SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: LeAnn Rimes “Update”… Nene Leakes “Breakout Sitcom Star”… RHONJ Reunion “Seating Arrangement Tells All”… UPDATE: Nene “Cynthia Only Authentic Well Wisher”

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September 7, 2012  4:00 pm                                                       Nene Leakes… “I’m da luckiest ghetto chick ever!  Even … Continue reading



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April 2, 2012  1:45 pm  Teresa Giudice on Celebrity Apprentice… “Uh, Mr. Trump… remember that MY charity is the one that YOUR son picked for me… in exchange for me bein’ on this show.  So, you can’t fire me, even … Continue reading


NENE LEAKES: Wendy Williams Show… Nene Leakes Explains Why She “Quit” Celebrity Apprentice… VIDEO

Nene Leakes quit Celebrity Apprentice last night and explains to Wendy Williams why she left on a preview of Wendy’s interview with Nene that will air on Thursday… Puh-leeze, Nene!  You want to surround yourself with people that love and … Continue reading


Celebrity Apprentice: Nene Leakes Fires Back at Trump

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Nene Leakes just cannot keep her big ghetto mouth shut. is reporting here that Nene has responded to Donald Trump firing her on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice: “Leakes says she felt producers were constantly trying to “provoke” her … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Atlanta: Star Talkin’ About Nene on Ellen

On today’s Ellen Show, Star Jones sits for a little chat with Ellen about her experience with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Nene Leakes on Celebrity Apprentice.                                         Nene is lookin’ at Star Jones like she used to look at KimZ before the strangling began …  run … Continue reading


Could it Be… A Nicer Nene?

The Real Housewives of Altanta‘s Nene Leakes has been making the rounds of talk shows spilling spew about Star’s nasty behavior on Celebrity Apprentice. Star Jones stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to say that she’s ‘too educated’ and ‘ladylike’ to … Continue reading

Nene and Shana/Taylor… 14:59

When will their 15-minutes of fame end?  Real Housewives of Bevery Hills‘ photo-bomber Shana/Taylor Armstrong was out last night with Real Housewives of Atlanta aspiring celebrity Nene Leakes… they had dinner and then for a weird photo-op, held hands as they exited.  If only Nene would have been caught holding hands with Al Reynolds…

NeNe Leakes Heads To Boa With Taylor ArmstrongCome on, Nene… I can show you how to change your name, get new ID and scam your way into Bravoland.   But, I’m already on Bravoland.  We’ll bleach your skin and you’ll fit right in with those Jersey girls…


…before you get to Jersey, Nene, you gotta downsize the booty pads…

Predictable Nene…

You two have taken the required celebrity feuding to the max… now which one of you two classy ladies will take the first step to tone it down?  Nene!?  Star, are you going to let Nene out-class you like this?

Have the dueling divas called a truce?

Nene Leakes was known for popping off on a fellow co-star (or two) on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and when she joined the cast of Celebrity Apprentice it wasn’t long before she found herself clashing with fellow contestant Star Jones.  The feud played out in front of the cameras and in the media, but after a screaming match came to blows, reports the hot heads are trying to bury the hatchet before the drama goes any further.

“Both NeNe and Star are trying to get along better off set—it was really only when the show started taping that their competitiveness kicked-in,” said a source. “NeNe felt slighted by Star who she thought was not showing her enough respect—while Star believed that NeNe was all show and no substance.”

NeNe didn’t help the situation when she appeared on the Wendy Williams Show and said: “Star is special… I wouldn’t spit on her if she were on fire.

Jones has had problems with other contestants on the show as well. When Lisa Rinna was fired on the latest episode she angrily accused Jones of throwing her under the bus and the two have been reportedly arguing behind the scenes as well.

That’s a lot of hostility for a show that raises money for charity.  The drama is probably helping the ratings, but if the reports are true, at least Leakes and Jones are trying to put aside the childish spats and play nice.

NOTE:  Isn’t this the usual way this goes with Nene?  Major blowups and then kiss, kiss and makeup… her normal modus operandi ala Kim, so it’s kind of expected that she start making amends with Star.

The link below has a poll question:  Whose team are you on.. Nene, Star or Neither?  At last count, 50% voted for Neither…


NENE LEAKES: Nene Never Quits…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Nene Leakes sat down with Joy Behar to chat about her experience on The Celebrity Apprentice with Star Jones.  Has Nene tranferred all of her anger, jealousy, fury, indignation, resentment and relentless wrath from Kim to Star?  ‘Cause that’s what it sounds like…

Nene also went after Star about her ex-husband, Big Gay Al Reynolds:

“NeNe called Star an old, fallen star, and Star told NeNe she was talentless and in a loveless marriage!” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

Pictures tell a story… the story here is that Al is NOT into Star… and he’s lookin’ a bit zesty…

“NeNe got in Star’s face and said if she wanted to talk about marriages, she’d be happy to remind Star about her own ex-husband, Al Reynolds. NeNe joked that Al cared more about face creams, manicures and trying to be ‘pretty’ than he did about Star, and that she’d be happy to fix her up with a real man.

“Star was outraged because she’s sick and tired of people making gay jokes about her ex-husband.”

Neverending Nene…

Nene just never stops… she’s just all over the place lately.  This time, she chats with ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ Robin Leach himself as he is now a permanent journalist in Las Vegas.

Robin Leach after viewing ‘Social’…

“It was a take-no-prisoners premiere and a take-no-prisoners screening for four of the cast of Donald Trump’s new season of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. The Real Housewives of Atlanta firebrand NeNe Leakes wasn’t shy about blasting Star Jones.

NeNe talked candidly with me about the onscreen feud with former The View co-host Star. “I let her stuff go at first. I just let her things happen and go on happening. Then I exploded — I just couldn’t take her anymore. She may well have gone to school for 100 years and I only went for two years. I could have saved her 98 years because I’m smarter than she’ll ever be,” she said. “I’m certainly not frightened by her or intimidated by anybody else. I don’t mind that they showed our fight because it was the truth. Anybody with respect for themselves would have stood up for themselves like I did.

Nene LeakesI have been the only star on RHOA and had to defend myself against Star Jones… I’m the only star anywhere, any place, so Star has to change her name and she shoulda done that before Celebrity Apprentice…

“I’m tough enough to take anything. I’m not good at forming alliances because I can stand on my own two feet. I went into this to show I can think and that I have business savvy with a real want to win it. ”

I asked NeNe if she was quitting Real Housewives to move on to bigger showbiz opportunities. “There’s a lot of really good things happening for me on my own. I might have lost my privacy because of Real Housewives, but I’ve got an attitude that wants to go out and win and show other women we can’t be trodden over. We’re going to show that to women.

Nene, me and the other super-secret members are voting next week on banning you from the clubhouse…

“Everything is going really good, and although Celebrity Apprentice was very hard work and long hours, people now get to see me in two different ways.  It’s all going to lead to something special.  You certainly haven’t heard the last of me.”

Episode 2 of Celebrity Apprentice airs Sunday, and all I’ve been able to pry out from New York headquarters is that there’s another battle between the guys and the girls, and one unexpected lady finds herself on The Donald’s firing line.

Read More:

20 Questions with Nene Leakes… talks with Nene Leakes, 20 questions-style…

“It gets no realer than ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ star Nene Leakes.

The in-your-face Queens, New York native is ready to let the world know that along with the sass and attitude comes a whole lot of smarts. Last night, the mother of two made her debut on the hit NBC series ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’  She wouldn’t let the cat out of the bag concerning how long she lasts, but after hearing her take on former ‘The View’ co-host Star Jones, surviving a failed marriage and her aspirations to be a Hollywood actress, we’re putting our money on Nene to go the distance.   (Maybe they should read SH…’cause we all know what happens to Nene…) Congratulations on being cast on the new season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ How were you approached to do the show?
Nene Leakes:
I was actually asked to do ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ last season and I didn’t do it. So, when they came back this season and they said, “We’d love to have you on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,” my manager and publicists brainstormed and we thought it would be a good thing for me.

The Donald

BV: Are you really cool with Donald Trump?
He is very real. I can really appreciate that about somebody. I love when people don’t put on airs. I have a lot of respect for him. I told him I respected him and his children are really great and he told me that he has been successful because he has surrounded himself with some really smart people – really great people. I hope that I can do the same. I got to tell you that’s his hair, honey. He does not have on a toupee. That is his hair. He has the different swoop thing going on, but that is his hair.

BV: Is there one thing people who know you from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ will be surprised to see watching you this season on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’?
One thing you will see, and you did see a little bit of this on ‘The Real Housewives’ this season is my business side. I know from being on the ‘Housewives’ show, people think, “Oh, she’s [about] the drama,” they will get to see I am not as crazy as they think I am. I like to say, “I’m crazy like a fox.”

BV: Some of the blogs were saying that one of the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ contestants, Star Jones, put a restraining order out against you. Is that true?
Not that I know of. I don’t have a restraining order. I think that when you get a restraining order they let you know that you have one, don’t they? I don’t know if that’s how it works, but if there is a restraining order out on me, I don’t know it.

BV: Who do you think was your strongest competition?
I don’t know who my strongest competition was, but Star was definitely a challenge. Lil’ Jon. Everybody on the show is very smart, and I would say they all are a challenge in their own way.

Nene before she rode off in the cab…

BV: Were you worried about how soon you might be voted off?
When I first got there I said, “As long as I’m not the first one fired, I’ll be okay.” I just didn’t want to be first. Other than that, I’m okay. I didn’t go in with any strategies. I just went in as myself. You guys have no idea what I have gone through when I was doing this show. I was going through something very personal in my life and I think that I am a very strong woman from doing this show. This is a tough show to do. We filmed this show in 30 days. We worked our asses off six days a week. We get one day off, on Sundays, and the hours are long as hell. You wake up at 4 a.m. and you’re back in the bed at midnight.

BV: It seems like that would be really tough for you.
Yes. But, I want to get back to what you said earlier. I heard something that was very interesting. I didn’t hear that there was a restraining order, but I heard that the police was called. I was just wondering when and where. I want to make this very clear. While I was on that show, the police was never called that I know of… a lick was never passed between any contestant, like pushing or shoving or touching them in any way. They are trying to hype up a few things, but there are a few things that I just won’t accept. If the police were ever called, they called the police well after I left the show. Maybe that was made up after the fact, but if there was a restraining order, that is a big fat lie. I won’t stand for something like that. Someone trying to make my character something that it is not. I think that would be really f**ked up of them to do something like that.

Read More: (There is a poll asking whether Nene will be a long-lasting television personality… the results are 50-50 right now.)

***Spoiler Alert… Nene Never Fired On Apprentice has some reliable ‘insiders’ and they are reporting what really happens to the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Nene Leakes in the following weeks on The Celebrity Apprentice

Nene can’t take the heat… she gots some real problems… next up:  Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab…

From  “All of you folks waiting for NeNe Leakes to get FIRED on the show Celebrity Apprentice . . . FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

According to a rock solid snitch, NeNe and Star get into a BIG CONFRONTATION in a few weeks. After the fight, where NeNe is prepared to BUST STARS AZZ . . . NeNe hops into a taxi cab and WALKS OFF THE SET.

And she NEVER comes back …”

NOTE: This report doesn’t surprise me one bit.  Was Nene about ready to use her by-now-perfected strangling technique on Star, caught herself and just took off?  It’s always Nene’s way or the highway… and obviously, Nene took the highway… literally!  Wonder if she told the cab driver to take her to Andy Cohen’s Bravo office… and they had a little talk about her future with the Bravo Housewives franchise.  Buh-bye, Nene!!!


Nene May NOT Be Back to RHOA…

WOW!  Nene Leakes was talking with Jethro Nededog at…  Read on:

Nene…will she be back?

Andy Cohen is going to have a lot to talk to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, NeNe Leakes, about when she appears on his talk show, “Watch What Happens: Live” tonight (Sunday, Jan. 16).

They just finished shooting the reunion special last Wednesday and NeNe’s finally able to talk about being on Season 4 of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” But when it comes to the next season of the Bravo reality series, NeNe dropped a bomb on us.

“I’m not really interested in joining the next season,” NeNe tells Zap2it. “I’m just not really interested right now.”

Bam! She said that just as our conversation came to a close. So, other than the fact that it has nothing to do with her feud with cast mate, Kim Zolciak, she was unable to tell us why she doesn’t feel like returning for another season. So, we do hope Andy gets the rest of the scoop on Sunday night’s show.

Maybe… “The Celebrity Apprentice” awakened her entrepreneurial spirit? NeNe told us she wants to focus on being an independent woman: She’s currently working on a shoe line, a handbag line, her local Atlanta talk segment and a desire to go behind-the-scenes producing radio and TV shows.

NOTE:  Nene did drop a bomb… hmmm…is this her negotiation strategy?


Some Nene photos just for the hell of it: