The Salamis Rehab Puzzle… And More

We had to make up a brand new addiction just for you, Missy: desperatecelebnarcisscamism

Everyone knows Real Housewives of D.C. stars Michaele and Tareq Salahi need help, but Celebrity Rehab?  Why the Salamis— who are neither celebrities nor defined addicts per the DSM IV—have signed up for Dr. Drew Pinsky’s rehab show had everyone puzzled, but apparently the reports are only partially accurate…

Yeah… we’ve scammed everyone on RHODC… now Missy’s on to scam Dr. Drew!!

Today the Salahi Entertainment Media Group (Since when did the Salamis become ‘entertainment’ ?) issued a statement to clear up reports that both Tareq and Michaele Salahi would appear on the new season of “Celebrity Rehab.” Tareq is currently not involved in the project, the statement says, but Michaele is indeed consulting with Dr. Drew, who is helping her work through the aftermath of the White House State Dinner crashing incident.

“Television star Michaele Salahi has a very compelling story and while we are unable to discuss any Television Shows/projects in development, we can confirm that whatever new show she is participating in, it will be a focus for her on the private pains and personal struggles she endured that resulted from the White House issues, Congress and how these life changing events affected her Multiple Sclerosis,” the release reports. “Most human beings couldn’t imagine the personal pain that Michaele has suffered, and soon the American public will learn more about what no one has been able to see so far on the Television Screen.”

And more…

Sean Young has joined the season 5 cast of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  Steven Adler, a Celebrity Rehab alum, is also coming back for season 5.  They join previously announced cast members Michael Lohan, Bai Ling, Michaele Salahi, Jeremy Jackson, Amy Fisher and Heidi Montag.

Was this the moment that caused Sean’s downfall into Dr. Drew’s latest celeb exploitive manipulations?  Is Sean addicted to embarrassment?

Steven Adler… hopefully he will get the help that he desperately needs… maybe he should try a real rehab facility…


Here’s a report from an MTO snitch on the set of the new CELEBRITY REHAB:

So [former NBA star] Isaiah Rider was filming celebrity rehab and on Wednesday [and] US Marshals came and snatched him up! I work on set.

Everyone else on the show is faking it but him and he needed the help and he must be in trouble. It’s a big secret but he will not be on the show!  Also Heidi Montag left the first day!


Damn!  When I saw ‘US Marshalls’ and ‘Celebrity Rehab’, I thought they were going after the Salamis…



The Salamis Are Addicted to…

Tall order: Dr. Drew will be working with Michael Lohan and the White House party crashers amongst others in season five of Celebrity RehabWhat am I gonna do with those scammers, the Salamis???

Dr. Drew really knows how to put together an all-star, A-one, top-notch cast for his ‘Celebrity Rehab‘ show.  For his next attempt at helping celebrities with their weaknesses for drugs, sex, anger, hoarding, attention and general bizarreness, the cast will include the Real Housewives of DC‘s Michaele Missy and Tarmac Salami.

Hey, Missy… let’s take everyone’s credit cards and cash while they’re in with Dr. Drew…

The rest of the rehabbers are: Michael Lohan, former NY Met, Dwight Gooden, Bai Ling, Jeremy Jackson and Amy Fisher will be in the big house with the Salamis.

Jeremy Jackson, Michael Lohan, Amy Fisher and Bai Ling

The fifth season of Celebrity Rehab began taping on Wednesday and the ensemble of addicts will be in treatment for 21 days… well no wonder Michael Lohan didn’t show up for Hailey Glassman’s par-tay!   Hmmm… will KimG be making a trip to CA to visit him?

The big question is:  why are Missy and Tarmac being forced on the public again?   Can Dr. Drew cure them of fame-seeking, animal cruelty, party crashing, pretentious polo playing, striking the same pose for the cameras, delusions of self-importance, making bad wine, impersonating government officials, hypochondria, being con artists/scammers? IMO, the Salamis slipped out of the DC hotel where they were staying without paying their bill, called Dr. Drew and told him they were alcoholics because they couldn’t keep their hands off the booze bottles in the mini-fridge in their hotel room… knowing that they would be homeless unless Dr. Drew fell for their scam.  Well, it paid off, because they have a place to stay for the next three weeks as they fake their way through Celebrity Rehab, plus they’re gonna get a paycheck for their acting job…


The Salamis… Scammer Update

The Salamis doin’ their usual smilin’, ‘cocked head’ pose

Michaele Salami just won’t give up and go away… remember her from the Real Housewives of DC???   She has entered this on her facebook page in the hopes that Bravo Andy will read it and remember who she is:

“A MS awareness “Real” message: “When Reality gets too Real for TV” Some TV executives struggle on how to deal with real life illnesses, in my case a Real Housewife with Multiple Sclerosis… How do you think a network like Bravo will handle it? These are the real hard issues that face persons with disabilities throughout the world with their employers or contractors. Watch what happens!”

NOTE: Is her message a dare to Bravo and Andy (TV executive) in particular?  If Bravo does not renew RHODC for a second season (which is not likely), will Missy have the big burglar balls to sue them for discriminating against a ‘disabled’ person?  Missy claims that she is afflicted with MS, but she has yet to produce any legitimate recent test results or doctor’s affidavits to confirm her diagnosis.  Scammer, con artist pros such as the Salamis will do anything to remain in the public eye and will do anything to generate income, such as suing Bravo and Miss Andy… Missy’s last line says it all:  ‘Watch what happens!’  Yeah, we’re watchin’ you, Missy…



Doin’ their usual pose…

WASHINGTON –More than a year after photogenic Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed the White House and caused an uproar, it appears unlikely the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington will  file charges in the case, has learned.

That conclusion, according to a source, comes after an exhaustive investigation, and after some law enforcement officials had pushed for criminal charges.  The couple crashed the White House party on Nov. 24, 2009, and created an embarrassment for the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security.

Federal authorities had reportedly been looking at possibly charging the couple with criminally trespassing or lying to a federal agent. But some observers inside the Beltway felt all along that it would have been a tough case to prosecute, particularly  considering that the couple insisted they were invited, did nothing to disguise themselves when they entered the White House, and even posed with the vice president.  Plus, in the end, fair to say, very few people in the public wanted to see the Salahis back in the limelight.

Bill Miller, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney’s Office, declined comment.


NOOOOO!….The Salamis Were Invited To The “White House”

Just checking up on the premiere scammers of the entire RH franchises, the Salahis 100805Tareq-Michaele-Salahi1.jpgThe Salami’s typical head-cocked, grinning pose

Salamis of RHODC and almost choked when Missy Michaele wrote on her facebook page ( that she and hubby Tareq Tarmac were invited to the White House Christmas party.   After reviving myself, I read closer that they were invited to “White & Partners” Christmas party…  White & Partners is a marketing and advertising agency located in Herndon, Virginia outside of Washington DC.

Here’s their video invitation: cocked-head usual pose

While at the party, the Salamis were asked what they would do if an unexpected guest turned up at their party.

Here’s the video of ever-happy-ever-smiling Missy Michaele explaining while her obnoxious husband, the ever-happy-ever-smiling, always a stupid grin on his face, Tareq Tarmac, watched:

Salahi.jpgIn same dress worn to the opening of a bowling alley, usual pose

After Thanksgiving, the Salamis made a trip to Chicago to attend a charity event for MS (sorry, still don’t believe it) where brunch with the Salamis was auctioned off.  (Wonder who bid on that goat rodeo?)

Unbelievably, while in Chicago, Michaele ran into Desiree Rogers while shopping. (How many evileye darts were thrown by Desiree at Michaele!?)       Here’s the entire story, written by ChiLebrity:

“I am a huge “Real Housewives” fan and had the pleasure of catching up with Michaele & Tareq Salahi while they were in town for an MS Benefit at the Hard Rock Hotel. Not only does this couple adore the city, but Micahele found a touch of DC here too.

“Wow! I love Chicago! The people in the Midwest are so real, loving and friendly. Plus, the city has a great energy and style. Brunch at Fred’s at Barneys was the best for the auction winners that bid to have brunch with us, and running into former White House Social Secretary, Desiree Rogers at Fred’s was a surprise not only for us, but definitely for her too. What were the odds?!  Love Chicago!”

Note to ChiLebrity:  Use spellcheck…

Before and After Photos of Missy Holt aka Michaele Salami just for the hell of it:
500x salahi 2up 300x202 Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahis Yearbook Photos!