SH BLIND ITEM: Guess Who!… Blind Item Revealed!!… It’s TreyC!… Melissa Gorga’s Cousin Who Can Actually Sing!!

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ORIGINALLY POSTED AUGUST 30, 2013…   Melissa Gorga has been hinting and hinting… dropping HINTS… and dropping even MORE HINTS for at least a year about the many artists with whom she would **cough, cough** prefer to work with… in … Continue reading

BFRANKEL: New Talk Show Sinking!!… JillZ “Gleefully” Says “Toldja”!

Can’t Ellen see that it’s time to pull the plug on the hyper-mindless-chatter of BFrankel and let her talk show quickly swooosh down the drain?  Viewers have spoken… yes, someone actually got a word in edgewise over the white noise chatter that apparently only BFrankel loves… and ratings show that viewers are saying:  “We ain’t watching!”  Just flush it already…

RHONY BFrankel talk show JillZ pg

RHONJ REUNION PREVIEW: Does BigAl Cheat On BigManzoid?… FEBUSzoid and KomaKathy’s BravoBlogs… KomaK Still “Keepin’ It Sweet”

Yes, this very hard lookin’ 52-year-old, who looks 72… even scares MissAndy!   Of course, the answer to the question will have to wait…


If you’re interested in FEBUSzoid’s total waste of a BravoBlog… she has the absolute burglar balls to state this:

“Complete strangers were willing to take marching orders to hurt people they’ve never, ever met before. Somebody tell me why, I don’t get it. That’s all the attention this mess gets, not worth my time. Shame on all of you.”   NOTE:    YOU keep your hands clean while you have others do your dirty work….Yes, SHAME on YOU, you FEBUS subhuman.

And, KomaKathy’s uber-borrrring BravoBlog… Koma is still saying “Keep It Sweet,”
xoxo Kathy!   Warren Jeffs told his followers to “Keep It Sweet,” too!!


CAROLINE MANZO: “Manzo’d With Children”… DonCaro Thinks Everyone LOVES Her and Her Lil Manzoids!!… FEBUS!!!!

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NOTE:  For all who are now just hearing/reading that those FEBUS-lovin’ Manzoids got their own spinoff show… the following was originally posted ten days ago on SH, September 17… DonCaro actually thinks that people LOVE her… and her lil Manzoids!! NOTE: … Continue reading


NEW “REALITY” SHOW: Launching Winner Into Space!… Physical and MENTAL Challenges Prevent Housewives From Being Contestants!… Lisa Vanderpump Ditched Giggy…REAL Reason For Nassif/Maloof Divorce!

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Sony Pictures along with Mark Burnett and VirginAirlines have come up with a brand new REALITY show concept… blasting the winner of the “reality” show, which is said to be a combination of “Survivor” and “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Outta … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR!!!… Let’s Have Some Fun… With STATUES!!

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It’s time for a SH detour… enough of those phony baloney moronic Housewives! Am sooooo sick and tired of the repetitiveness, the bad acting and the bizarre story lines which are forced down viewers throats.  The Housewives franchises started as … Continue reading


TO ALL SH READERS!… All Others, You Know What To Do… Mourning “flipit/Ronnie”… B-A-N-N-E-D BY BRAVO!

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It comes as quite a shock and with great sadness that the very creative, witty and brilliantly funny videos produced by RonnieKaram of @TrashTalkTV have been stomped on and crushed by the powers that be at Bravo. (Ronnie meant to … Continue reading

MELISSA GORGA: More Marriage Advice…

Fox They brought up “Happy wife, Happy life”!!!  Poor MeGo can never escape Tree! How long before Missy’s marriage “advice” and her appearances crash and burn?

MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s Amazon Customer Reviews… The Gift That Keeps On Giving!!!… “Useless Marriage Advice”… Joe Gorga Had To “Break Her Down” To Marry Him!


OOPS!!!  Wrong book cover!!!


OOPS!!!  Another wrong book cover!!!  


OH NO!!!  Another wrong book cover!!!!


OOOOPS ANOTHER wrong book cover!!

Here’s the right one…


The number of customer reviews for MeGo’s “love and marriage” book on Amazon has jumped from 48 to a new total of 86!   Yes, there were only 48 yesterday!  FORTY new reviews in 24 hours!

66…SIXTY-SIX… outta that eighty-six are ONE star reviews!  Those FIVE-star reviewers are attempting to keep up with the total annihilation goin’ on at Amazon, but they may as well accept defeat!

RHONJ Melissa Gorga amazon reviews arrow

Some interesting categories!!

RHONJ melissa gorga amazon review categories arrow

These are just a few of the NEW customer reviews:

  • I can’t believe this book was actually published! Don’t publishers check the work first? I thought the title was cute and wasn’t expecting a master piece, just some simple entertainment. After reading the first chapter, I had to go back and read it again. I couldn’t believe how it had been written! Very choppy and no continuity. Don’t get me started on the grammar. I felt like I needed a red pen to start correcting things! Kind of like my kids middle school book reports. I never did finish the book, my head was killing me. Life is too short to waste time on this book. I feel cheated out of fifteen bucks and my time for someone else’s gain.
  • I think that the publishing house should be ashamed and called out publicly for publishing this tripe. I do believe that this may be the worst book I have ever read. There is no shame in meeting your husband while you worked in a Gentleman’s Club that he frequented. There is no shame in marrying a man for his money and then falling in love with him. But, even the true version of her life prior to being on RHONJ would have been boring. I was not expecting a literary masterpiece. But, as a teacher, I wanted to slash nearly every sentence with a red pen, until I got so exasperated I could read no more. How in the world did this woman get into college. She mangles the English language as if she was angry at it. As to the content of the book and her hot and happy marriage. I am surprise a woman with three children could be so immature, shallow and vapid. If she really believes this idiocy that she writes about, which is the antithesis of feminism and reality in 2013, then she won’t be married much longer. She truly does not know what love is. And that is very sad.
  • Shame on whoever green-lighted this book as a favor to Bravo. Have some standards.
  • This book is ridiculous. Everything she says contradicts what she said on Tv & in Magazines. She didn’t get married until 2004 & met Joe in 2003. In the book she says she married Joe in 2000. She is so fake & is the biggest liar I know. There is nothing in this book that is even true. It is a work of fiction. Her marriage is a joke. Don’t waste your money on this farce of a book!!
  • She sounds like a cat in heat but even her singing is better than this garbage. I think maybe one of her kids helped her to write it because it appears it was written by a 5 year old. She is in love, I will give her that, but not with Joe the worm. She is madly in love with herself. I am still trying to figure out how she got a publisher to publish this nonsense. Stick to being a wife and mom Melissa, you have no other talents. Don’t waste your money on this. I could barely get through it but I read it in an appropriate place, the bathroom. Too bad I couldn’t flush it.
  • You want some essential newly wed advice from this fabulous book? POOP!!!! Yes, poop. Apparently you aren’t supposed to let your husband know you do it, nor are you supposed to let him know you grow hair on your legs and armpits. Human women are so last year! Why have a breathing female when you can have a fake one, right Melissa Gorga? Don’t forget not to poop!
  • This book made my IQ drop 20 points!!! I never liked her on the show and thought she was a big fake but got her book just to see if I can find another side to her and maybe she can b honest in her book…guess not all boring crap that I didn’t care to read ! U can tell that everything she writes is just as fake as she is on the show! Whoever gave her a book deal is crazy! The language and grammar is that of a 8th grader ..with all her money she should have paid for some1 to write the book for her! Good thing I read the book in an hour because I’m bringing it right back to the store ..I refuse to pay for crap !
  • Since I’m just learning to read books with lots of pages, my tutor thought this would be a good starter book for me. Before I started, I shaved my pits & legs, gave myself a good bikini waxing, threw on some yoga pants, and put on a super hot top over my to small push-up bra. I also ordered Chinese food & put it on a plate for when my man came home. I wrote a quick note to my “King” on the napkin next to the Chinese food. The note said, “Dear King, This is your queen, I’ve shaved, haven’t pooped , and prepared this meal for you. You can find me in my recording studio, reading my first book with lots of pages. Your Devoted, Queen.”   I don’t understand all the hateful reviews. For a first time reader, I found the sentence structure to be very simple. Perhaps this book should be required reading for middle school girls. My favorite part of the book was, “Loin & The Ram: A Wild Love Story”. Who doesn’t love a great zodiac story! I hope Melissa Gorga’s second book with lots of pages in it, has more zodiac stories.   If you haven’t read this yet, download some of Melissa’s iTunes songs, strap on some headphones, and engross yourself in the tale that Melissa Gorga wove. Just be sure to properly groom yourself and put some Chinese food on a plate for your “King”.


SH reader @JenGotClassNass contributed to the literary lashing…

RHONJ Melissa gorga amazon review

Just to be fair, a sampling of the FIVE star reviews:

  • I love Melissa and Joe and I read this book in a day. Their marriage is similar to mine and I agree with most of what she says. I enjoyed it. Not sure why there is so much hate going on. If you aren’t happy in your marriage you should take some pointers instead of saying nasty things. Hmm…
  • They are a perfect couple! In addition to all the fascinating background information, Melissa also shares fashion and beauty tips and advice. I love getting the inside scoop! So fun that Melissa included her make up artist in her book! (I hope he writes his own book one day…soon!)   I was also happy to find the book is completely in Melissa’s voice. It sounds like her when I read it.   I didn’t get the feeling there was a ghost writer involved with this at all.

NOTE:  Nice try to quash those ghostwriter questions!  ‘Cause everybody knows that MeGo slaved away, writing EVERY night curled up in a corner of her sofa from exactly 10 pm to 2 am!  

Maybe that last reviewer didn’t get the “FEELING”… but, as EVERYONE knows, MeGo’s book was written by the same ghostwriter who wrote Snooki’s Pulitzer-prize-winning books… Valerie Frankel, as mentioned on SH back in December!  Val’s dream is to write a NYTimes Bestseller.  YO!  Val!!  Creep on over to TreeJoodice’s marble mausoleum…heard she’s looking for someone to collect more recipes for her next cookbook!   Somehow it always winds it’s way back to Tree… poor MeGo!!


RHONJ Melissa Gorga pg

JoeyMarco Gorga has been in love with PoopyPiggyMeGo since he laid eyes on her…  AAWWWWW.  Raise your hand if you, too, fell in love with MeGo since layin’ eyes on her.   Thank you, Johnny… you can put your hand down now.  We can see your hand… the room temp has dropped 15 degrees  from your hand wavin’!  Down, Johnny… down!!

JoGo had to “break her down” to marry him?  What an accomplishment!!  When there’s wife #2, JoGo will know better…     

RHONJ Gorga book cover

(Thanks to SH readers “PMG” “@JenGotClassNass” and “HousewifeHoe”!!!!)

MELISSA GORGA: Amazon Customer Reviews… UPDATE!… 13 USED Books Waiting To Be Sold!!

melissa book cover

OOPS!!!  Wrong book cover!!


Just overnight, the customer reviews on written re Melissa Gorga’s book, have gone from a total of 28 to 48!

RHONJ melissa book amazon

As you can see, the majority of the customer reviews land in the ONE star category.  The five-star reviewers are fighting back!!!

Included in the five star category is a customer review by “HappilyMarried”:

5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE this book, September 17, 2013

“I found this book to be lighthearted, interesting and fun to read. I will be giving this book as a gift to my girlfriend who has an anniversary coming up. Definitely recommend purchasing it.”

“HappilyMarried” looks very familiar… it’s MeGo’s sister!

The ONE star customer reviews are so much more entertaining!!

This customer is requesting a refund:

  • I was suspicious of this book when the author’s husband was not on the front cover with her. She claimed that God sent him to her but is ashamed to share the cover of the book with him. Worst book I ever purchased in my life. I was so excited to buy another housewife book since Beverly Hills Housewife Brandi’s book. This housewife book is boring.There is nothing interesting about her life and her so call hot marriage. The only thing that she has going for her is that she is the sister in law of popular housewife star Teresa Giudice.  This book is a snooze fest. I feel ripped off. I saw that 13 used books are already waiting to be sold. Hopefully I can return my book and make it 14 used books to be sold.


This customer has six words:

  • 8 yrs and she really think she has the secrets. I read the kindle version from a friend…so happy I didn’t spend my money. I have six words for this book..’HAVE WE ALL JUST BEEN PUNKED ‘. This writing is all over the place… it’s like pages of unfinished thoughts. I guess when she’s done being a whore in the bedroom her marriage is over. Someone should tell her about this thing called growing old. I would think she would still want a happy marriage.


This customer pretty much sums up the feelings of the majority of readers:

  • Talk to me when you are married 35 years. Nobody can write a book on marriage after 8 years.   Also you have to be able to write to write a book!

Melissa book pg


(Thanks to SH readers “HousewifeHoe” “@JenGotClassNass” “PMG” and “Jozy”!!!)


Received this comment this morning from “ToAllSHReaders”:

I can confirm 100% that the PRODUCERS had Teresa invite Penny to the Milania Launch Party.

No Drama = No Show.

SH Readers,
Understand something:
• BravoTV and Sirens Media pay a lot of money for filming; you can bet your bottom dollar that everything to their wardrobe is planned.  

• There is a lot of manipulation that goes on as well. When you hear; “I heard this” and a name is not mentioned; it’s production.

I will digress at this point.

NOTE:    Bravo/Sirens/ANY  HWs ProductionCompany manipulating the “reality” of the HWs shows has been raised and discussed years ago on SH… beginning with the RHONJ producers planning “reality” with the cast!  (If you wish to read the expose from TWO years ago, please enter “Jacob Huddleston” in the SH search bar.)  We all know they plan the  phoniness and the manufacturing of story lines on the Bravo HWs franchises!  Ain’t nuthin’ new at SH…  This latest splicin’, dicin’ and throwin’ in voiceovers on the RHONJ is not a story… it’s BOOO-OO-RING.  yawn.

Thank you, “ToAllSHReaders”!!!   Whoever wrote this comment did not want to be identified; however, perhaps SH readers can take a guess as to the author!?



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AAAAWWWW what a shame.  Ellen DeGeneres worked so hard to set up BFrankel in the talk show world.  Despite all of Ellen’s efforts and her producing experience, the BFrankelTalkShow is tanking. Even BFrankel’s appearance with MissAndy in the BravoClubhouse to … Continue reading

WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!!… We Got A Winner In Da Gorga’s Caption Contest!!!

THANK YOU!!  To all who entered their very creative captions!!

rhonj gorga pimp pg


tdtweety says:

At first glance I thought she was a looker
Second time around I saw me a hooker
A 2 for 1 usually makes me fidget
But I realized that guy was a midget
Break it down…break it down…ooh, it all broke down…


For the EXCELLENT work, “tdtweety” gets a hearty round of applause!



To read ALL the fabulous captions, please see “DaGorga’s Caption Contest”

MELISSA GORGA: A Mystery!… Can You Find The Video???

Melissa Gorga schedule pg

Melissa Gorga’s “team” is sweeping the intrawebby and deleting any teeny, tiny shred of MeGo prancin’ and dancin’ while she busts more eardrums tryin’ to belt out some off-key notes “entertains”…. eeer, “sings”… while visiting a radio station in Orlando in July.

  • WHY would MeGo’s “people” want this video to disappear?
  • Can YOU find that video???

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Preview: Part III… More About “Abused” BigAl Manzo… RancidRichie Disturbs Guests

Poor DonCaro… another migraine!  What a shame.  Wonder what BigAl would have discussed with HorseGuyWyatt had the cameras not been there.  BigAl tells Caro that his lil Manzoids get involved with “long shots” and “under-capatalized” ventures… Caro throws those truths in da water!  GEE, wonder what “ventures” BigAl was referencing?? RancidRichie says that other Miraval guests “came here to get away from people like us”… RancidRichie is truly puke-worthy.


NOTE:  If those “guests” were not plants… hope Miraval gave them free-for-life visits!

MANZOID: DonCaro’s Cliche Talk Show…

In a chat with HollywoodLife before the RHONJ season began, DonCaro kinda likes that idea of her very own talk show.  DonCaro’s would be the very first talk show to talk totally in cliches!


NOTE:  Contrary to the rumors of its demise, DonCaro’s ‘competition,’ KrisJenner’s talk show was NOT canceled


MELISSA GORGA: It’s Back! MelissaGorga RAWW!!!… Really Astonishingly WretchWorthy Singin’ and Dancin’

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FIRST:  The underground, never-to-be-found original version, which was quickly banished to float around in the intrawebby atmosphere.  This version was Melissa Gorga RAWW… Really Astonishingly WretchWorthy!  (MeGo DID say that she was a wretch… who wanted to be saved… but, … Continue reading

MELISSA GORGA: “Removed” Performance Resuscitated!!

Mysteriously, this video suddenly appears on YouTube!  MeGo sings her newest “NeverLetMeGo.”  This one has been polished… auto-tuned… a bit; however, it’s still damn awful!

NOTE:  **Warning**!! It is highly recommended that you locate your nearest ER… you may need some morphine after watching and listening!


MELISSA GORGA: YouTube Interview and “Performance”… Removed By User!… WHO Really Took It Down?

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This is pretty damn funny!!!   However, you, the SH reader can be the judge! Here’s the facts, Jack: Melissa Gorga was interviewed in Orlando a few weeks ago by a local radio station, XL106.7. MeGo’s new manager, “behind the … Continue reading

MELISSA GORGA: MeGo Says It’s All “Editing”… And “Sings” Live…UPDATE: YouTube Performance TAKEN DOWN!

MeGo starts her “singing” at the 9:00 mark… Cannot imagine her new management being very happy with her performance.   NOTE:  **Warning**  BEFORE listening to MeGo’s “singing”… Please locate your nearest ER to arrange for an immediate morphine drip!



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Which Housewife is carrying this purse? If you guessed the purse was carried by one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you were correct!!!   The purse-carrying Housewife is ADRIENNE MAGOOF… LISA VANDERPUMP… HAGFACEKYLE RICHARDS… CAMILLE GRAMMER…BRANDI GLANVILLE… YOLANDA … Continue reading



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Enough of those moronic Housewives!! Especially the Housewives who take themselves so damn seriously… the ones who have NO sense of  humor!  The HWs who “never read” SH… but, just pop in to correct an item that made them look … Continue reading


MELISSA GORGA: How Many Writers Did It Take To Write MeGo’s Book?

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How many writers did it take to write MeGo’s book? That question can be answered only after reading somma MeGo’s deftly crafted literary tome!  Read on…if you can… Love, ItalianStyle! OR… if you don’t wanna read Mego’s PulitzerPrize-worthy lessons about … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Melissa Gorga… “You Have Been Seein’…”

On tonight’s RHONJ… MeGo’s “friend,” Jan, knows sunthin’!  Has MeGo been seein’ someone?  Is it Bryan Bowen @bulldog_NJ?  OR … the latest “friend of Missy”… Anthony Arater @Aarater???

NOTE:  OMG! Rec’d huge news that “BulldogBryan” finally talked!  What a joke… he talked, alright… and said NOTHING!  “Can’t say anything now, but stay tuned”… Who will be this season’s RoxyPoxyGirl?  Bulldog or Anthony?

WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!… SH Caption Contest “WretchedRossi’s Path to Success” Winner Is RobinR!!

RHOC Gretchen caption contest pg

RobinR says:  “My tip? Find ‘em old they’ll soon be cold.   I bring new meaning to ‘stiff.’

RobinR is the winner of the caption contest!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 9.58.47 AM

Robin gets a big “ThankYou!” and a huge round of applause!!

 Thanks to all who participated!  SH readers/commenters are the BEST!!