TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR… UPDATES: Killer Wants Nurmi Off Her Case… Amy’s Baking Company “Wants To Set Things Straight”… Does Amy’s Baking Company Have Their Own “Reality” Show? Super-Secret Video Of Amy Filming Show!

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Time for updates on non-Housewives items! First up is that nasty killer, who is still taking up space in Maricopa County’s Estrella Jail. In this report by Troy Hayden from Fox10, the killer sent Judge Stephens a 12-page handwritten letter … Continue reading


MANZOID’S RHONJ Reunion BravoBlog… FEBUS Says She’s “DONE”!… Gives Kudos to Her “BeautyTEAM”!!…Thinks Her DressDesigner Will Be A “Household Name”… Has A NEW Website “BuyMyStuff”!!

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Bravo… Hello everyone! Sorry I’m late, been a busy couple of weeks, but here I am! We’re nearly at the end of the road. I’m finally getting myself into relaxation mode, and I’m happy, happy, happy.   NOTE:  FEBUS now … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Ghostwritten BravoBlog… DONE With All The Fambly Drama!… Tree Says “Bye-Bye” and “I Love You”… And, Shut Up FEBUS!

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Bravo… Hi Sweethearts! We’re in the home stretch… almost done! Just one more episode left. How did you like last night’s Reunion? Of all the Reunions I’ve ever been to, this one was the best. I know that’s like saying … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Daryl Hannah “Cured of Autism”!… Kyle Richards “Shape Tips”…Alexis Bellino “No Makeup”… Vicki’s Vodka…Cynthia Bailey Book… PierogiePrincess Naked Again…PT Housewife “Different Sides”…RHOM”Kiss of Death” New Time Slot… RHONJ Reunion Shows

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BubbaJax has a brand new “advocate” for autism.  Daryl Hannah says that she rocked back and forth because she was extremely shy as a child, which she says was autism.  Looks like Daryl got herself healed! What a load of … Continue reading


KIMD ASKS…Who REALLY Started Those “Damn Melissa” Rumors??… RHONJ Finale “Stilleto-Gate” Will Be A “Two-Parter”…

KimD asks this: “Question. At Chakra, why does Melissa act so happy when she walks over to Penny at the bar? If she and Joe really believe Penny is the one who is actually spreading these rumors why act so … Continue reading


NOTE:  Kinda amazing dat DonCaro is takin’ the time out to write ANYTHING… she should be scouring the intrawebby for her friends!


Hello and happy Sunday! Summer is officially over, everyone is in work mode, the kids are back to school, and fall is in the air. I love it!

We’re finally back from Arizona, and everyone is getting back to work. Teresa has a new food line, Melissa took her singing career to another level, Kathy’s cannoli make their way into New York City, and Jacqueline conquers her fear of public speaking while raising Autism awareness. As for me, all you got to see was me suffering from another migraine. One of these days I hope to finally be rid of them! I’ve had them since I was eight years old. I think I deserve to be migraine free at this point in my life, keeping my fingers crossed.   NOTE:  DonCaro is a dolt.  Imitrex now comes in pill form.  However, it is important to find the reason for the migraines… and DonCaro simply follows those reasons around!

I enjoyed watching all of the husbands support their wives in their endeavors. They were cute, weren’t they? Joe Giudice proudly showed the two mom’s Teresa’s showroom, Joe Gorga praised Melissa’s talent to her new manager, Richie was running around in circles trying to get Kathy to Dylan’s on time, Chris gave Jacqueline hugs and pep talks right up to the very minute she spoke, and even my Albert made sure I was comfortable with a back rub and an ice pack for my headache. They drive us crazy, but when we need them, they’re right by our sides, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.   NOTE:  Oh, they were so cute… BLEEEECH!!

The conversation between Rosie and Joe was unbelievable. Is it just me or are those two hilarious together? I’m thrilled to know that Rosie took her lessons from Mirival home with her and applied them to her everyday life. Arizona was a life changing experience for her and listening to Rosie tell Joe that she is finally comfortable in her own skin was awesome. Now if someone would just tell them that Joe does not have eggs, all will be right with the world.

All in all I think we finally managed to have a positive episode with everyone moving forward with good intentions. It wasn’t perfect, there were a couple of little bumps, but I’m choosing to ignore them for now. I’ve decided to take the glass is half full approach with this group.

As always, I thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you all next week!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Recap: Season Five, Episode Sixteen… “The Blonde Drops A Bombshell” By Sandi Duffy


rhonj cast

Season Five Episode Sixteen “The Blonde Drops A Bombshell”

by Sandi Duffy

Oh thank goodness.  They are done with Arizona.

Teresa is coming out with her own Skinny Italian food line.  I hope it’s better than that slop the Mangos tried peddling from the Brownstone.

Do any of the men on this show actually work besides Al?  They all sit around and talk all the time.

Chris and Jacqueline are milking their autism storyline.  Theft are doing something with that sludge they sell and Jacqueline is going to make a speech.  I wonder who HER ghostwriter is.

Kathy and Richie are doing something, but no one cares, so I’m not even going to bother to recap this part.

The Guidices and Gorgas are all having lunch together minus Father Gorga, who has kidney stones.  I don’t really like the new Joe Guidice, who has somehow been coerced or blackmailed into cooperating with the producer-induced story lines.

Teresa is at Jacqueline’s house to help her with her speech.  That’s like Forest Gump helping Corky from Life Goes On write a speech.

Joe Guidice and Rosie seem like BFFs this season.  I kind of like the Rosie/Joe dynamic, even if they both think that both men and women have eggs.  I think it’s safe to say that no one in this cast is going to find the cure for cancer.

Does Melissa just go around and sing her stupid song everywhere she goes?  How is this no talent getting to meet my boyfriend Justin Timberlakes manager?  Who is Melissa kidding?  She would sell her soul to the devil for a big recording career.

More Kathy and Richie.  I’m going to pee and get a snack.

A songwriter and producer comes to Melissa’s studio with “Justin Timberlakes manager”.  I would like to point out that with the magic of auto tune, I could sound just as bad as Melissa.



More Kathy and Richie.  Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala.

Damnit!  I thought it was going to be a Caroline-free episode, and not only is it NOT Caroline-free episode, but we also get miserable Lauren.

RHONJ Lauren BGG  pg

Teresa takes a shot at Kathy by describing her cannolis as “edible”.

wakile cannoli kit costco

Jacqueline is on her way to her big speech.  She’s really nervous.  She’d probably be less nervous if there was a stripper pole in the room.

The women are idiots trying to play basketball in high heels instead of sneakers.

They only made $3000 at their event.  Hell, my late husbands friends, who aren’t on TV, raise more than that every year in a charity golf outing in my husbands name for pancreatic cancer research.

Joe and Melissa are out to dinner and se Penny out.  Melissa approaches Penny about the rumors.  Penny’s fake hair is horrid.  Penny outs Teresa as the source behind the rumors.

Next week on RHONJ…


Received this comment this morning from “ToAllSHReaders”:

I can confirm 100% that the PRODUCERS had Teresa invite Penny to the Milania Launch Party.

No Drama = No Show.

SH Readers,
Understand something:
• BravoTV and Sirens Media pay a lot of money for filming; you can bet your bottom dollar that everything to their wardrobe is planned.  

• There is a lot of manipulation that goes on as well. When you hear; “I heard this” and a name is not mentioned; it’s production.

I will digress at this point.

NOTE:    Bravo/Sirens/ANY  HWs ProductionCompany manipulating the “reality” of the HWs shows has been raised and discussed years ago on SH… beginning with the RHONJ producers planning “reality” with the cast!  (If you wish to read the expose from TWO years ago, please enter “Jacob Huddleston” in the SH search bar.)  We all know they plan the  phoniness and the manufacturing of story lines on the Bravo HWs franchises!  Ain’t nuthin’ new at SH…  This latest splicin’, dicin’ and throwin’ in voiceovers on the RHONJ is not a story… it’s BOOO-OO-RING.  yawn.

Thank you, “ToAllSHReaders”!!!   Whoever wrote this comment did not want to be identified; however, perhaps SH readers can take a guess as to the author!?


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Five, Episode Fifteen… “Zen Things I Hate About You”… By Sandi Duffy

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP   Season Five Episode Thirteen … “Zen Things I Hate About You” by Sandi Duffy Damnit to hell, they are STILL in Arizona and now these fools are playing tennis which the instructor is … Continue reading


MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s BravoBlog…Moved To Franklin Lakes… Buy My BOOK!!

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Bravo… Hi, everyone! We finally moved to Franklin Lakes. I feel like I have been unpacking for days. I can’t rest until every single thing is in place. The kids were so nervous to start their first day at a … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s BravoBlog… Wants Manzoid To Address Her Own Family Issues… Tree is Happy, Happy, Happy!

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Bravo…  Tree’s ghostwritten BravoBlog… not a word about her lawsuit!  She’s just happy, happy, happy!   Does DuckDynasty know about Tree’s change from “love, love, love” to “happy, happy, happy” ???? Hello Baby Dolls! Last week’s episode got me all … Continue reading


KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s BravoBlog… Excuses and Cliches…”Back Off Haters”… Keep Watching… AND Buy My Stuff!!

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Bravo…   Hello friends! Yes, summer is almost officially over. Although some get bummed by it, not me — Fall is one of my favorite times of year. All the seasonal flavors and colors that come into play, getting back … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Preview: Part III… More About “Abused” BigAl Manzo… RancidRichie Disturbs Guests

Poor DonCaro… another migraine!  What a shame.  Wonder what BigAl would have discussed with HorseGuyWyatt had the cameras not been there.  BigAl tells Caro that his lil Manzoids get involved with “long shots” and “under-capatalized” ventures… Caro throws those truths in da water!  GEE, wonder what “ventures” BigAl was referencing?? RancidRichie says that other Miraval guests “came here to get away from people like us”… RancidRichie is truly puke-worthy.


NOTE:  If those “guests” were not plants… hope Miraval gave them free-for-life visits!


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s NOT BravoBlog…What Tree Could NOT Say On BravoTV.Com!… Tree Goin’ Rogue!!

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After receiving numerous communiques re Tree’s HONEST evaluation of her experience with horse-guy Wyatt Webb at Miraval Spa, am adding this post… from TERESAGIUDICE.COM.  It appears that Tree is goin’ rogue! Hello Loveys! Hope you are all enjoying the last weekend … Continue reading


FOR ALL SH READERS!!!… TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: The Spectacular Majestic Beautiful GRAND Canyon… AND Mesmerizing “Samsara”

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If you have never been to the Grand Canyon, these spectacularly beautiful photos will take you there!!    U.S. Air Force Northrop F-5E Tiger II fighters of the 58th Tactical Fighter Wing At LukeAir Force Base, Arizona (USA), flying in … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s BravoBlog… Recipes, Gia, Dr. V And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…Clears Up “Karma” Komment Said To BubbJax

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Bravo…  Tree’s CLEARLY ghostwritten BravoBlog.  Tree had that same ‘big bun’ hairdo last year!! Hello Loveys, I loved that this episode started out with my cooking demo at Chef Central! I feel so at home in the kitchen, cooking up … Continue reading


MANZOID: Short, Boring BravoBlog…

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Bravo… Hello from the Jersey Shore! Sorry for the late blog, I’ve been cooking up a storm and cleaning for the past week, which translates into having a blast with friends and family. Was it me or did we have … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Teresa Giudice’s Cooking Class… KomaKathy Wakile Appears!

Bravo… On tonight’s RHONJ, TreeJoodice is conducting a cooking class… a perfect place for KomaKathy to show up to talk about MeGo.  KomaK is shocked that someone would go after a “married woman”… with kids!!!

NOTE:  No cooking classes scheduled for KomaKathy at ChefCentral in Paramus! Defrosting hard shells and cream filling need no instruction…just some reading capability!  YIKES… READING?!  KomaK may want to include video instructions with her cannoli kits!!


MELISSA GORGA: “Buy My ‘Selected’ Stuff”… Where’s That “WOW” Factor?

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Melissa Gorga was asked by Joss & Main to select “The Home Italian Style” collection, which includes furniture, upholstered pieces, rugs and accessories. The pieces she chose are a mix of modern and traditional, the look she strives for in … Continue reading


JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Short “WhyBother” BORING BravoBlog… Her Husband “Deserves” AZ Spa Trip… It’s Gonna Get “Deep” Next Episode… KEEP WATCHING!!

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Bravo… Every time Chris and I have to go over night somewhere away from the kids, we always make sure we greet CJ first before we greet Nicholas upon arriving back home. CJ usually meets us in the garage or … Continue reading


TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER: What Happens After Death Penalty Verdict?

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Was going to take a teeny-tiny break from this whirlwind swirlin’ around in ma brain still leftover from the Travis Alexander slaughter… and the major disappointment in the continuation of trial due to jury members who fell for the killer’s … Continue reading


TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER: Travis’ Brother-In-Law Says Family Is “Emotionally Drained”… Preparing For Re-Trial of Sentencing Phase

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Harold Sorenson, Travis Alexander’s brother-in-law and husband of Travis’ sister, Tanisha, has given a statement to  Travis’ Sisters Samantha and Tanisha… I will make a comment ! These are my words only. this is not from any of the … Continue reading


WARNINGS FOR THE KILLER: From Arizona DOC Deputy Warden… How To Be A Good Guest At Perryville… The Killer’s Future Neighbor on Death Row, Angela Simpson

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This is what it will REALLY be like for the killer when she’s ensconced in Perryville Prison… by someone who knows, former Deputy Warden Carl ToersBijns.  You’re probably familiar with the first, “Rose Colored Glasses”… but, Deputy Warden ToersBijns created … Continue reading


TRAVIS ALEXANDER: What Killer Will Face In Prison… No Way Is She Gonna Start Programs For Prisoners!

This gallery contains 1 photo.… “The idea that a new prisoner could come in and all of a sudden, change the way things have been done. They have paid people, specialists, who create these great programs to help rehabilitate women. Jodi Arias is not … Continue reading


AMY’S BAKING COMPANY: “Gangsta” Samy Facing Deportation… Kicked Out of France and Germany

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Everyone hired for Amy’s Baking Company’s grand re-opening had to swear that they had NOT seen the episode of “KitchenNightmares” with Amy and Samy! Samy da ‘gangsta’ is facing deportation… From AZCentral: Samy said he could not talk about any … Continue reading