appears… BLEEEEECH!!



BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis’ New “Relationship” Book… MORE “Drinking”… And MORE “Dating”

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FROM AMAZON: “On the heels of her New York Times bestselling book Drinking and Tweeting, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville takes readers on a wild ride through her dating life in this highly-entertaining relationship book.  NOTE:  This “new” book should … Continue reading


KIM RICHARDS: Dogs, Dating and DrunkOtis… Kim Loves Her Dog… Kim Is Now Dating… And Kim Is “Helping” DrunkOtis!

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Kim Richards gave an interview to OK!Magazine while she and her sister, HagfaceKyle Richards, were in New York last week.  OK! just released the interview in which Kim states that her dog, Kingsley, is “always there for her.”  Note to … Continue reading


BOTH of these Housewives videos are ridiculous!

First is Kenya Moore answering a very obviously-tweeted-message for the express use on WWHL… about Kandi’s weight.

Next is the RHOBH compilation of “Are You Kidding Me”… featuring HouseHusband David Foster…


NOTE:  The Housewives have stooped to a brand new lower level… calling each other names.  And, even stooping lower by specifically calling a fellow cast mate “fat”…



BRANDI GLANVILLE: Drunk Otis Is Now The Paula Deen Of Beverly Hills!… Brandi Booted From Tampa HardRock Appearance… Lashing Back At Detractors

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          Poor say-anything-do-anything Brandi Glanville. DrunkOtis said what was on her mind on the last episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is now beginning to get the Pauler Deen treatment. Because of her … Continue reading

LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s Christmas Pah-ty Advice… From 2011… AND The Latest “Divine Addiction”… Selling GiggyCards Last Year!

Ta-Ta… and Cheerio!  LisaVanderDump gives one and all her very cheeky Christmas pah-ty planning advice…

More pah-ty advice from the latest edition of LisaVPump’s “DivineAddiction” newsletter.  Last year in 2012, the newsletter was selling Giggy Christmas Cards!

giggy christmas card


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… SH **EXCLUSIVE**… THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS IS FAKE: No Kidding!!! More Questions Answered… From 2012!!… Brandi Glanville “no class, no boundaries and willing to do or say anything for attention”

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YES, this is a  SH **exclusive**… …from February 4, 2012!!   An interesting look back at the characters on the Beverly Hills “reality” show!  There is no “REAL” in any “reality” show… Cedric Martinez and Lisa Vanderpump… After the first … Continue reading


RHOBH and RHOM: Merging?.. Which Housewives Would Jump At The Bravo “BigBrother” House??

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Was sent a message stating that the Real Housewives of Miami were merging with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! After checking the source of the item, it is nothing more than another “guessing” splash for attention.  There is absolutely … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Joanna Krupa On Brandi Glanville… The Jersey Accent…Bruce To Brenda… Da Joodice’s At Pink Concert… Joyce Giraud Calls RHOBH “Disgusting”; Hates Brandi Glanville!

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RHOM’s PierogiPrincess throws in her two cents about DrunkOtis’ alleged racist remark.  “Alleged” because DrunkOtis says there was nothing racist about what she said. The pot talks about the kettle: ‘When you think someone can’t get any lower than that, … Continue reading

BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis’ House Gets Burgled!!

Finally!!  A new phony story line!!   On the next RHOBH… DrunkOtis get a call;  someone broke into her house!  And one of her dogs is missing! (The missing dog story line was done before…)  Watch as DrunkOtis shows her very bad acting skills…HagfaceKyle acts stunned… and listen to the new melodramatic music in the background!   NOTE:  The burglars busted a bathroom window and nothing was missing… phony, fake and more phony!


UPDATE:  According to the phony police report, the thieves took DrunkOtis’ Stella purse and her toaster!!!


rhobh brandi drunk otis mohamed stella bag arrow

Brandi Toaster arrow


REAL LIFE AND HOUSEWIVES: Let’s Take A Look At What’s Wrong With The Housewives… And What’s Going On In The REAL World!

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The enthusiasm for the Housewives has plunged into the abysmal depths of the unreachable ocean’s waters.   There is no search mechanism which can be called on to rescue the last teeny tiny bits of interest which were languishing before … Continue reading

BRANDI GLANVILLE: Calls Into WWHL To Apolgize…

This is totally ridiculous!  A pre-planned call into MissAndy’s Clubhouse if there ever was one!  DrunkOtis apologizes and says that people just aren’t ready for the REAL Brandi Glanville.  NOTE:  Yeah, everyone was READY… but no one cares for the REAL BLEEEEEECH! DrunkOtis!


NOTE:  You can also hear KimRichards call into the BravoClubhouse… at BravoTV.com.  You can also read all of the Beverly Hills’ Housewives BravoBlogs, which includes another apology from DrunkOtis… at BravoTV.com.   To be perfectly honest re these Housewives and what they have to say or do… we just don’t care!