Gorga Etiquette Tip Of The Week: Correct Gum Chewing!

Melissa shows her very classy technique of slowly chewing and then gently increasing the rate of gum smacking between her teeth, lips and gums… something to which ALL Housewives viewers should aspire to replicate!  And just one more reason to emulate the elegantly refined and tastefully sophisticated Housewives…  

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MissAndy’s New Book Gets Excoriating Reviews: “A Depressed Teenage Girl’s Diary”

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NOTE:  Cannot understand why anyone would expect anything more from a book by MissAndy??!!  Based on the reviews, his book is nothing more than one of his WWHL shows in written form… all fluff, no substance.  MissAndy is about as … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE! GiaJoodice GirlGroup’s Christmas Song!!


The brilliant genius “STAN” has provided the lyrics to lil GiaJoodice’s girl group’s new Christmas song!  

jingle christmas

Sung to “JingleBells”…

Dashing through the snow
with the creditors in chase
“Tre” spends all the cash
at an alarming pace…

Judge is feeling duped
all her words ignored
juicy Joe was guzzling wine
and passed out on the floor…OHHHHHH

juicy drunk

Prison cells, prison cells, locked up all the way -
Tre and Joe away you go ’cause now it’s time to pay – HEY -


Prison cells, prison cells, locked up all the way -
Tre and Joe away you go ’cause now it’s time to payyyyy….

rhonj giudice christmas

(Thanks “STAN”!!!!)

Adrienne Magoof’s Dating Life … All The Execs In Beverly Hills Are Dating 20-Year-Olds

Adrienne looked so much better when she was with Rod’s kid… YIKES!!  Heard Jacob was over visiting Magoof’s neighbor, ParisHilton, when Magoof isn’t looking.

PumpMyStomach On WWHL: MissAndy Begged PMS To Return… PMS Is Done With DrunkOtis

MissAndy begged PumpMyStomach to return to the RHOBH… that’s the story and they’re both sticking to it!

And BLEEECH! PumpMyStomach is done with DrunkOtis…at least for this season.

NOTE:  Maybe the Housewives shows wouldn’t be so terrible if they were labeled truthfully… as night time soap operas.  The phony friendships, hard-to-believe connections and scripted lines are tiresome to watch and are turning people off.


THE HOUSEWIVES… WWE Wrapped In An Infomercial!

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The Housewives now have become a very faint reminder of the days when they were interesting and fun.  What used to be great fun in seeing brief glimpses into the lives and friendships of these so-called “wealthy” women has become … Continue reading


MissAndy Writes Of His Displeasure With The Long Island Medium… But Praises Her On WWHL!

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The “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo is being accused of giving a fake reading to MissAndy when she was on WWHL  back in March. Andy says in his new book that Caputo did “a lot of fishing” when he was hoping … Continue reading

MissAndy … Giudices In Denial

MissAndy writes about an interview he did with the Giudices when they were charged with 39 counts…

September 22, 2013:

“It was like pulling teeth. They are either very un-introspective or in complete denial. Or both.”

“I said, ‘So … you guys are facing fifty years in prison, and they were like, ‘Is it fifty years? We thought it was a hundred. Is it fifty years both or just one or …’” he continued. “So that’s something they are going to want to clarify with their attorneys.”


MissAndy Not Responsible For Housewives Drama… That’s Life!!

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  When asked whether he feels partly responsible for the drama, including Teresa Giudice’s recent sentence to 15-months in jail for fraud charges, Andy told ET:   “I don’t.” “I think what we’re seeing is a reflection of life.  The Housewives … Continue reading

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To MelissaGorga’s Singing Career??

Another in the “WhateverWednesday” series to find out whatever happened to MelissaGorga’s passion, her life-long quest to be a singer?  Melissa even contracted the services of the “Soul Diggaz” to led the way to the Grammys!  Melissa is so good that she had everyone in her 3×6 basement recording studio dancing to her auto-tuned song!! 


The hand holding at the end is a nice touch…

VGotti Explains TeresaGiudice And The RinoRumor…

VGotti… of the very prestigious Long Island Gottis… was a guest of MissAndy’s NYMediaMafia and shares her story about how the RHONJ story line came about.  VGotti explaining her warm relationship with Teresa gets 876634 eye rolls.  Whether or not VGotti was paid to appear as a “surprise” at Teresa’s book signing is moot.  VGotti was on the RHONJ to start the RinoRumor story line and to do some PR for her very, very terrible ’10-year-of-Gottis’ reunion show on A&E.

(Thanks “romo”!!!)


Group Wants MissAndy To Stop Fights On ATL Housewives…That Will NEVER Happen

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This is laughable!  Online civil rights group Color Of Change is calling for for Andy Cohen and the Bravo Television Network to no longer profit by airing physical fights between Black people… “Violence involving Black cast members has become a … Continue reading

A Brief Audio Sample Of MissAndy’s Book… Please Pay A VoiceOver Professional!

MissAndy has a voice that encourages READING a book.  MissAndy isn’t real big on correct language or grammar, as we all know from reading the wrecked BravoBlogs of the Housewives:


SuzeOrman’s Two Cents: “Don’t Be Like TeresaGiudice”

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CNBC financial guru Suze Orman has free advice for women everywhere:  Don’t be like Real Housewife Teresa Giudice. “It’s a prime example for women, that if they don’t think the behaviors of somebody that they are involved with financially speaking … Continue reading


TeresaGiudice Using Her Own Kids To Squeeze More Money Out Of Bravo

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On last night’s WWHL, NayNay told MissAndy:  “I’ve done everything I can do for her and I hope she comes to see the show with her girls and have a drink with her before she goes. I would even visit … Continue reading


SH WITTY WEEKEND!! MissAndy’s Lost RHONJ Reunion Questions…

teresa caption I

“DinoBaby123″ will receive a coupon for one free Fabulicious GelatoBar!  FinePrint: Not responsible for travel expenses incurred while traveling to 738,623 grocery stores in states east of the Mississippi in search of said bars!


Which Actress Friend Of MissAndy Hates The Housewives Shows?

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This item is a bit shocking, as Kristen Johnston is/was(?) MissAndy’s friend…whatever their “friend” status is, we applaud Kristen!!!   The Housewives shows have sunk to new levels and are nothing but rotting garbage… no matter in which zip code … Continue reading


WHY The Meltdown, Sean Avery??

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We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and WAITING for more news of Sean Avery’s big wedding to his beard fiancee, Hilary Rhoda.  Immediately after it was revealed last year that Sean Avery was engaged to MissAndy, Sean suddenly got … Continue reading