Stoopid Housewives Nominees Are… And Winner for 2011… KOOKOOKELLY BENSIMON!

The winner of  STOOPIDEST HOUSEWIFE OF 2011 is…


The Real Housewives of New York




UPDATED:  5-12-2011

The following Real Housewives are being considered for initiation into the very exclusive STOOPID HOUSEWIVES CLUB

RHOC:  Alexis Bellino   

RHOA:   Sheree Whitfield

                              Sheree Whitfield, posing on her car that was repossessed a day after this photo was taken

RHONJ:  Danielle Staub OR Beverly Merrill aka Danielle Maher, Angela Minelli, Beverly Maher

RHONY:  Jillzarin and Kelly Bensimon

  Kelly for the SH Club Award!! She is soooo crazy and really, really stoopid.

RHODC:  Michaele Salahi

Who will be the next Housewife to join Lynne Curtin in the exclusive ‘Stoopid Housewives Club?’

The next member of “The Club” will be announced July 1, 2011.


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6 comments on “Stoopid Housewives Nominees Are… And Winner for 2011… KOOKOOKELLY BENSIMON!

  1. I have to give the title to KooKooKelly. And for real stupidity, I give to Cynthia, for being so dumb as to marry Peckerhead Peter.

  2. If Lynne is the original stupid housewife then Ramona should hold the second spot. She is a real moron. Things that come out of her mouth and the way she acts she really has to hold that title.

  3. So many housewives are eligible but I nominate Alexis Bellino for the simple reason that her 9th century philosphy toward marriage and relationships. She would do thrive in the backwards world of certain middle eastern countries.

  4. I am just reading my comment and I’m no sure why it got my words all mixed up. I meant to say Alexis would thrive in the old fashioned world of certain middle eastern countries of today

  5. Theresa is so dumb it is frightening…did she ever attend school….she must have been out the day they taught vocabulary and grammar…please stop enabling morons.

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