The FIRST Stoopidest Housewife Award Winner… Lynne Curtin!

Presently, Lynne Curtin is the founding member of the “Stoopid Housewives Club.” Although Lynne is no longer a cast member of the Real Housewives of Orange County, she holds the distinct honor of being the first member of the “Stoopid Housewives Club.”

Lynne Curtin, ex-‘star’ of The Real Housewives of Orange County

Lynne has demonstrated throughout her appearances on RHOOC her utter stoopidity: eviction notices, spousal squabbles, child neglect, no-brain decision making and bad plastic surgery.  Lynne will never change; therefore, she holds the first spot in “The Club.”

Lynne Curtin, Founding Member of the Stoopid Housewives Club

The Housewives can change and if they do, they will be out of the “StoopidHousewife category… however, Lynne will be the permanent housemother.


5 comments on “The FIRST Stoopidest Housewife Award Winner… Lynne Curtin!

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  2. Right on! Just please don’t make us look at her skanky, rude, out of control daughters. Thet got way to much airtime. When they arrived, drunk, that was a joke. And, Duh, Lynn didn’t notice they got into booze in the limo.


  3. Alot of these “housewives” are so popped up on pills they dont even know what day it is. Lynn was/is? a total pill popper. Taylor & Kim strike me as pill poppers. Ramona = total pill popper!


  4. I was watching re-runs this week and this hag was going on about how she is aware her daughter drinks and she is going to drink…so why try and hide it? OMG…really? On public TV your going to admit that?


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