SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!… ‘Specially For Coffee Drinkers!!… UPDATE: Housewife Revealed!!

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While looking for something else… been looking through tons of past items… came across this fact: One of the Housewives stated that she drinks 10…ten… yes, T-E-N!… …10 cups of coffee a day. Which Housewife LOVES her some coffee???    … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Champagne Wishes and CRAPPIES!… Alexis Bellino, Tamballs Barney… PHOTOS!!… And flipit/Ronnie’s “BS of the Day”!!!

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It is a rare occurrence that I write anything personal on SH.  This is an exception.  We celebrated New Year’s not on New Year’s Eve like everyone else in the world, but celebrated last night.  Why?  Really don’t know, but … Continue reading


CAROLINE MANZO: “BlackWaterNovelty”…

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September 28, 2012  9:30 am   Which would YOU rather drink??? Prevention Magazine takes on the “truth behind bottled water claims”…. and they included da Manzoids black water sludge in their review: “Blk. Spring Water—we promise that’s not a typo—is … Continue reading