Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:Shana/Taylor… Tryin’ to Sell S***

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: is Snowed by Shana/Taylor…

Well, it’s official and sad at the same time…  Despite an email campaign protesting their decision, has named The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Shana/Taylor Armstrong their ‘Chief Creative Director.’

Ducklips Shana/Taylor is now a beauty ‘role model!’… hard to believe, but it’s true sent out the following announcement via email

Taylor Armstrong is a Mother and Entrepreneur with a variety of business ventures in Southern California. Originally an Oklahoma native, she moved to Beverly Hills to fulfill her goal of owning her own company. She is also featured on the Bravo TV reality series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Taylor’s true passion is charity, especially efforts that support women and children.

Taylor is not just a beauty; she has brains too and is passionate about both her business and philanthropic work. She founded her own firm, eImplement Inc. and also volunteers for the 1736 Family Crisis Center. Taylor enjoys the chic lifestyle Beverly Hills has to offer but doesn’t elude (should be allude) to the fact that “beautiful women are a dime a dozen.” Even though she has adapted well to the luxurious lifestyle Beverly Hills offers, she has the “work hard, play hard” attitude that has enabled her to maintain her own identity.

When asked about her involvement, Taylor remarked: “I am very impressed with the business model of I look forward to collaborating with the founders to further develop and grow the budget-savvy, premium beauty portal. It’s exciting to be working alongside a group of female entrepreneurs, and I know that women everywhere will be thrilled with what we have planned for the future.””

NOTE:  If you are not familiar with, it is a fabulous site that sells new high-end beauty products at discount prices.  It was a favorite site of mine until their decision to bring Shana/Taylor on board as their ‘beauty’ consultant.  In my post last month (, I urged readers to write to the President of BeautyTicket, Lindsay Pedder, in protest of this decision;  however, it looks as though any opposition was ignored.  IMO, has made a huge mistake in promoting Shana/Taylor as the ‘face’ of their company and their site.   Information on sending Ms. Lindsay Pedder an email regarding this decision can be found by clicking the link above… I urge you to email her at… and if you have already done so, please send another.

BeautyTicket Website: