Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney

“Housewives come younger, but they don’t come hotter.”


Tamra Barney is one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Orange County. A native of Glendora, she joined the cast of the Bravo docu-drama in the third season through a casting call launched by the network’s website.

Tamra was married to Simon Barney and has three children with him, Sidney, Spencer and toddler Sophia, all of whom are under the age of 10. She also has a 22-year-old son named Ryan from a previous marriage.

Barney grew up in Chula Vista, California, so she knows the Golden state well. She’s a real estate agent who was married for 10 years to Simon Barney, with whom she has three children, though she also has another older son Ryan from a previous marriage.

Problems between Ryan and Simon, along with some financial disputes, heated up in season 5 of the show, leading Simon to file for divorce. He claimed Tamra had cheated on him; the papers read, “Petitioner contends that Respondent has been verbally abusive and has committed acts of disloyalty and infidelity.”

Tamra, of course, denied the charges, but soon after she started dating his best friend Eddie Judge. The two were spotted on vacation together, and they have since gone public with the relationship.

Tamra made headlines again in May 2010 when her son, Ryan, was arrested.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tamra-Barney/82781113707



Tamra Selling House:   http://www.zillow.com/blog/real-housewife-tamra-barney-selling-oc-home-as-short-sale/2009/11/11/

7 comments on “Tamra Barney

  1. tamra,you were so mean last year along with peggy.alexis,is my fav.you should not be so judgemental and pick and bully people who love the lord.we do not have to live under a rock.let me know when you walk on water.lex,is why i watch oc.get over it.one season you are saying how pretty she is and playing tennis and then bamb.you and peggy need to have a little jesus in you.your breast reduction.you just want to be like gretchen.when you were alexis age you had stuff done.you are older now and just trying to put alexis down.i know she loves the lord and i dont trust or care what you say.jim and alexis should rub off on you.you have been so mean to slade.god help you this year not be so judgemental.let people be.you need to say sorry to jeana.


  2. Tamra Barnery = TTT…Truly Trailer Trash
    Anyone catch the resemblence between Tamra Barnery and Bette Davis as the Jane character in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” circa 1962. Cotton candy hair and all.


    • Trailer trash all the way! You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl. She’s living proof.


  3. I used to like Tamra in the beginning even though she’s a horrible mother (her son is practically an invalid mess of a human despite his privileges–must be difficult to have a crazy bitch for a mother who chose such husband) but now she’s lost all restraint and let’s her trashy persona all hang out. They should put Tamra with the Housewives of Atlanta animals or the Jerseylicious trash. Big disappointing, uninteresting, brash bully. Sigh.


  4. I think Tamra is absolutely stupid for trying to be Vicki’s friend. Vicki is a pathetic joke. I’ve lost all interest in Tamra due to her poor judgement.


  5. I really hope this bitch and i want to use another word so bad but basically this women is an asshole slut who has no friends and the ones she does thinks she has she back stabs them any chance she gets. She is an insecure jerk who really needs to take a long HARD look at her fake gross personality and get a grip on the fact that as a person she sucks. I hope eddie wakes up and dumps this stupid bitch who really is not much to look at when you get down to it. There is a reason she does not have her kids full time, she sucks as a mother and as a person. I watch the show and I want to punch her and vicki so hard in their fake faces, they are friends because they are both fake assholes who are really insecure or they would not act the way they do.RUN EDDIE RUN, she sucks.


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