REAL HOUSEWIVES… Before and After

New look: Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin (left) at the TV Land Awards in New York on Sunday and (right) earlier this yearNew look: Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin (left) at the TV Land Awards in New York on Sunday and (right) earlier this year  Jill Zarin May 2011

Alexis Bellino

  Alexis and Jimbo Bellino holding twin girls who are now (2011) three years old

  Danielle Staub MugshotDanielle Staub… Mugshot when Danielle was Beverly Merrill or Angela Minelli

  Missy Holt HS Yearbook photo… Michaele Salahi


Nene Leakes… lipo, nose, boobs

                         Ex-RHOC Housewife, Lynne Curtin 2010
  Tree Joo-dice (Teresa Giudice)  Before and after boob job

              Caroline Manzo (RHONJ)  Lost 25 lbs.  Rumored to have had lapband surgery late 2010

                            Ashley Holmes, daughter of RHONJ Jacqueline Laurita  (April 2011)

Taylor Armstrong Before And After  Taylor Armstrong HS photo… present.

  Ramona Singer… Virgin Islands (Scary Island) and RHONY Reunion Show

                             Gretchen Rossi with her parents

                                       Gretchen Rossi… continues to say that she has had no plastic surgery

                                         Camille Grammer… 1986 and 2010

                             Vicki Gunvalson with son and daughter, Michael and Briana Wolfsmith

                 VICKI… Season Six Real HWs of OC

                 Kim Zolciak

Adrienne Maloof…

 June 2012

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41 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES… Before and After

  1. I really dont think thats Alexis, I’m a Graphic Designer and work in Photoshop all day long at my job, it looks like someone took the top half of the face/head that included a little past the bottom the eyes and the upper bridge of the nose and placed it on a different nose and mouth. I could be wrong but am pretty good at spotting stuff like this. You wouldn’t believe the photos in some of the gossip rags!

  2. OMG what the hell happened to Jill Zarin? She looks really bad now, almost like a dragqueen who had one too many glasssof Manishewitz! She looked 100 times better before and her hair color…It’s too dark, but i think that’s the least of her problems! Bobby should have kept his wallet tighly closed for that Doctor bill!!

    Jill, less is more honey, but I still love ya!!!!

  3. Honestly, Tree is the only one in the list who’s after looks better than her before. Tree NEEDED those bubbies because she had a man-chest before. She’s still stoopid, though.

    I still can’t get enough of how Wretched’s before photo looks like Rosie O’Donnel’s face.

  4. not to be a fussbudget but, with a few exceptions, like an under eye bag surgery, a lot of that (aside from the fact that they all have vaneers) could have been accomplished with filler and botox – I see it every day with my clients and use some botox and restalyne in my naseolabial folds myself .. a new set of chops and a face full of botox and sculptura can make you look like a whole different person .(for better or worse) . which is , in fact, what I believe is wrong with Ramona and Vicky’s faces .. too much sculptura and not enough healing, setting time

    • I have always had a problem with the Taylor picture. I believe it is her, but I can’t find a resemblance between the two – I can’t see any resemblance between her eyes or anything. No matter what I think of her (which is minus zero), she certainly was successful at changing her looks. That could be a high school photo and she was partying too much and it showed. Substance abuse can make an 18 year old look older and I suspect she was a big drinker back in OK. I think she is probably abusing alcohol (and whatever else) now and has been a heavy drinker since the show started. Remember the video of her and Kyle at the premier party for season one, where she was smashed? She’s a drunk. Hiccup.

      • Maybe “going Oklahoma” include copious amounts of alcohol first.

        Makes sense that she was a big drinker as a teen….her emotional age is permanently stunted.

  5. Wow Taylor looks bad. Michaele and Gretchen also look like completely different people. Jill looked younger before the plastic and the hair color isn’t what bothers me. Its pulled her face down. She had high cheekbones and now she looks saggy in my eyes? Do I need glasses?

    Had always felt bad for Vicki and her nose not realizing she had a totally normal one to begin with. Ramona did need anything done, and wtf is Ashley getting plastic surgery done for in the first place? Another thing her step-father paid for that makes her think she is beyond working or going to school. It makes me that much more angry that she called her Mom the names she did when they gave her anything and everything she ever wanted. Spoiled rotten! Not going to discuss D~

  6. OMG! Ashley (who has changed her name to Ashlee, big change…) used to be freakin’ gorgeous! She’s made herself look like a pig! Maybe it wasn’t surgery, maybe the ugliness of her personality seeped out of her face…

    • I didnt know she owned a plastic surgery place but yes I think her bootie is out of place. on her frame. But since she kept her caftan on in Hawaii she concealed her “work” from us.

  7. Hair, make-up and photography magic have a lot to do with looks too. We didn’t have all those tools back in the 80′s/90′s, or they weren’t as common. Of course we didn’t have prominent reality “stars” either..
    I am not denying that many of these ladies had surgeries/botox etc but there are other factors in their physical appearance looking different.

  8. Can you post some pics from the Vancouver girls too? Ronnie, Mary and Christina (who claims to be only 30…) would make great before/after comparison material. Jody should chop some length off that beak of hers..and her ugly ass daughter Mia should too because she inherited the same pointy beak.

  9. Thanx for sharing! Love it!

    I know I’m “late to the party” but I just wanted to comment on Dani96′s comment: Dani96, you obviously know what you’re talking about, but the before photo of Alexis IS real! It was originally posted on Bravo’s site and she’s even responded to comments on it. I believe it was also shown on WWHL a couple years ago. She explained that it was taken (long before Taliban Jim) for a ‘Hometown Hotties’ spread for some cheesecake layout- years ago.
    Is it just me, or does someone else agree that with all her money, Camille should really do SOMETHING about those huge dents on her face? The ones on & just below her cheekbones, they’re terribly unattractive and seem to really age her

  10. There’s no way in hell Kim is 34. Check out the styles she’s wearing in the first two pics, and the fact that she’ a full grown adult in those decades (1980s). She’s shaving AT LEAST 4-5 years off her true age.

  11. Mike: I agree Looks more like the early 90s — and she was prob 20 which would be about right – I am 43 and the clothes and/ hair and jewelry are all early 90′s (91 – 94)- stuff I wore then at the same age- She is defintely more around my age and prob lied on docs – Sorry

  12. I want to see the MIAMI Housewives’ before and afters.
    Joanna is beautiful….but her face is strange and crooked. I can’t figure out what is going on! Nose job? Cheek implants? Lips? I don’t know.
    Marysol was probably great looking before all the botox, not to mention Elsa.
    ALL of those housechicks, aside from possibly Lea, have had some work done. Some of them have had EXTENSIVE work done. It is like a rite of passage here in Miami (although I have had nothing done…yet…)
    Thanks and cheers!

  13. What’s up with Kyle Richard’s face on the Reunion that just aired? What weird facial expressions the entire time like her face was frozen. Too much botox? Facelift? Her face is so artificial and stiff. She can’t even smile. Lol!

  14. SH, this was a fun post, and I’d love to see more. I miss and hope the web mistress there is okay.

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