MissAndy Shopping A New Show… Casting For VERYClose “Friends” Of Celebrities

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By popular demand…and for those of you who musta missed this big item in yesterday’s HousewivesNews (above)… MissAndy has another brilliant idea for a “reality” show: “I SLEPT WITH A CELEBRITY” The 46-year-old producer and Watch What Happens host plans … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: VGunvalson CreepyCarlton DrunkOtis MissAndy’s Disgusting New Show

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  All the Housewives news that don’t deserve any special atten-shun! VGunvalson released photos on her Instagram account showing her woo-hooing it up with Crooks at a Toby Keith concert in Oklahoma.  According to VGunvalson (that’s taking a cue from VStiviano!), … Continue reading

MissAndy Says No Tamballs Spinoff… Housewives Should Be Glad They Got ONE Job!

MissAndy says that there’s a site that reports rumors and innuendo!  SHOCKING!!  MissAndy emphatically states that Tamballs, despite the misinformed site’s item, is NOT getting her very own spinoff show in 2015.  Perhaps in 2016 when Tamballs has her kids and has come to an agreement with Simon Barney about their being on a “reality” show!  MissAndy continues his warning to those dissatisfied Housewives ingrates:  Shut up and be lucky that you have a job as a Housewife!!   NOTE:  They’re still callin’ Tamballs “Tamra BARNEY”!  That must REALLY piss off Tamballs!!

MissAndy also says that he would trust all the Housewives with his dog…’cause they ALL love dogs.  UH, ‘scuse us, MissAndy… have you forgotten that Shana gave Snowball away under very suspicious circumstances???  Would MissAndy leave his dog with KimRichards???


Joyce Giraud And CarltonGebbia OUTTA RHOBH! Got Da BravoBoot!

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For those of you who were huge fans of the pageant queen and the devil worshipper… Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia… please grab a kleenex and sit down.  According to the media magazine of the HWs choice, USWeekly has divulged … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS… PumpMyStomach; Sheree; Tallmark; Wretched

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  A total BULLSH*T story:  LisaVanderPumpMyStomach is beggin’ MissAndy to leave the RHOBH, but MissAndy just don’t wanna let her go.  NOTE:  Those Bravo contracts control everything.  CutesyLisa’s contract with the RHOBH is done, so she will continue on Bravo … Continue reading

MissAndy Says He’s Irreplaceable… ‘Cept For Mark Consuelos

In this latest edition of AskMissAndyAnything… MissAndy divulges many, many super secrets!  MissAndy says that although he would NEVER EVER give up his hosting seat in the Clubhouse, he would make an exception if he were in dire need of a substitute host.  And, the winner of that coveted hosting position???  NOT MissAndy’s vacation buddy, Sean Avery… but, the guy who toots his horn every morning when he drives by MissAndy’s Hamptons bungalow… Mark Consuelos!



MissAndy also gives his slant on what we here at SH have said many times was the WORST guest ever on WWHL… Opree-approved talk show host, Nate Berkus.  Nate was kinda pissed at MissAndy when MissAndy was giggling at the whispers in his ear while Nate was repeating the story about how the tsunami swept away his bouyfriend (pun intended…).  Again… Nate Berkus was the WORST ever guest on WWHL.  OH… and MissAndy wants to work again with BFrankel.



HOUSEWIVES NEWS! Yoda…Apollo… NayNay… PT HW… Joodice

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Yoda was asked WHY she was referred to as a “FORMER” Beverly Hills Housewife in an InTouchMag item. “@EzyJ530:   Why is In Touch mag calling you a “former” #rhobh star?   Yoda’s reply: @YolandaHFoster:  ❤️Unfortunately I don’t have any … Continue reading



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  Heather Dull-BRO sold her marble mausoleum and is building a brand new house based on TheBreakers Hotel.   NOTE:  The secret that Heather does NOT mention in her guided tour of her un-done house: Heather Dull-BRO’s new house is … Continue reading


MISS ANDY Was A Shoe Salesman!

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A suspicious nerve was struck when MissAndy forced an apology to Sarah Jessica Parker outta Perez Hilton when Perez was a guest in Lord of the Housewives Clubhouse.   The apology just seemed sooooo very strangely set up… While neither SJP nor … Continue reading


What’s Up… or DOWN… With EX-Orange County Housewife Lynne Curtin… UPDATE: How Bizarre! Bravo’s Readin’ SH Again… Does A Lynne Curtin Update Today!

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NOTE:  How truly bizarre!  Today, May 15, Bravo throws up an update on Lynne Curtin!  Wonder where Bravo got the idea??    Let’s take a look at what’s goin’ on with a Housewife who has disappeared from the all-seeing eyes … Continue reading


RHOA Housewives Used In College Class… Been There Done That!

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NOTE:  Thanks to SH readers “cmhr” and “PDM” for calling this to SH’s atten-shun!!   During the RHOA reunion shows, MissAndy brought up an ATL college that used the Housewives as examples of women’s interaction. WOO- (pardon my language here) … Continue reading

RHOA Reunion Show: Pheadra Shuts Down Kenya…

On the FINAL ATL Reunion show… Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky…Phaedra Parks Nida shuts down Kenyan.  MissAndy asks Kenyan if she’s not coming back.  NOTE:  MissAndy’s question to Kenyan is laughable, as he knows who’s comin’ back and who ain’t…

RHOA Reunion: MissAndy Wants Apology From NayNay For Gay Remark

How DARE anyone say anything about the gays… especially on Bravo!!!   BUT, NayNay gets off easy in her disparagement of the gays!  MissAndy will NOT put NayNay through the same torture that he put Alexis Bellino and JuicyJoeJoodice through.  What would have happened to either Alexis or Juicy had they said what NayNay said about kissin’ MissAndy’s azz???  AND, further… what do you want me to do, arranged a parade?    Will this chick get away with this???

RHOA Reunion: Who’s Most Successful?

Everybody knows… said like Phaedra… that Kandi IS the most successful Housewife.  BUT, NayNay has to stomp out Kandi’s brief moment.


NOTE:  NayNay was soooo successful that when it came time for her to raise money for charity on CelebrityApprentice, she took off in a taxi and never went back!  As reported on SH May 2011 “NayNay Quits CelebrityApprentice”

Nene missing wanted poster  rhoa

RHOA Reunion: Who’s Most Rachet?

NayNay shoulda gotten this award…