HURRICANE SANDY: Which Charities Are The Best… And WHY The Best Donation Is CASH or CHECK…

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November 11, 2012 There are people in New Jersey still without power… and many are without the basic necessities! BubbaJax has been tweeting relentlessly since Hurricane Sandy hit and she has become a point of service for those looking for … Continue reading


MELISSA GORGA: Battle Of The Hoodies… Who’s Gettin’ What… And From Whom?!… Are Hurricane Sandy Victims Being Bamboozled For “Charity”?… Follow The MONEY!

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November 8, 2012 Every time the word “CHARITY” is included in someone’s event or product, especially if that event or product is connected with one of the Housewives, we’ve learned to look extra-special hard to find out exactly how “charitable” … Continue reading