Real Housewives of New York: JILLZARIN… $15,000 Appearance Fee … At The University of South Florida

November 2, 2010  10:42 am

 Jill Zarin…Testing the new “Head Tazer”…

Kristie Gerber, Director of Student Affairs at the U of South Florida, is the person responsible for booking JillZarin. But Kristie doesn’t have the authority to pick and choose the people that she books.

So, how did JillZarin make $15,000 from USF? Well, Jill and Carole Rome are BFFs. And WHO is Carole Rome? Carole Rome ran a very profitable novelty business and was married to Todd Rome who owns Blue Star Jets. Carole divorced Todd and moved to Florida. While in Florida, Carole met Charlie Crist and they married in 2009.

Charlie Crist is the Governor of Florida, and he is running for Senator as an Independent.

This may be a more direct way to explain how JillZarin got that $15,000 USF speaking engagement:   JZ and Carole Rome have been BFFs from way back …Carole is married to the Governor of FL …JZ gets $15,000 as a payback for all the fundraisers she and Bobby held in the Hamptons for Charlie Crist.

SH contacted Kristie Gerber at USF via email:

Sent: Friday, October 29, 2010 2:05 PM

To: Gerber, Kristie
Subject: Question

Dear Ms. Gerber:

I am writing this email out of curiousity. I am a big fan of the Housewives franchise on Bravo TV and just read an article re Jill Zarin lecturing at the University of South Florida. Your name was listed as the person who arranged Ms. Zarin’s appearance.

Would you mind sharing with me the reason you chose Ms. Zarin to speak with your students? I thought of the many ‘housewives’ who would have the best life experience and business acumen and Jill Zarin falls near the bottom of the list. Kandi Burress, Lisa Vanderpump, Bethenny Frankel and Vicki Gunvalson have far more life and business success than Jill Zarin. I just don’t understand why and how her appearance came about and I hope you don’t mind sharing your logic as to your choice.

I am not a media person nor connected or affiliated with an organization that is for or against the ‘housewives’ or Jill Zarin. I am just a housewife (really!) who goes to the source when I have a question and not one who relies on rumors.

I appreciate your time in responding and look forward to your reply.

Thank you.


UPDATE:  I received an email from Kristie Gerber at USF re the choice of JillZarin.  It’s a very non-answer, but at least she replied:

Thank you for your inquiry.  The ULS student committee selected Jill Zarin for a number of reasons:     They believed in her philanthropy work.  They believed in her perspective on owning and running a successful business.  They believed in her “brand marketing” of herself, and they wanted to hear more about the development of her TV show and where she thought that may be headed.

Additionally, we work with an agents to secure said talent.  There are a number of factors that come into play when selection entertainment for a college community:   Who is currently touring, what their availability is, what our availability is.  Cost and additional contract requirements.

Given all circumstances, this was the Jill Zarin was the best selection for the event that we were hosting.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Kristie Gerber,

Director of the Center for Student Involvement

University of South Florida

Real Housewives of New York: Jill Zarin… The U of South Florida Ripoff… USF Paid Jillz $15,000… And No One Showed Up!!!

OCTOBER 30, 2010  11:17 AM

 Jill Zarin… “Baw-beeeee… I wanted $85,000!!!”

How in the world did Jill Zarin get hooked up with the U of South Florida? They paid her $15,000 plus expenses and airfare to give a 90-minute talk at the school. HUH??? What knowledge did Jill Zarin impart to these young, impressionable students?

What is Jill Zarin going to talk about? How to nag at husbands? (Bawby, Bawby, I love that bracelet. Buy it for me, Bawby.) What to wear at an ice rink? (Girls, make sure you pad your butt, ’cause you’ll fall down a lot.) How to win friends and influence people? (Just watch the RHONY to see how I do it… I’m selling DVDs for $25 cash only… meet me at the trunk of my rental car.)

Someone at the U of South FL must be on crack when they decided on Jill Zarin. The U of South Florida expected 400 students to attend JZ’s lecture and only 100 showed up... and they still gave her $15,000!

How does one get on that list of “artists” willing to speak to the fragile minds at the U of South FL? If anyone knows, please send me an email!

The details, compliments of The Smoking Gun… here.