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    • Why does Andy not ask the wives of all franchises about thier tummy tucks . That is the most serious plastic surgery that many have had and not one has ever said they had when asked directly all the plastic surgeries that they have had. Andy – get on the ball – ask the wives – all of them who has had tummy tucks!!!!!

  1. I watch NJ because I’m from there, and it feels like home (although I was never in that tax bracket, alas!) How on earth can you call them “stoopid?” Gorgeous homes that are always CLEAN, successful husbands who obviously adore them (or are faking it real well), new cars, designer clothes, fabulous shoes, nannies, and enough free time to work out. I mean, have you seen them in swimsuits? Even after they’ve had a couple of kids, they still look like models. If marrying well and being able to take care of yourself is “stoopid,” I can only GUESS what you think of the rest of us.

    • Many of them are pretending to be something they are not. Not all of their husbands are successful. Also a man is not a financial plan!!

      They are stoopid for airing their dirty laundry on television, not paying bills, committing fraud, filing bankruptcy all because they can’t really afford the “new cars, designer clothes, fabulous shoes, nannies, and enough free time to work out” that you find makes them amazing. I choose to value who people ARE not what they have. What matters to me is sincerity, honesty, and integrity. Not what these women own, what they look like or where they live.

      • You go girl!!!! To be honest, relying on man is my worst nightmare. I’m not trying to be disparaging towards men,; I’m saying I want to be a successful and powerful woman on my own. That, and I want to be dominant I like to have all the power some might say I am a control freak, but I don’t care that is me. In addition, some people might say that these women are superficial and bank, yes, that might be true but some are not. Some women have successful businesses.

    • Lynda: Kindly read the reason for the name of the site… the word “stoopid” is not just for the NJ franchise. ALL of ‘em, every stinkin’ one of the Housewives. is stoopid. Nice ot know that you actually BELIEVE the load of crap that Bravo is shovin’ down viewers throats about these people. You’re in for a rude awakening when you find that NONE of ‘em are actually as they are portrayed on their franchise. Truly surprised that you, as an intelligent person I presume, haven’t figured that out before now! TFC!!! SH

    • Lynda: Amazing that you have not figured out that it’s not just the NJ franchise that are “stoopid,” but all of ‘em… every one of the Housewives from all the Bravo HWs franchises… are “stoopid.” If you believe the load of crap that Bravo is shovin’ down your throat re these morons, then you have my complete sympathy… and I’m gonna go ahead and presume that I’m speakin’ for all SH readers (except you)… so we ALL feel sorry for you.

      And, actually, if you haven’t figured this out by now, we have even MORE sympathy for you because everyone knows (except for you, apparently) that the NJ Housewives DO NOT represent the state of NJ. NO ONE thinks that all residents of NJ are anything at all like these people who appear on a now producer-induced, semi-scripted “reality” show on a cable channel. TFC!!! SH

  2. I will give away my first born child if MeGo hasn’t had that top lip of hers puffed verrrrry recently! As for the others… they all have work done! You only gotta Google before after photos on any of them. Shana is by far the biggest transformation

    • I agree with you there. Also, Alexass B & Nene Leakes huge differences & Jacqueline Holmes Laurita as well as Kim Zolciak pretty big difference from pictures of those 2 in their 20’s & now.

  3. When Jacqueline laurito responded to a 10 yr old gia (LIKE A 10 yr OLD) with :” no, you get out….. This is MY HOUSE LITTLE GIRL”…. I had heard all I needed to to realize WHY Jacqueline’s own daughter is having issues with her. I’ve always felt bad for Ashley the way jaqueline shows preferential treatment to her laurito boys over Ashley. Now I see why Ashley behaves the way she does . Sad. Look in the mirror for the problem Jacqueline. She’s right in front of you !

  4. What ever happened to putting a rude kid in her place? Teresa’s brood (except for the poor quiet second daughter) are bratty, psycho, disrespectful mini women who will need tons of therapy one day unless they wind up homeless due to a lack of education, and a lack of money because the only reason they aren’t on the street now is because of Teresa’s “cookbooks”. Otherwise, Teresa has got to be one of the most ignorant women in the franchise. The woman has ghost writers and cannot speak English properly.

    • For all of Teresa’s presumed “ignorance”, she has never gone on the internet to bash young children, a claim that others (AHEM) cannot make.

  5. @deb and @carmen are — I don’t agree with you about Teresa’s kids. I think they’re adorable, spunky, normal kids. But actually, my opinion doesn’t matter, because bashing minor children is VERBOTEN here at SH and can get you kicked off the site. Read the rules posted in the masthead.

  6. I just want to say 1 thing & then I swear I’ll slink away.
    Other then Kandi Buress form RHOA okay, DO ANY OF THE HAGS HAVE ANY REAL TALENT????
    If Barfo network & Miss crazy eyed fool Andy did not exist no one on earth would have Teresa writing books, she can barely read much less write, Gretchen Grossi a designer? Please she couldn’t design a fly swatter from an old magazine. Or KKKim Z or Albie Manzo doing anything that involves an IQ over 90 without any help from anyone. Come on! Bravo gives these people a chance because they are willing to be mercenary & have some $$$ to begin with or play like they do, They do to.he most disgusting things similar to when that chick pooped on Flavo Flav’s floor on Flavor of Love 6 years ago. If they told Tree “hey take a dump on Caroline’s floor” she’d so do it for a buck & then sell fabolicious toilet paper!

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