SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR THURSDAY: Alexis Bellino… Kim Zolciak Says Marlo “Better Never Hold A Peach”… PHOTOS… UPDATE… Filming of the RHOBH at Villa Blanca…

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April 26, 2012  9:00 am   UPDATE  9:15 pm                                    Kyle Richards with husband, John and friend, Faye Resnick…           … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton… HEARD YOU WAS A BIG MOMMA, KANDI… VIDEO

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                             Marlo Hampton… “I heard you was a Big Momma, Kandi…” On last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta… The party at the Bailey School of Modeling, Fashion, … Continue reading


Real Housewives: BFrankel; Renee Graziano, Mob Wives; Kim Zolciak; Jill Zarin; Simon van Kempen; Tamra Barney; Vicki Gunvalson on Clean House…6-26-11 Update

“Everybody thinks reality shows are glamorous.  They make you jump through hoops, the bottom line is they don’t give a s- – -.  You’re just another number.”  “The people on the show were pumping us up, saying, ‘You’re going to … Continue reading


Jeana Keough “RHOC Set up” ; Teresa Giudice; Tamra Barney; Eddie Torres Judge; Alexis Bellino 6-8-11 (Updated)

More re the Real Housewives of Orange County finale:  Jeana Keough makes an interesting statement about Bravo setting up the showdown at Vicki’s party.  “I was invited and paid to be there by Bravo but they wanted me to walk … Continue reading

Nene… Sheree Needs Her Money Back!

My friends at just posted this very serious allegation about the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Nene Leakes… it was a cash transation, so it’s “he said, she said”, BUT with all the shady dealings that Gregg had at the time in his real estate business and Nene’s misappropriation of her ‘foundation’ donations, it all fits in…

Nene… you makin’ big time money now… give Sheree her $5,000 back…

February 17, 2011. just learned of some very SERIOUS reports . . . Atlanta Housewife NeNe Leakes is a THIEF!!!

According to a rock solid insider, NeNe Leakes misappropriated $5,000 of Atlanta Housewife Sheree Whitfield’s money.

The insider explained, “When Sheree was going through her divorce, she tried to move into a new home – so she gave NeNe and her husband [who was in real estate] a $5,000 deposit for a new home.” The insider continued, “NeNe made her give the deposit in cash . . . And later when Sheree changed her mind [about moving out], NeNe kept the deposit.”

The insider added, “She used the money so that her and her husband could go on vacation in Los Angeles . . . it’s sad because at that time, Sheree really needed that money.”

Dang, we knew NeNe was a FOUL chick. How she gonna STEAL like that from her supposed friend . . . Ain’t nothing worse than a THIEF!!!


More About Gregg:

Photos of Nene from way back, just for the hell of it:

Before RHOA…

She got the nose job, but she still lookin’ ghetto…

Don’t matter if you’re totin’ a Gucci, Nene you’re looking rough…


Let’s Visit Phaedra Parks!

Let’s start off the week by visiting another Real Housewives of Atlanta home… the home of Phaedra Parks, as published in the Atlanta Constitution…
Entertainment attorney Phaedra Parks has gained recognition after being cast on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  The Athens native's new family -- she married Apollo Nida last November -- was integral to her decision to join the cast of the reality TV show. "I was approached by Bravo. I worked with Bravo on the second season as an attorney for one of the castmates on the show. The casting experience might have been a little different for me because of that relationship," Parks says.
Entertainment attorney Phaedra Parks has gained recognition after being cast on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Athens native’s new family was integral to her decision to join the cast. ”I was approached by Bravo. I worked with Bravo on the second season as an attorney for one of the castmates on the show. The casting experience might have been a little different for me because of that relationship,” Parks says.
Parks has lived in her 4,100-square-foot brick home for nine years. It has five bedrooms and five bathrooms. ”My interior is transitional,” she says. ”My (home’s) interior blends traditional and contemporary characteristics that are unified by color and design choices.” Taupes and purples were used in her living room.
“I did not use a designer because I love to create and decorate myself,” Parks says. “However, I did consult with Rion Price, who is a very well-known interior designer, for advice on placement choices of furniture and wallpaper, which is my weakness. I used custom wallpaper to compliment and accent my furniture and paint choices.” One of the custom wallpapers can be seen in the dining room.
Promise Fulfilled,” an original work of art that is Parks’ favorite piece, is mounted beside a window and her son’s tall chair in the breakfast nook. It was created by Kevin Williams, an Atlanta resident whose work has been commissioned by Bernie Mac and Oprah Winfrey. “I love social pieces that really tell a historical perspective of what education means to different cultures,” Parks says.
I love wallpaper,” Parks says. Custom-designed wallpaper was used in the study (shown), formal dining room, an accent wall in the guest room, over the fireplace in the living room, the nook in the foyer and each of the five bathrooms.
Christmas is the fondest memory in my home” Parks says. “I love to cook and entertain. Every Christmas I cook dinner for my family and friends. I usually have 25-plus guests.”
Parks transformed her basement into an in-law/guest suite with a private entrance, full kitchen and bathroom. Another of the custom wallpapers, this one with black chandelier outlines on a hot pink background, accent the toilet and vanity.
“The family area and the basement (shown) are usually the most popular gathering areas. I am an avid gardener,” Parks says. “I have an English-style flower garden. Grandiflora and Knock Out roses, as well as Asiatic, Easter and Stargazer lilies, are the highlight of my garden.” On gambling with her credibility, Parks thinks, “My clients all know who I am … I was very forthcoming with them when I made the decision to do the show. They are all a part of the process.”
The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast is immortalized in a vivid portrait montage that Bravo’s Andy Cohen gave Parks “to celebrate the third season of the show.” One week before her Housewives debut, Parks hadn’t seen any of the episodes. ” I always try to realize that people don’t know this part of me, she says. This gives people the opportunity to see me at home and on an intimate, personal level. I just hope the true me shines through.”
“I collect political art and cultural pieces that are unique to the country I am visiting,” Parks says. “I love my Ghanaian masks, and my original artwork from local artists in London. I have a vast signed guitar collection that includes The Police, Sting, Faith Hill and Sheryl Crow. I love the sexiness of a guitar.”
Another of Parks’ collectibles is an autographed throwback jersey from ex-Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.   It hangs in the recreation room.
“I love to entertain,” Parks says. “However, with my busy career and extensive travel schedule, my entertaining at home is often limited. My last gathering at my home was a month ago. I had 50 guests over for a sip-and-see to celebrate the birth of my firstborn.” When she does have people over, the bar area with red pops of color invites people to hang out there.
“I enjoy my entire house, but I spend the majority of my time in my kitchen and master suite (shown),” Parks says. “I am definitely a self-proclaimed Southern belle, as you can tell from my home. I enjoy not only my professional life but being a homemaker. I love to cook. I consider myself a Renaissance woman because I do a lot of things very well.”

Phaedra Parks, Celebrity Attorney… 2008:

Nurse Kim

There was disbelief followed by surprise when Kim Zolciak said on the Real Housewives of Atlanta that she is a nurse.   Then there was debate as to the type of nurse Kim was…Kim is an LPN, not an RN.

The following should clear up everything:

Licensee Information
Name: Kimberleigh Marie Zolciak
Address: ***************
Duluth GA
Primary Source License Information
Profession: Licensed Practical Nurses License No: LPN059799 License Status: Lapsed
License Type: Licensed Practical Nurse Obtained By Method: Endorsement From State/Prov:
Issue Date: 10/28/1999 Expiration Date: 3/31/2003 Last Renewal Date:
Discipline Information
No Discipline Information
No scanned public board order documents exist.
Associated Licenses
Relationship:Reinstated License
Prerequisite Licensee:Kimberleigh Marie Zolciak Prerequisite License:LPN059799
Association Date: Expiration Date:
Dependent Licensee:Kimberleigh Marie Zolciak Dependent License:
Dependent Status:Withdrawn
Relationship:Reinstated License
Prerequisite Licensee:Kimberleigh Marie Zolciak Prerequisite License:LPN059799
Association Date: Expiration Date:
Dependent Licensee:Kimberleigh Marie Zolciak Dependent License:
Dependent Status:Withdrawn
You may close this window to return to your search results
Data current as of: January 11, 2011 1:6:57
This website is to be used as a primary source verification for licenses issued by the Professional Licensing Boards. Paper verifications are available for a fee. Please contact the Professional Licensing Boards at 478-207-2440.


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KIM ZOLCIAK: Lee Najjar… Big Poppa, Big Loser

Kim Zolciak knows when to hold ’em and knows when to fold ’em.  Kim cut Big Poppa ‘Lee Najjar’ loose right before his big fall and he’s back with his wife, also named Kim.

                              Lee and Kim Najjar

At last report (two months ago) tenants in Lee Najjar’s Atlanta property, Union Station Mall, were bumbling in the dark because Najjar failed to pay the long overdue electric bill.

Now Union Station Mall is in foreclosure:

“Union Station Mall, formerly Shannon Mall, in Union City, was down to only two anchor tenants after owner, Lee Najjar, lost control of the property:  Sears and Macy’s.        “The power was cut off in November after Najjar — better known as Kim Zolciak’s benefactor “Big Poppa” on The Real Housewives of Atlanta  — failed to make good on a tardy light bill.”

                                            Lee Najjar “Big Poppa” and Kim Zolciak

“The property went into receivership in February, according to the foreclosure notice published in the Fulton County Daily Report. The notice says original debt on the mall totaled about $15.8 million. The 764,000-square-foot mall changed names in 2006 during a redevelopment. It was originally built in 1980. Sears owns the location and has announced no closures, said Kim Freely, a Sears spokeswoman.  “We’ll continue to operate as normal,” she said.”

“The foreclosure attorney and mall management did not return calls for comment.”

Kim…Someone Needs to Stop Her!

This doesn’t even deserve attention, because her book is gonna bomb, but Kim Zolciak of the RHOA thinks she can write a book.   About relationships.   Uh…OK, Kim.
alg_kim_zolciak.jpgKim and friends

Just because NeNe wrote (she had a ghost writer) a book and Treetrunk Joo-dice copied her book title from Bethenny and Dirty Danielle (ghost) wrote a book and, of course, the Amazon-ratings -fixer JillZarin (all one word) wrote her “bestseller” doesn’t mean that Kim should be encouraged to partake in such a cerebral endeavor.  You just know that Kim’s book will end up in the 50-cent bin at the drugstore within weeks of publishing.

Good luck with that writing, Kim!

You can read details and take a poll here asking if you would take relationship advice from Kim:|htmlws-bv-n|dl5||190219

Note to Kim: As of today, the poll numbers show that 94% of readers would NOT take relationship advice from you. Maybe you should re-think the topic of your book and change it to “The Clueless Man and How to Spot Him.”

Photo of Kim (and Pandora Boxx) just for the hell of it:

And, because it’s Christmas, a photo of Kim from HS:

1993 and her real hair!

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciaks’ Big Poppa Shuts Down Mall

Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta must have a chip in her brain that zaps her when a boyfriend is low on cash, ’cause Big Poppa is having serious cash flow indignities and Kim ran out before the money did.

Lee Najjar aka ‘Big Poppa’, who owns Union Station Mall in Union City, GA, has shoppers, store owners and workers turned away at the door because he has failed to pay over $207,000 in power bills. The GA Dept of Vehicles has an office located in the mall and because of the power outage, cannot issue GA residents their IDs or licenses. Power will be restored once the mall owner attempts to bring the bill currrent. The power bill isn’t Najjar’s only money problem. City officials said his company is three years behind on property taxes. “They owe us about $290,000 as of today,” city manager Steve Rapson.

No wonder Kim Zolciak cleaned out her storage units, trucked the stuff over to the parking lot of a burger place, made her daughters carry around ‘for sale’ signs and, with her daddy’s haggling expertise, made over $10,000 at her sale.

Without Big Poppa’s big pockets, Kim’s next source of big money is her singing career and unless Kandi can write a song in the key of Kim, her royalites from song publishing and ituneswill be dwindling quick. Kim may have to go back to bed pans and back rubs as a LPN. Oh, God help us…

News report re Union Station Mall shutdown… here.


Ever wonder what Kim looks like without her wig? I think she could go without the wigs if she wanted, but by now they’ve probably become her security blanket:

SUPPOSEDLY…Kim is pregnant by Kroy and when she told Kroy of the news, he didn’t take it well. Kim then called Tracy and asked her if she would help her raise the little Kroy (Croy if it’s a girl) and Tracy agreed. Not so fast… Kroy has some time to think it over and man up, so he’s back in the picture. With Kroy back, Kim had to gently let go of her attachment to Ms. Young. I don’t know about this one… Kroy is 26 and Kim is (cough,cough) 31. Six years doesn’t seem that much of an age difference, but Kim is so much more mature that her 31 years and Kroy hasn’t had much life experience, so maybe her first idea of raising the little Kroy with Tracy doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.