The FEBUS Cheating Scandal… The WORST Ever PR Item!! TeresaGiudice Blamed For Spillin’ The Info To Producers!!

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Apparently, the FEBUS spinoff show isn’t doing too well.   If it were, there would be no reason for planting this “explosive” cheating item at ROL… …from the infamous “mystery source”! While filming the season 5 finale last year at the … Continue reading


LAURITA: BubbaJax’ BIZZARO BravoBlog… Bubba Goes After JTG and Penny For Not Having “INTEGRITY”!!… AND Goes After The “HATERS”!!… Throwin’ Around All Kinda “Super Scary” “BS” Legal Crap…

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Bravo… DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!   NOTE:  “Drama” created by Sirens/Bravo… Kim D. told me I had actually been in Penny’s presence a couple of times in the past in quick passing at her store and at one of her events, … Continue reading

BUBBA JAX ON WWHL… Bubba The J and TreeJoodice “In A Good Place”… REALLY??

NOTE: Please check out if you’re interested in BubbaJax on the WWHL AfterShow… where you can listen to BubbaJ drone on about her do-goodin’ deeds for autism.

After a well-rehearsed question by the caller, BubbaJ explains her NEW relationship with TreeJoodice… they’re in a “GOOD PLACE.”  What the hell does that mean??  Another over-used two words phrase that say nothing.  Betcha that “good place” is Tree and Bubba comparing notes these days over their lawsuits!


BUBBA JAX’ BRAVO BLOG: Look Out!! Bubba Now Autism “Expert” And Speaker!!… Public Speaking Equals “Burning To Death”!

Bravo…  BubbaJax’ ghostwritten BravoBlog… Bubba was whining about how people complained about her writing her LOOOOONG BravoBlogs last week.   Bubba should go back to writin’ her two sentence BravoBlogs…

jax pg

Autism awareness is something that I am extremely passionate about. I have been asked by countless organizations, event planners, high schools, and colleges to come and speak for them and to share my family’s journey with Autism. I wanted to do it all, but my fear of public speaking was holding me back and I was feeling horrible about it. Instead, I was spreading as much awareness as I could through social media, countless blog interviews and magazine articles as well as supporting many Autism fundraisers as a special guest. I even started to put together all of my own resources and information I have gathered throughout my Autism journey to share with everyone on my I even answered many emails from families needing advice. I do what I can do.   NOTE:  AWWWW… isn’t that BubbaJax for ya!!  Takin’ time out from tweeting to “do what she can do”!  

Jax Laurita Columbo pg

I knew that to be an even better Autism advocate, I needed to get over my fear of public speaking. My husband knew that as well, and he believed in me, so he put me up to speaking at “The Knock Out Autism” event at House of Sports in Ardsley, NY. The event was benefitting Generation Rescue. I wanted to do it so badly, but I was terrified.

Generation Rescue was one of the first organizations my husband and I reached out to for help at the beginning of our Autism journey along with Autism Speaks. We knew that Jenny McCarthy was involved in that organization, and since I had read her books about her and her son Evan’s  journey with Autism, I really wanted to ask her some questions about how she recovered her son.   NOTE:  Not “cured”??

jenny mccarthy the view

My husband and I met with Jenny and Generation Rescue’s Executive Director, Candace McDonald, even before Nicholas got his Autism diagnosis. They led Chris and I to the right doctors and shared other resources with us. Generation Rescue has been very supportive.

Since my husband and I were so grateful for all of their help, Chris decided to give a portion of the BLK beverages proceeds back to Generation Rescue for rest of 2013.Generation Rescue is a national non-profit organization providing immediate treatment assistance, information, and hope to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.  NOTE:  A whole $10… the net amount after taxes and all employees being paid!!!

jax pg
Second to burning to death, public speaking is one of the biggest things people fear.   NOTE:  Burning to death???  Who in their right mind associates public speaking with “burning to death”?  I know I’m not alone. My mouth gets dry, my tongue swells, my heart starts beating really fast, I break out in hives, I have to keep going to the bathroom, and/or I cry. It terrifies me, and I’m not sure why. Being in front of a camera is much different. I was literally put in the middle of a gym, by myself, facing hundreds of people (besides being on national TV) to speak. There was no way out of this one unless I was to pass out. Everyone was being so supportive and I really appreciated that. I didn’t want to let anyone down, including myself.    NOTE:  Uh… yeah, there IS a way out.  Decline the invitation.

My son works so hard every day for all his accomplishments. If he can work as hard as he does to get out of his comfort zone, then so could I. I had to do this for myself, for my son, for other families going through this and for autism awareness for people who may not understand it.  NOTE:  What a martyr!!!  Next step… sainthood!

I decided that the only way to get over my fears was to just face them. My speech was actually 7 big index cards long, so it is unfortunate that you didn’t get to hear the whole thing and get to hear my whole message. You saw it in TV time. I introduced Nick, CJ, and my husband at the end of my speech. Ashlee was still in California. I was thrilled that I got through it!   NOTE:  WOW!!!  Introducing everyone at the end?  Why was that cut??

You’ll be happy to hear that since then, I have spoken at several Autism events. Chris and I were one of the key note speakers on a panel with Jenny McCarthy and Alexis Wineman (Miss Montana) at an Autism One Conference held in Chicago. It was quite the experience.

I’m also speaking at a Sparkle Speaks Event put on by my two nieces, Candace and Christina, benefitting Autism Speaks this Thursday, September 19, 2013 at the Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park NJ from 6-10 p.m.   NOTE:  SparkleSpeaks = FEBUS!  They make a pretty penny by charging those HWs “fees”…  

In November, Chris and I are actually leading the Key Note Panel at the National Autism Association (NAA) conference in St. Pete Beach, Florida! Come see us!

These are HUGE accomplishments for me. I’m so excited! The more I do it, the more confident I feel. I still bring my notecards for safety, but at least I’m up there and talking instead of passing out or something. The only way for me to get better at it is to just do it! I faced my fears and I am so proud of myself. I not only survived, but I surpassed my expectations.  We’re givin’ BubbaJax 637,666 Kens for her “accomplishments”…

I was grateful to have Teresa helping me with ideas for my speech. She was trying really hard to be more attentive to the struggles I was dealing with, and I was trying really hard to just be there for her if she needed me without asking too many questions. If she ever reached out and needed me, of course I would be there.

Blind leading the blind…

I’m glad you got a moment to see my son’s music therapist, Jammin Jenn, working with him. She is incredible! Check out her website and YouTube channel to see her amazing work. Follow her on Twitter @JennGoodman1. She needs to come out with her own show, learning videos, CDs or something! She’s really impressive and you can see her passion for these kids and what she does.

Kathy’s cannoli kit makes cannoli’s so easy to make and they taste delicious. They make a great presentation for any event. It looks like you put effort into it making something special, but the kit has actually made it so simple. You can also get more creative with them by dipping them into different sprinkles, chocolate chips, mini m&m’s, chocolate, etc. Everyone loves them!   NOTE:  Yeah, everyone “loves” them!  Cannoli kits have been available at Costco for years!

wakile cannoli kit costco

Just when all is seemingly calm in New Jersey, another storm is brewing. Tune in next week to see what happens. The drama is never ending!


KOMA KATHY: Koma’s BravoBlog… BUY MY STUFF!!!… Keep Watching AND “Keep It Sweet”…


RHONJ Richie pg

Hello friends!

Rich and I just got back from a wonderful weekend. We were in CT at Mohegan Sun where I was the judge for the final round of the Chef Battle in The Shops concourse as part of their Restaurant Week, and then we were on to Skytop in the Poconos for a dessert demo with my “Dolce Della Dea” Cannoli Kit — it was awesome! Thanks always for your support and for watching our show, especially as it moves into this season’s final episodes!  Couldn’t the “Shops” find a REAL culinary expert to judge the ChefBattle?  Maybe TreeJoodice?  Oh well… ya get what ya pay for!!  

AND…we give the whereabouts of KomaKathy 847,362 Kens…

Now on to this week’s episode.

I was so excited about the Dylan’s Candy Bar event with my cannoli kits. Yes, a little nervous because it was such a big deal for me; only a few years ago I was (and still am) a proud housewife, and now my delicious cannoli are being sampled and enjoyed at a nationally respected sweets store. Suffice to say, I needn’t have worried — my incredible, edible, cannoli were a hit! It was so nice to have a crowd full of mothers, fathers, children — people who I never met before telling me how delicious the cannoli were as well as asking tons of questions about my life and love of cooking. But where were my family and friends?! Fashionably late, that’s how they roll. I was so happy they eventually all showed up to taste and congratulate — that meant a lot and I appreciated the support.   NOTE:  Uh, heeeelllloooo KomaKathy!   Doubt very much that Dylan’s CandyBar is gonna carry your cannoli kits… they obviously simply allowed you to demonstrate there.

BTW: You can get my cannoli kits directly from my website and use the promotional code RHONJ13 for special savings.  NOTE:  KomaK musta been booted outta QVC… the last time KomaK pushed her cannolis on QVC was almost a year ago!

I thought it was bold of Jacqueline to decide to face her fear of public speaking and talk to a large crowd about the very personal journey she has been on with her family, and about her son, Nicholas, who is on the Autism Spectrum. Through her strength to speak about her own challenges and successes, it helps others understand there is hope. I was so touched by her ability to get past the struggles she had internally and with others, move forward, and give a speech that I saw really touch people in the most genuine way. Jacqueline is one of the kindest people and only deserves the best — her speech moved me and many of the audience to tears. I was so proud of her!  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…

Definitely keep watching…some unexpected twists and turns are still coming.  Uh… a five-year-old could come up with more compelling story lines worthy of watching.

Keep It Sweet,

NOTE:  Really figured that KomaK’s crack PR team would have stopped her by now!  Doesn’t KomaKathy know that “keep it sweet” was the motto of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs… the guy who is now serving a life term in prison for what he did to his underage ‘wives’?  Yes… Jeffs wanted all of his wives, including the 12-year-olds, to accept everything done to them by “keeping it sweet”!!  Please do your own research and look it up if you have any doubts re this.  Let’s see if KomaK changes her BravoBlog closing… but, she (just like ALL the other Housewives) ‘doesn’t read SH,’ so how would she even know about this!!   

Obviously, like most of the Housewives, KomaKathy knows nothing of what’s going on in the REAL world!

Xoxo Kathy

To see more of what I’m involved in, and where, visit Also, you can keep up with what’s happening with me on my Facebook page or follow my family and me on Twitter: @kathywakile, @richardwakile, @victoriawakile, @josephwakile.

Yeah… that RancidRichie… what a guy…

rich finger


JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ BIZARRE BORING BravoBlog… It’s All About Teresa Giudice!

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AUTISM: Ask The EXPERT… NOW Is The Time To Inquire… Inquiring Minds Want To Know About… AUTISM

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I wanted to share with you and your readers, if you feel this has any value for them, my thoughts on Jac Laurita and her son’s Autism being aired on RHONJ. I have three sons and two them have Autism. … Continue reading


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Bravo…   This was an emotional episode for me to watch. Talking about Nick’s Autism diagnosis is still very new and painful, although there’s hope. My husband told the truth when he said I was very emotional. I still have my … Continue reading


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Bravo…  NOTE:  Wasn’t gonna bother with BubbaJax’ BravoBlog… ‘cept she’s now pushin’ a ‘beauty’ site!  BubbaJax mentions her new business, “AltruicticBeauty” briefly at the end of her BravoBlog.   If pushin’ that water ain’t workin’… start up a ‘BEAUTY’ site!! … Continue reading


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September 11, 2012 Jacqueline Laurita was on the last segment of the Anderson Cooper Show this morning. Jax was on Anderson to raise awareness of autism in children, as she recently learned her youngest son, Nicholas, was diagnosed as autistic. … Continue reading


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August 22, 2012  1:25 pm If you were not aware, before announcing her child has been diagnosed as autistic, Jax Laurita announced that she would be going the charitable route with an event to “benefit” Autism Speaks via “Sparkle Speaks“… … Continue reading