BLEEEECH Frankel: Now Pushing Small Appliances …SonjaMorgan Pissed!

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  THIS is the REAL reason MissAndy brought BLEEEECHFrankel back… to push more stuff! Bethenny Frankel is expanding her presence in the kitchen with her own brand of appliances, starting with blenders. Frankel is partnering with New York-based Sensio, maker of … Continue reading

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BFrankel: Pushing Her Book…Talking Teresa… Housewives Shows Have Jumped The Shark

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Lately, any time a Housewife is interviewed, the subject of FELONTeresa pops up. BFrankel BLEEEEECH! had this to say during her quick chat with Extra… before she started talking about the new book she just finished “writing”: “Terrible. The one … Continue reading


POOPY PIGGY SEX ADDICT DADDY… Blames Miss Andy And CaroleRadziwill For PT Houswife’s Demise

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“They should have never let Aviva go,” Teichner told exclusively. “The ratings were at 2 million, then down to 1.3 million.  And the only reason the ratings went up recently is because Aviva threw her leg.” “The reason Aviva … Continue reading


More Court News!! Judge Tells BFrankel PajamaPhoto Is “Ridiculous”

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BFrankel has never been a favorite here and continues to not be!  ( BFrankel’s relationship with her own mother tells volumes about BFrankel’s psyche and character…) BFrankel thought it was immensely cutesy of herself to take a photo wearing her … Continue reading


Tamballs Says BFrankel Is “Begging For Attention”… Blasts AlexMcCord!

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A real “pot callin’ the kettle black” moment…Tamballs is getting atten-shun just by blasting BFrankel and FallDownAlex!  Tamballs slammed BFrankel and her recent pajama controversy during a live appearance on Veria Living TV Network’s The Juice on Tuesday. “She’s begging for … Continue reading

THE HOUSEWIVES REPORT: JillZ, Joan Rivers Hates BFrankel… MORE!



Luxury Listings NYC is giving a few lucky fans the chance to meet former Real Housewives of New York cast member Jill Zarin.


Joan Rivers on EX-RHONY B for BLEEEEEEECH! Frankel:

“If I want the life sucked out of me, I’ll spend a long weekend with Bethenny Frankel,” she reportedly said, attacking the former “Real Housewives of New York” star.

The “LoveLocks” attached to the Pont des Arts footbridge over the Seine in Paris by the RHOBH have made parts of the bridge collapse.

Heather Dull-BRO’s KTLA co-hosting was just a part of her RHOC storyline

Lil’ Kim gave birth to a baby girl named Royal Reign.  Her BabyDaddy is rapper “Mr. Papers”… so, the lil girl will be stuck with the name Royal Papers!

KandiBuruss gives some good business advice to

My advice to anyone out there looking to go into business is to first cut back on your spending. Get a cheaper apartment and less expensive car. Stop flossin’. Pull back on your expenses and put money to the side until you’ve stacked up enough to put toward your dream. If you’re not willing to invest in you, why would anyone else?


Mia Deakin, the daughter of reality TV star Jody Claman of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, was shot in the shoulder and is listed in stable condition following surgery.   NOTE:  The Vancouver PD advises women to “stay away from gangsters”! 

Kenyan Moore has a new phony boyfriend she’ll be showin’ off on the next season of the RHOA… just like her old boyfriend, Walter!!  Kenyan has been traveling all over Europe with her phony boyfriend, but only puts photos her herself on twitter and Instagram.  NOTE:  Does anyone still believe anything on these Housewives shows are real????

(Thanks to SH readers “Dave” and “PDM”!!!)


BFRANKEL: Ditches Book Signing… Four People Show Up!

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  Failed talk show host, failed “reality” show character and failed married person can add failed book pusher to her CV. This weekend, BFrankel was scheduled to do a book signing in Manhattan, but she apparently bailed because there weren’t … Continue reading

BFRANKEL: BFrankel’s Talk Show Canceled… For Good!… JillZ Doin’ Happy Flips!

From the HollywoodReporter:

RHONY BFrankel talk show JillZ pg

NOTE:  BFrankel’s talk show lasted 99 episodes longer than expected!

Bethenny Frankel’s syndicated daytime talk show, Bethenny, has been canceled, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The decision means there won’t be a second season for theEllen DeGeneres executive-produced program.

BFrankel just celebrated the 100th episode… perhaps the guests, KomaKathy and RancidRichie, had something to do with the cancelation!  Keep in mind that 100 episodes is basically FIVE months!  

danield birthday cake

NOTE:  That’s what BFrankel gets for copying Daniel DiCriscio’s cake smash!!

BFrankel DanielD birthday cake

JillZ is probably sending sympathy cards to BFrankel…


(Thanks to SH readers “PMG” “erin” and “CMHR”!!)

WITTY WEEKEND!! SH Caption Contest… What Is BFrankel’s “Truth”??

What is BFrankel’s …”TRUTH”????

RHONY BFrankel caption contest Omarosa pg

B FRANKEL… Have Bucket Will Travel…

BFrankel’s talk show ratings are in the bottom of the bucket… the puke bucket!                       BLEEEEEEEECH!!!

RHONY BFrankel talk show pg

Will Ellen give another Housewife a shot at a talk show…                 EVER???



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Was not going to make any big deal about today, as after hitting the ONE MILLION mark milestone quite a while ago, stopped with the self-aggrandizement. However, since it was pointed out in comments by SH readers… today IS the … Continue reading

WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!!… What is BFrankel Thinking??… Caption Contest WINNER!

Poor, poor BLEEEEEECH! BFrankel!  What is going through her pea brain?  The possible thoughts of BFrankel for this caption contest are endless…

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!  SH reader AnaCephaly came up with the winning caption!

RHONY BFrankel caption contest winner


Thank you to all who submitted their captions!!  “AnaCephaly” gets a big THANK YOU and huge round of applause!



CAROLINE MANZO: “Manzo’d With Children”… DonCaro Thinks Everyone LOVES Her and Her Lil Manzoids!!… FEBUS!!!!

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NOTE:  For all who are now just hearing/reading that those FEBUS-lovin’ Manzoids got their own spinoff show… the following was originally posted ten days ago on SH, September 17… DonCaro actually thinks that people LOVE her… and her lil Manzoids!! NOTE: … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: LuAnn de Lesseps… BFrankel…Manzoid…Teresa Giudice… Gorgas…Heather Dull-BRO Friend…RHONY…KimD…LeAnnRimes… Vicki Gunvalson… WretchedRossi…PT Housewife

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NOOOOO!!!!  This cannot be true!!!  CountlessLuAnnie and her Jawks are no longer a couple!   Shocking!!! Just can’t help it… LuAnnie on a camel: We all know that the Manzoids are gettin’ their spinoff, but LOVED this intro from… … Continue reading



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AAAAWWWW what a shame.  Ellen DeGeneres worked so hard to set up BFrankel in the talk show world.  Despite all of Ellen’s efforts and her producing experience, the BFrankelTalkShow is tanking. Even BFrankel’s appearance with MissAndy in the BravoClubhouse to … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND: PT Housewife “Another HW Book!”… Brand New “WatchWhatCrappens”… SH Poll Results… Melissa Gorga “Training In Totowa”!!!

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PT Housewife is getting character rehab this season on the RHONY.  PT is workin’ her butt off by doing pre-RHONY season premiere PR work… PT obviously realizes that her character did not go over well with RHONY viewers!  When asked … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: What Housewives?!… KimD… Brand New “WhatWhatCrappens”!!

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Received this video from SH reader “DSP”… thank you!  If there were a way to change carriers to Illinois Valley Cellular, IMO, everyone should.  Illinois Valley didn’t wait for someone else to do the job, they did it themselves and … Continue reading


KENYA MOORE: Kenya’s BravoBlog… Interest in ATL Housewives Wane… Kenya Moore’s Words Always Amusing!!… Calls Walter Jackson “Horrible Person” and “Stalker”… Kenya Takes On Phaedra Parks…

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NOTE:  While the RHOBH have overshadowed the ATL women, as can be proven by the number of comments posted at each of the RHOA BravoBlogs at, for some reason, Kenya Moore’s words are always amusing!   If you’re wondering about … Continue reading


KENYA MOORE: Kenya’s BravoBlog… “I have never called her a ho when she obviously got pregnant by a man fresh out of prison”… Calls Phaedra “jealous, fake, evil, and most of all a hypocritical villain”

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Bravo… WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD It’s truly a blessing when you see your dreams realized. You must have talent, dedication to your craft, and be a hard worker. When you diligently prepare, thus, when opportunity knocks you are ready. I’m very … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Twelve… “Kim Nose Best”

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP   Season Three, Episode Twelve… “Kim Nose Best” by Sandi Duffy This episode should be called “Beating a Dead Horse.” I’m so over the Beverly Hills Housewives, but let’s see what I can come … Continue reading