FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… RHONJ RECAP: Season Three, Episode 18 … “Blood Is Thicker Than Guccis”… HAS ANYTHING CHANGED IN TWO YEARS?

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ORIGINALLY POSTED OCTOBER 6, 2011… TWO Years Ago!! HAS ANYTHING CHANGED????                                                            … Continue reading

MANZOIDS: “Hard-Workin” Spawn Speakin’ At Lehigh… Lehigh Marketing Dept Sponsoring a ‘Zoid!… UPDATE… Wants To “Unload” Black…Thinks He’s Gonna Sell To COKE!

RHOC RHONJ Ryan v Albie Spinoff  pg

Who in their ever-lovin’ pea brain at LEHIGH UNIVERSITY’S Marketing Dept came up with this?  Looks like PrinceAlbie is now on the lecture circuit!

RHONJ manzoid at lehigh

DonCaro’s “hard-workin’ son” is scheduled to speak to Lehigh U students this afternoon about all his bizness experience!  His appearance is being sponsored by the LehighU Marketing Dept!

RHONJ blk pg

Albie Manzo, son of one of the housewives, Caroline Manzo, will be talking about marketing blk. water today at 4:10 pm in Perella Auditorium.

Any LehighU students out there to record this “expert” who will share his wisdom?   BUT, the “event” is free and open to the public!  We’d ALL love to know how he’s marketing that black stuff!!

OH!  Here’s the person to contact!

RHONJ lehigh

@LehighBusiness AND @LehighU are PROUDLY tweeting about this!  

Oh… poor, delusional ‘zoid!!   In this “official” release, lil ‘zoid says:

Manzo’s ultimate goal for the blk. water brand is to unload it, but to start having that conversation, sales will need to his $10 million.   “I want to see it sold,” he said. “I want to make it Coke’s problem.”

(Thanks to SH readers “PMG” and “kas6787″!!!)


DonCaro’s Blah, Blah,Blah BravoBlog… Really Can’t Remember The Episode… AND… BUY Her Stuff!!

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Bravo… Hey guys, how’s everyone’s Sunday been? Mine was pretty good, enjoying a little down time down at the Jersey Shore; life is good. I watched the episode earlier on in the week and my memory is a little foggy, … Continue reading


MANZOIDS: Who’s Gonna Watch Their New Spinoff?… Is This What To Expect???… PrinceAlbie Concerned About His Resume!!… Will PrinceAlbie Be Stuck In “Reality” Show Revolving Door?

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The SH poll is a reflection of Bravo viewers … and poll results have shown that the planned Bravo spinoff starring da Manzoids will not have many interested in watchin’ the trials and tribulations of DonCaro, PrinceAlbie, Critterfur and the … Continue reading

BigGayGREGGY, MANZOIDS: The Cancer Hang…

YES… this is the level of humor in which the New Jersey subhumans thrive.    NOTE:  Looks like someone else is really gonna be missin’ BGG!



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MissAndy is givin’ away spinoffs like Opree gives away cars!  YOU get a spinoff… YOU get a spinoff… YOU get a spinoff… YOU ALL get a spinoff!!! MissAndy has decided that viewers have not had enough of those zany Manzoids! … Continue reading


CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro’s Fantasy World…

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In the latest interview with one of the NJ sub-humans the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s DonCaro Manzoid… …along with blabbin’ about how wonderful her “boyz” are (they opened their very own restaurant)… …she alludes to the notion that … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Lookin’ Back At TWO Years Ago Today!… Lil Manzoids Moved To Hoboken To Git Away From Mommy!… Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Marlo Hampton, Camille Grammer… And MORE!!!

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ORIGINALLY POSTED JUNE 3, 2011… Why stop at ONE year???  Let’s take a look at what was goin’ on TWO Years Ago Today! NOTE:  Whilst perusing the many posts from two years ago, caught an item from yesterday, June 2.  The … Continue reading

FROM THE SH ARCHIVES MAY 31, 2012: CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro Will Be Albie Manzo’s Mommy Forever!!!…

While on the hunt for something else, came across this… from exactly one year ago today!

From SH May 31, 2012:

This beautifully photoshopped cover of TIME magazine was done by SH reader “HousewifeHoe”… it deserves its very own space!!  

FEBUS to all.. and “Thank You” to HousewifeHoe!!  SH readers are the BEST!!!



SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Tabatha Coffey “Season Preview”… Is BubbaJax Hubbend “House Flippin’??”… Wanna Be On A Reality Show? “BigBrother” Now Looking For HouseMates!…

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We LOVE Tabatha Coffey… Tabatha shoulda won “ShearGenuis”! Season FIVE of “TabathaTakesOver” will premiere on Bravo April 4 at 10 pm.  Go on witcha bad self, Tabatha!!! *************************************** BubbaJax’ hubbend, Chris Laurita hands over $1.00 for this property in 2007, … Continue reading


CAROLINE MANZO: DonCaro’s BOYZ Goin’ To FL… Where is The MONEY Going?

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There is nothing I would like better than to expose a charity scam!   Especially if it involves any of the Housewives! Was hoping that da Manzoid “BOYZ” visit to the Whole Foods store in FL involved a charity scam! … Continue reading


CAROLINE MANZO: Da Lil MANZOIDS Are Savin’ Hoboken!… Again!… NOT On The “Cash Donated” List… Critterfur Reveals That **GASP** There Is “Poverty” In Hoboken!

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Oh those cute lil darlings of DonCaro’s… da Manzoid BOYZ! The soon-to-be-thirty-year-old “BOYZ” are now adding their FamousFace clout to a gala event to “Save Hoboken”! You must hurry though… the ticket price of $300 is only available for the … Continue reading

RHONJ: Shut Da Manzoids UP!!

October 9, 2012  11:16 am   

NOTE:  Let’s not forget to thank MissAndy for making each and every Housewife… and anyone associated with that Housewife… to put silver duct tape over their mouths!

(Thanks to SH reader “PG”!!!)


CAROLINE MANZO: Chris Manzo, Albie Manzo, BigGayGreggy… Dating Details… “If Lauren Doesn’t Like” Girlfriend Is Out!

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August 3, 2012  12:34 am   Bravo… The Brothers Manzo recently filled out our little dating questionnaire, and there’s a little bit of everything in there: Current relationship status, their celebrity crushes, embarrassing moments … Is Albie still dating Lindsey? … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: What You Didn’t SEE On Last Episode of The RHONJ!!!… UPDATE: Nicki Minaj Asks If Joe Gorga “Came Out”…

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July 15, 2012  6:05 pm   MOOD:  Amused  UPDATE  8:20 pm Even Nicki Minaj via Twitter is noticing the gayness on the Real Housewives of New Jersey…  Did Joe Gorga come out???  Last week was BigGayGreggy’s birthday and excitement abounded … Continue reading


JACQUELINE LAURITA, CAROLINE MANZO: BLK Water… Chris Laurita, Albie Manzo, Chris Manzo… Suit Settled…

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July 10, 2012  4:55 pm                                          Jax Laurita’s husband, Chris Laurita…  If you were wondering what ever happened to the suit … Continue reading


From SH Archives, January 2012… CAROLINE MANZO: Says “Producers Wanted Her Kids”… “Lauren Was Not Edited Right”

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ORIGINAL POST January 27, 2012  RE-POST July 10, 2012  11:55 am    CelebrityParentsMagazine… NOTE:  After seeing what has transpired so far with DonCaro on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, it is interesting to take a look back at her … Continue reading


From SH Archives: CAROLINE MANZO… Albie Manzo’s Girlfriend… Come On Out, Lindsey A!!!… VIDEO

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From SH Archives OCTOBER 16, 2011  4:45 pm RE-POSTED JULY 2, 2012  10:10 am SH readers knew about Lindsey NINE months ago… Lindsey and Prince Albie are no longer together… Lindsey ran months ago! The girlfriend of Albie Manzo that … Continue reading

CAROLINE MANZO, DINA MANZO: DonCaro and Dina Are Now Talking…VIDEO

June 14, 2012  11:10 pm   US

According to PrinceAlbie and CritterFUR, DonCaro and Aunt Dina Manzo are now speaking…