SH “HIT AND RUN”: Selected Real Housewives Tweets… SkinnyWeed… Bikini Vicki

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DrunkOtis = Functioning Alcoholic Yoda sends out another of her wretchedly sickening Life-Lesson tweets… HagfaceKyle is a “RealHousewife MOM”??   And would make a great lawyer… **eye roll** BaboonLipsLisa and Tamballs push their stuff… BFrankel plans of creating a line … Continue reading


SkankyJo Krupa’s Attorney PLANS To Sue DrunkOtis…

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NOTE:  This is one of the most blatantly obvious items put out by a Housewife to keep herself relevant!   SkankyJo’s attorney is Miami-based and has numerous “celebrity” items on his site… Rafool and Hernandez.  Until Rafool actually files a … Continue reading

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To HagfaceKyle’s Lollipop Kids?

Whatever happened to HagfaceKyle’s favorite “charity”?  WHY did HagfaceKyle abandon her Lollipop Kids?  WHY did Adrienne abandon her “good friend” DrunkOtis? 



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RHONJ twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano are set to guest at the “2015 Celebration Ball Queen Contest Prom Fashion Show” on Thursday, January 15 at Colts Neck High School. The evening will feature fashions, floral, photography and limo services. … Continue reading



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If you love throwing intimate dinner parties for your closest friends… that you just encountered during a pre-production meeting.  You might be a Housewife! If you can delude yourself into thinking that anything you do on a “reality” show is … Continue reading



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Has MissAndy banned the Housewives from appearing on the WendyWilliamsShow?  It certainly appears that he has. The reason for the ban of the Housewives?  WendyW brought up MissAndy’s engagement to Sean Avery.  NOTE:  We’ve been keeping an eye on that … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview Part II: LymeYoda Takes Jello To School… DrunkOtis Divorce Issues

SchzoidYoda gets a reprieve from her LymeYoda “stick an IV in me and take a picture” personality and HelicopterYoda escorts Jello to her very first apartment on CPW.  It’s amazing that Yoda didn’t further escort Jello to her very first class at Parsons.  DrunkOtis blabs more about her contentious divorce and child support issues.  AND…one of the Housewives is married to… HarryHamlin!!  Yes…HARRY HAMLIN!!!

Carole Schaffer, Associate Dean at Parsons School of Design said that she looks for “discipline, drive and seriousness about the hard-work involved in becoming a designer.”   Watch for Jello to drop out quickly and concentrate on her mother-made “modeling” career… if she was actually matriculated at Parsons in the first place!!  Perhaps Yoda has her sights on shopping a new “reality” show… “Two ‘Models’ In New York…Better Than The Kartrashians!”

RHOBH Preview: HouseKids!

On the next RHOBH… the HouseKids take over.  Apparently, the producers have run out of scripted HouseHusband story lines:

CH-CH-CH-CHCHANGES! 2012 DrunkOtis’ Visit To PumpMyStomach’s New House

lisav before and after

Huge differences in PumpMyStomach and DrunkOtis’ looks now, as compared to this 2012 visit to PMS’ new house… and huge differences in their scripted “friendship.”   Awwwww look… DrunkOtis is totin’ around her Stella:

DrunkOtis went from THIS…

drunk otis brandi


brandi drunk otis

(Thanks “Sloan”!!)

DrunkOtis In Bed With Her Gays And KimRichards Watching LeAnn And Eddie


KimRichards is sooo out of place… but one of the BH Housewives had to take the chance of becoming infected.  

DrunkOtis and the dumbass BH producers totally missed the mark re DrunkO’s child support.  Court ordered child support does not come in check form.   AND, if DrunkO has not dragged Eddie through FamilyCourt by now, she should just shut up about any child support she’s getting… and accept the fact that she’s a simple idiot. 


New Bravo-Inspired Cards! Send To Your Favorite Housewife!

Suggested Recipients:   Housewives, Housewives Fans or anyone who aspires to be just like a Housewife!

bravo card

Dinner With DrunkOtis …

Aghast at her manners and DrunkOtis’ bad breeding!  Did DrunkO not know that it’s never polite to only talk to one side when invited as a dinner guest?  Just aghast at all the bad acting… especially the reaction shots of HagfaceKyle and PumpMyStomach!  Amazing that LymeYoda could actually remain in a seated position during filming…

Babyface… when he was just Kenny Edmonds… singing with The Deele!

RHOBH Deleted Scene: DrunkOtis Explains Her Drunkeness To Eileen And BaboonLipsLisa

The typical after dinner discussion seen many times before.  Camille Grammer’s dinner from hell started it all…or was it the table flip… or the naked wasted dinner?  So many to choose from!

eileen drunk otis


BLIND ITEM! Who’s This Delusional Housewife Who’s Peddling A Sex Tape?

Get ready for a new sex tape from another Real Housewife… because DanielleStaub’s stab at a sex tape did wonders for her financially!  

“She is in debt and owes over $100,000.  She thinks the tape would pay that off.  She hopes it will make her a bigger star and earn her lots of money at the same time.”

Sources say that producers are aware of the tape that was made in the last 12 months. Naughty Gossip saw a few screen grabs from the video and can reveal that it is NASTY!

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)  

NOTE:  Unfortunately for this misguided Housewife, her sex tape would hardly cover the $100,000 she owes.  Ask Danielle… DanielleStaub filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after her sex tape.   Claudia says it’s not her!

claudia not her tweet

claudia tweet

ANOTHER Phony Wine Toss… With FAKE Crying!

Am SHOCKED that people actually believed that the DrunkOtis wine toss on WWHL was real.  Watch as MissAndy clearly anticipates DrunkO’s assault on the gayest man on television, Jeff Lewis.  Watch as DrunkO throws less than an ounce of water on Jeff.  Watch as DrunkO begins to “cry”.  Watch as DrunkO turns her back and does some shoulder shrugging to exaggerate her fake sobbing.  Watch as DrunkO suspends her phony crying to interrupt Jeff while he’s talking.  Watch as DrunkO turns around… and not one tear is detectable and no makeup ruined!  MissAndy choreographed this continuation of DrunkO’s RHOBH lame wine toss…and he’s reveling in the thought that viewers actually think it’s real:

There were apologies on the WWHL AfterShow where at one point, JeffLewis offered DrunkO a kleenex to daub her tears… DrunkO declined the offer.  Why?  THERE WERE NO TEARS!  

DrunkO says it was her and JeffLewis’ prank on MissAndy.  TOTAL BULLSH*T!  They were ALL in on it.  MissAndy knows that SHOCK value brings ratings. All the Bravo shows are tanking.

drunk otis tweet wwhl

The Phony Baloney Wine Toss Scene

The “shocking” producer-induced scene in which Eileen is sprinkled with a few dribbles of DrunkOtis’ leftover wine… hardly enough for a decent stain.  Watch as the highly anticipated wine toss is enacted… they all knew it was coming:

(Thanks “Sloan”!!)


RHOBH Preview Part I: The DrunkOtis/PumpMyStomach Sit Down Continues


NOTE:  DrunkO wasn’t totally off the mark about PMS living in the Valley, info allegedly told to her by HagfaceKyle.  PMS and HouseHusband owned property in Calabasas, but didn’t live there.  There were never any bankruptcy filings found.  See February 13, 2014.



ORIGINAL BeverlyHillbilly Dead At 81

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   The Beverly Hillbillies star Donna Douglas has died at 81. The actress, who played Elly May Clampett on the beloved 1960s TV series, passed away Thursday at her home in Louisiana surrounded by her friends and family. NOTE:  The RHOBH … Continue reading


BLIND ITEM! DrunkOtis Personal Friend Says DrunkO Is “Raging Alcoholic” “Cheated On Eddie”

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NOTE:  In a bit of a blind item twist, the Housewife has been named… BUT, who is the “friend”?? “I know Brandi personally. She was never more than a small time local runway model who was lucky to of found … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” Yoda with Freakishly HUGE FEET Fights With “HollywoodFriend” PumpMyStomach… And MORE!

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NOTE:  These people are truly idiotic.  This group from BH is no better than the lowest of the low crew from New Jersey.   DrunkOtis thinks this is a “resume boost”…   Yoda’s total BS tweet…  Yoda = EuroTrash with … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Some of These You May Have Already Seen… Some You May Not!

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These photos have been sent to SH from several readers…. so, a big “ThankYou” to SH readers “PDM” “PMG” “cybraxis” and “Jule”!!! Saving the BEST for last!!  AND… something to think about: The federal government, which has ” Tomahawk” cruise … Continue reading