Born and raised in Manhattan in 1970, Aviva attended The Fieldston School and has a BA from Vassar College.

Ms. Drescher at a Soul Cycle event for her One Step Ahead Foundation (Heidi Green)

She went on to get her Masters in French Literature from NYU and her JD from Benjamin Cardozo School of Law.

                                           AVIVA AND REID DRESCHER

Aviva has four children ranging from the ages of ten to one and is married to Reid Drescher, Wall Street investment banker.



“…she lost her leg in a horrifying farm accident upstate at age six.

“It was a genius idea to go ride a conveyor belt in a barn that was meant to remove cow manure,” Ms. Drescher said, rolling her eyes.

Along with a black pencil skirt from Dolce and Gabbana paired with a burgundy bow blouse and cashmere sweater vest by Gucci, Ms. Drescher was sporting a pair of thigh-high black boots. She always wears thigh-high boots.

The initial amputation was not the ideal surgery, she recalled. “The problem was, as a child, they only amputated several inches above ankle, so the amputation was very awkward. I’d get abrasions all the time. I constantly had infections.” At 26, Ms. Drescher underwent elective surgery to remove more of the leg, which gave her more skin and padding.

She told the story casually, with self-depreciating wit—eager to make us comfortable and to dispel any tiny violins that might launch into an overture.

“When I was growing, I’d have to get a new prosthesis every six months,” Mrs. Drescher noted …”


Ms. Drescher makes allusions to The Brady Bunch when talking about her current husband, Reid Drescher, who is the CEO and president of investment firm Spencer Clarke LLC and a partner and portfolio manager of the private hedge fund Cape One Financial. (Their estimated net worth, by the family’s own account, is in the seven figures, though Internet speculation suggests much higher numbers.) They have four children together, including the two oldest step-children they “merged” over from former marriages.Ms. Drescher met her Prince Charming at Bed, Bath and Beyond when Mr. Drescher told his daughter Veronica to go play with her son Harrison, so he’d have a reason to approach the statuesque single mother.

Even their engagement story is too adorable: “When Reid proposed, he gave Harrison a ring to give his daughter Veronica, and Harrison asked her to be his sister,” Ms. Drescher recalled. “So we ended up merging his daughter from another wife and my son into a single family.”

Then came the two children with Reid: Hudson and Sienna, four children altogether, ranging from 10 to one and a half. Her life, by Ms. Drescher’s own account, is pretty home-oriented.

“The biggest difference between Reid and Harry is that Harry was more a going-out type of guy…he was into socializing. Reid is all about family and work. I’m not a golfing widow. He’s hands-on.”

Aha! There’s the proof that Ms. Drescher cannot, will not be a Housewife: Of the eight women who have starred in the New York version of the show, just three were married at the time of filming. (Bethenny Frankel’s spin-off shows Bethenny Getting Married and Bethenny Ever After documented her marriage to Jason Hoppy after she left Housewives.)

Traditionally, a married Housewife is also a busy Housewife (think of Jill Zarin, who spent so much time running her own business and hosting charity events that her family is portrayed as an afterthought). Or she’s a co-dependent Housewife (like Alex McCord, who was never onscreen without her flamboyantly accented hubby, Simon Van Kempen, who usually had more drama with the rest of the ladies than his wife did).

Housewives almost always have jobs—which makes “housewife” sort of a misnomer—while Ms. Drescher doesn’t.

A stay-at-home mom who doesn’t party (“I can honestly say I’ve never inhaled…I’ve never even been drunk!” she said) joining up with Bravo’s cast of egoists? Um, no.

She was born in Manhattan, where she grew up as Aviva Teichner on the Upper West Side. Her parents, George and Ingrid, were beautiful and wealthy; her mother a strict German former model, and her father, an investment banker. Ms. Drescher went to private schools like Fieldston (where she dated a “really hot” football player), then Vassar and then NYU for a Master’s in French Literature—which led to some time in France where she dated a club owner and hung out with Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell. Then she grabbed a J.D. from Cardozo.



Aviva is currently anticipated to star on the newest season of the popular reality TV show, The Real Housewives of New York City. Backstabbing friends, bickering husbands and finding a fabulous designer handbag are some of the “hardships” faced by the women of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise. But Aviva Drescher experienced, and overcame, a horrifying real-life tragedy before she was even a teen.

Aviva, 41- one of three new women reported to be replacing Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Cindy Barshop, Alex McCord and Jill Zarin on the series—was just 6 years old when her left foot got caught in a barn-cleaning machine’s conveyor belt at her family’s upstate New York dairy farm in 1977. Rescue workers spent “three hours sawing free my mangled, manure-ridden leg,” she later revealed, but gangrene eventually set in, and her food and ankle had to be amputated two months later.








      • Now that we know a lil more about her shadiness is it possible that that fall down the steps was faked so she could get the poor pitiful me edit that she claims to not want so badly?


    • Classy? Really. I think she is a very shallow and self righteous person. According to her, no one does it as good as she can. She cant seem to get along with anyone. Last year she slandered Ramona and Sonja. This year its Carol’s turn. Carol is a writer and Aviva is so STUPID she has no idea what that is. Whatever book Aviva would write, no one would buy. No one wants to read anything about a know-it-all who is going to preach how wonderful she is. Didn’t Brandi already write that book?


  1. I think that Bravo must have a special insurance on her ….in case she falls and get hurt.
    I don’t think it is comfortable for her to be on the show….she’s always saying to everyone:””my leg here my leg there”.


  2. Sooo, it’s her husband that is Fran’s cousin. This woman is the most judgemental, mental, attention seeking, whining, obssesive, holier-than-I, phony, know-it-all I’ve ever seen. Her preaching to others on how to behave, not to mention, her verbal abuse is astounding. She needs to take a look at her life and behavior, not to mention the sexual, physical and verbally abusive behavior of her perverted “white trash” father. She’s a spoiled narcissistic brat of the worst kind.


    • he is disgusting and gross-somehow Aviva thinks he is just “a card-haha” funny..but if anyone else acted as vile as him she would be horified at how classless they were. He makes me sick and so does she.


  3. God I hate her she needs to grow up I guess ignorance is bliss, and how could her husband be so ignorant to live with such a cow!! Sonja and Ramona rock god love em they are my kind of girls!!!


  4. Aviva would understand Carole if she were to Google her. She was a journalist for 20 years and she was an imbedded journalist during war time. She won an Emmy for her documentary production. Carole is a highly accomplished writer. For Aviva to even think that Carole would have use for a ghostwriter is silly and insulting. That is Aviva’s LIE that has caused all the drama.


  5. That is a nice story. Too bad Aviva didn’t find a way to develop better socially with all that experience in educational facilities. I can’t stand how self-serving her focus is, constantly trained on fulfilling her own ego needs. That’s my observation from western US.


    • Right on Mama B…. book smart maybe but people skills zip. She’s scary. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near her in a social circle. Don’t think NY wives are getting hazard pay.


  6. I am disappointed in Aviva. She was so charming when she first came on the show, but that charm seems to be superficial. I don’t appreciate people who doctor their stories to suit their needs. She told Ramona that Heather attacked her verbally–out of the blue–at LuAnn’s barbecue. It was Aviva who brought up the argument about the book at the barbecue, and she was talking very loudly so everyone would hear her. If you replay that episode, you will see Vassar-educated Aviva speaking loudly enough to be heard in the other rooms. Then she said that Heather and Carole “verbally raped her.” She also leaves out the part of the story where she accused Carole of having a ghost-writer. This lie is the core of the problem. I believe that Aviva’s leg affected her profoundly. She is very brave to go through life as normal as possible. She still has post-traumatic stress. Unfortunately, this accident has affected her self-esteem, which is understandable. But this is no excuse for her to malign someone else with a lie.


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