Sarah Winchester… “Friend” of Real Housewives of Orange County

 Sarah Winchester….November 22, 2011

In season seven, Gretchen and Alexis bring their long-time friend Sarah Winchester into the O.C. mix. Sarah says she is an heir to the Winchester Rifle family, and she certainly comes into the group with her guns blazing. No stranger to drama, Sarah finds herself in the middle of verbal warfare with both Vicki and Heather.

Sarah Winchester twitter… here.

So far, Sarah’s tweets are unremarkable!


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24 comments on “Sarah Winchester… “Friend” of Real Housewives of Orange County

  1. Cannot be an heir to the rifle company because the only possible heir died as an infant and it was a girl, so no Winchester name to pass down.

  2. Her tweets are unremarkable because she is using the real Sarah Winchester’s picture and tweeting as if she was her. Sarah Winchester was the wife of the son of the owner and is famous for the Winchester house in San Jose. She thought that spirits of those killed by the rifles were haunting her.

  3. I’m confused… That chick in the pic above; who is she? Is she really living in Winchester mansion? How? Also, wth? And what’s wrong with her? Would this b Shaft #2? If all above is so; damn you Bravo! (shaking fist)

    • Yes, Janet Sanford (first comment) is correct. The Bravo-provided info is correct, too. She SAYS she is an heir, much as Shana SAYS she is a member of the Ford family, as much as Marlo is a high society ATL socialite, as much as Russell was richer than Texas, as much as monkeys will fly out of ….

    • The OC housewives friend “Sarah Winchester” is Directly related to Oliver Winchester. That is her Great, Great, Great Grandfather, I believe. There is no blood relation to the other Sarah Winchester that you are referring too that built The Mystery House. She had married into the family which was Oliver’s second wife after his first wife had died. Once he passed Sarah started building on to the house which is to this day very well known not just in our community but all around the world as one of our historic landmarks of the Winchester Firearms family. The Sarah from the Housewives show that you are referring to is in fact a direct blood descendent of the Winchester family by 3 generations through Oliver Winchester, not his wife. The family would like to officially clear that up so there is no confusion. The TV show’s Sarah Winchester is a wonderful girl and she will always have our love and support. Good luck with the show my Dear. We send her our best.

      • Interesting. Who are her parents and grandparents…and her great and great, great grandparents, for that matter, if she is the great, great, great granddaughter of Oliver Winchester? Seems like the only descendants born with the name “Winchester” that didn’t involve seeking a legal name change would have been the children of William and Sarah. Thanks in advance for filling the gaps from the information Bravo provided.

        • While I’m waiting, I think I’ll head into the kitchen and start doing some salad prep…care to join me, Uncommon Commenter?

          • I thought I would make the grape salad as light as possible since I’m still new around here, but now that you have joined in….throw in some nuts!

      • Well, the second wife would have to have married a ghost since he died in 1880 and his only wife Jane Ellen Hope Winchester died in 1898. There was NO second wife. There are NO Winchesters related to the founder of the company. The landmark is not maintained by the Winchester family. The house was not mentioned in her will and was bought by an investor. Currently the house is maintained and run as a tourist site by Winchester Investments, LLC and the registered owners are Gerard Raney and Ray K. Farris and their families are the names associated with the company according to multiple sources in the public domain. They are not related to the Winchester family. Seriously, I can call a company any name I want, it doesn’t mean I am related to a famous person with that name!

      • Also, a correction to GL Winchester who claims to speak for the family. Oliver had one wife and it was not Sarah. Oliver’s father Samuel had three wives and Oliver was from the third wife.
        Sarah was his daughter-in-law not his second wife. Oliver’s daughter married Oliver Grey Bennett and they had three children named Hope, Winchester, and Eugene Bennett. So again, she could not legally be an heir unless her name was Bennett or a married name of a Bennett daughter. Oliver Bennett was a president of the company, so would have probably had some shares in the company, but he died before the company was in bankruptcy and sold to the Olin company. Sarah Winchester had 50% of the company, it was a public company, so he may not have had any shares.
        If GL Winchester really is a relative they would have known that.

      • Are you kidding me? Of course there is no “blood” relation between Sarah Winchester and Sarah from the OC. Sarah Pardee Winchester was not Oliver’s second wife. Oliver Winchester had ONE child, and his name was William. William married Sarah Pardee, and they had one child. Their child died. Oliver died and left his fortune to his only son, William. William died one year later and left his fortune to his wife, Sarah Pardee Winchester. Sarah had thirteen separate wills.

        The only way that Sarah from the OC could have on penny of this fortune is if she is related to one of the thirteen individuals that received money from Sarah’s will. She may have money from the family, but she is not the great, great, great granddaughter of Oliver. Your explanation of the lineage is impossible, and unproven.

  4. Oliver Winchester orig had one son and 2 daughters. He left his fortune to his son William. He married the crazy lady that built the Winchester house, adn they had a daughter who died. The daughter in law of the founder spent most of the family fortune building that house. Not sure if the 2 daughters married into money. She would have to be a descendent of the 2 daughters that were left nothing of the Rifle business. She seems fishy already.

  5. What was left to the niece was the house and she sold all the furnishings. So IF she is related, she would NOT be a Winchester by name as NO heirs could have that name unless they changed it. She would be Marriot. Basically if you have a little money, enough to go to parties and sign in as Sarah Winchester as in the Winchester rifles you say … no one checks. Remember “Clark Rockefeller”? He married a very intelligent business woman who was thrilled to now be a Rockefeller. No one checked to see if it was true. Remember the guy who tricked all those people in New York who said he was Sidney Portier’s son and a friend of their children at Harvard, Yale, etc.? They were just thrilled to say at social events and cocktail parties that he was staying at their house … no one checked to see that he only had daughters!!

  6. When someone says their name is Winchester and they are an “heir” to the Winchester Rifle company, would that not infer there were Winchesters still running the company? Like the Hiltons? Just doing a quick research on the company you see that the only “heir” Sarah Winchester died owning 50% of a company (getting a residual monthly) and her favorite niece got the contents of the house. “Sarah was buried alongside her child and husband. Her will – which she wrote and signed in 13 sections – left her servants some money, her niece some furniture (it required six and a half weeks to haul it away, eight truckloads of it every single day), and the Winchester Fund for the treatment of Tuberculosis received some $ 2 million in bequest . Aside from her will, her safe had contained only the locks of hair of her husband and child and their obituaries.” No heirs to the company have anything to do with running it, it is run by the Olin holding company. In 1931 the original Winchester company was bankrupt.

  7. There is a really good book called Captive of the Labyrinth: Sarah L. Winchester, Heiress to the Rifle Fortune By Mary Jo Ignoffo and you can read most of it on Google books. In it she claims thata she was not a wackadoodle but very saavy with money. She also thinks that the constant building was a way to keep relatives from visiting by saying her house is “under construction.” After reading what I could, it seems plausible as she was not a recluse and did set up trusts for her sister and their children (one of which seemed to be mentally ill as she got older). But it does give a history of the company and it was going to go into bankrupcy an Sarah’s stock value dropped by 2/3 before they put it into a holding company. Her brother-in-laws were the ones who ran the company after her husband died and they did use the family name in naming their children, but none could have the Winchester surname as they were her sister-in-law’s husband and her own sister’s husband.
    There are no “Winchesters” running the company: In 1892, Franklin W. Olin, a Vermont-born engineer who was educated at Cornell University, founded the Equitable Powder Company in East Alton, Illinois. A predecessor of Olin Industries, Equitable Powder supplied blasting powder to midwestern coal fields. The powder company soon expanded into small arms ammunition, and the Western Cartridge Company was formed in 1898.
    In 1931, Western completed its integration into small arms and ammunition with its purchase of the legendary Winchester Repeating Arms Co., which had been founded in New Haven, CT, in 1866. Winchester also greatly expanded production during World War I, but to absorb the excess capacity and pay down debt it made a disastrous foray into manufacturing and selling hardware goods, from roller skates and refrigerators to batteries. This failed experiment eventually drove Winchester into receivership and led to its sale to the Olins and Western Cartridge in 1931. The Olins quickly ended Winchester’s foray into the hardware field, paring it down to its core competencies in arms and ammunition.
    To say you are an “heir” infers you are to inherit something and most people would assume that meant she is somehow receiving or will receive ownership or money associated with ownership of the company. Is that not what anyone here would have thought? That somehow through generations of trusts, etc., that she would or has received monies associated with the company.
    I think using Paris Hilton is a good example, she is an heir to the Hilton company and fortune through her father. Technically she could have some form of job on a board, etc. But she better hurry up and clean up her act, because according to a bio of her grandfather, he is embarassed by her behavior AND plans to leave 97% of the Hilton fortune of 1.1 Billion to a charitable trust!! (not related to her behavior) Paris better hurry up and find a rich guy to marry like they all do … keeping it amongst themselves, sometimes trading name with no money for money with no “name”! But who would want her as the mother of their children!!! Wow! I wrote a book!

  8. I was reading about Taylor on The Daily Beast and it made me think that this Sarah Winchester is probably scamming people right and left in the OC cause they think she is an heir and has money coming once all the legal stuff is settled! Isn’t that what they say after borrowing money?

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