CAPTION THIS: Apollo Meets His New Cell Mate!!

“luvthedrama” will receive an autographed page from Apollo’s upcoming tell-all book… whichever page that isn’t ghostwritten!




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APOLLO NO SHOW! Bravo Cameras Rolling… UPDATE: Phaedra Makes Statement

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According to TMZ, Apollo Nida did NOT rendezvous with the Bureau of Prisons, as instructed by Federal authorities, to begin serving his eight-year sentence and the Feds will soon be issuing an arrest warrant. Apparently he got cold feet … because we’re … Continue reading


Apollo Off To Jail… Apollo’s Pre-Surrender Interview… Last Few Days Spent Unable To See Kids!

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Apollo Nida has surrendered to FMC Lexington prison in Kentucky today. Before he surrendered, Apollo talked with KellyRichmondPope for ForbesMagazine, and Apollo makes a few telling statements. “I have spent hours interviewing him (Apollo Nida) along with my colleague Dr. April … Continue reading


HouseHusband Apollo Writing “Tell All” Book … Apollo’s Farewell Tweet

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The quest for $$$$ by these “reality” show people never ends.  This time, it’s a HouseHusband who is attempting to cash in on his “stardom” before he take up residence in a Federal Prison. Apollo Nida didn’t use one, but multiple … Continue reading


Apollo Off To Jail…

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Apollo finally got his “go directly to jail” letter from the Feds… The Feds have requested the pleasure of Apollo’s company in their Lexington facility on September 10: Apollo will be serving a sentence of eight years… and he still … Continue reading


PeterThomas Does A Tamballs… Says He’s Reason To Watch RHOA! Says Apollo Has 30 Days ‘Til Prison…

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PeterThomas runs his mouth again with a Providence RI TV station.  UncleBen did a Tamballs when he said that HE’S the reason for watching the RHOA.  In his mind, the RHOA would be nowhere without the HouseHusbands.  UH, hate to … Continue reading


Apollo Talks About Life Before, During And After His Prison Sentence…Livid with “No-Show” Phaedra… Apollo Wants To Be “Foundated”

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Highlights of MasterMindApollo’s interview with radio station Be100Radio: his reality show experience, his home life, who’s supporting him, at the 7:33 mark is asked how his sentence has affected his family life, at the 9:45 mark explains how his mastermind … Continue reading


Apollo’s Terms Of Prison Release: Five Years Probation…Work At Lawful Occupation… Notify Court If Acting As An Informant!

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Apollo is basically screwed. Any money he makes in prison must be applied to the $1.9 million in restitution… and, he can’t move a muscle without notifying his probation officer. IF Phaedra divorces Apollo, that screw is wound tighter.   Doubt … Continue reading


Apollo’s Motion For Decreased Sentence…

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ATL HouseHusband Apollo Nida has a date in Federal court tomorrow at 2 pm to hear his ‘going away’ sentence. A few days ago, Apollo’s attorneys submitted to the court a motion which would decrease his classification for sentencing from … Continue reading

RHOA Preview: HouseHusbands Chat… About Kenya

bar one


How long is Bravo gonna draaaaaaag out the ATL franchise?  The next episode features all the HouseHusbands sittin’ around UncleBen’s BarOne chit-chatting about stuff Kenyan…



                                                                   $25… CASH ONLY!!! On this date in … Continue reading

RHOA Reunion Show: Pheadra Shuts Down Kenya…

On the FINAL ATL Reunion show… Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky…Phaedra Parks Nida shuts down Kenyan.  MissAndy asks Kenyan if she’s not coming back.  NOTE:  MissAndy’s question to Kenyan is laughable, as he knows who’s comin’ back and who ain’t…

RHOA Reunion: Apollo Is Kenya’s Story Line… Apollo Wants Paid!

Apollo tells Kenyan that without him Kenyan has no story line… and Kenyan should be payin’ Apollo!    MissAndy acts like he don’t know any prison terminology.. MissAndy better familiarize himself with all the prison talk; so many of his “actors” are headed to the clink.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Reunion Preview… “Someone’s Lying”

On the FINAL … Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky…  ATL reunion show it’s Kenyan v Apollo.  MissAndy “demands” an answer, ’cause “someone is lying”… DUH!!!  Why didn’t Kenyan reach over and grab that ridiculous obvious blonde wig offa NayNay’s head???



NOTE:  Apollo is talking about Phaedra and his marriage in the past tense… and to what “career” exactly is Apollo referring???   The complete interview will be available in the May Issue of Sister2Sister Magazine available on May 6. In an exclusive … Continue reading



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Gayla St. Julien starts out with an insult, then gives her account of what went on with Apollo… and then pushes her book! “To all the people who hide behind keyboards with negative comments and opinions. To the individuals who … Continue reading

More Apollo!!! Dumbazz Apollo Speaks!!

The RHOA have cornered the market on total dumbazzes.  Apollo Nida talks with S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about his spending habits.  Apollo compares spending $8,000 to buying a purse.  Apollo also says that he and Phaedra made/make $32,000 a month from sales of their booty video AND Apollo also says that he’s makin’ money by flipping houses.  Yeah… OK, Apollo.   Youz a total dumbazz.


(Thanks to SH readers “MissA” “anon” and “cybraxis”!!!!)


HOUSEWIVES NEWS Sonja BFrankel FrontPorsha KomaKathy Kenyan Apollo Tamballs MORE!

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Sonja Morgan says she’s much more than a toaster oven… “You can’t put Sonja Morgan in a toaster oven box,” she continued. “You have to go with the lipsticks, the sunglasses, the scarves, the handbags, the lingerie, it’s like a … Continue reading

Phaedra Parks On WWHL… Will Support Apollo Until His Case Is Resolved!

Listen VERY carefully to Phaedra Parks’ words… VERY carefully!  On last night’s WWHL, Phaedra pledges her love to her felon hubbend, Apollo.  After all, they ARE a fambly, are married and Apollo IS the father to their two lovely children.   At the very end of this clip comes the truth from Phaedra!  Phaedra plans on supporting her felon hubbend until his case is resolved.  MissAndy failed to continue with the next question which should have been:  “What will you do once Apollo’s case is resolved?”  We’re smellin’ a big old DIVORCE!!


Apollo Explains The “Charity” Scammer

Totally believe Apollo… as he explains what happened with the charity scammer.  Apollo never once spoke to the man representing the “charity” as Apollo has a booking agent. Apollo also states that the deposit would be returned if he was unable to make the function.   Asking for a $2,000 appearance fee, the money would have gone for expenses: