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“It’s not about how much money you have, its about how good you look spending it.”


Lynne Curtin (birth name:  Lynne Ann Colee) is one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Orange County, joining the cast in the fourth episode of the fourth season to replace cast member Lauri Waring Peterson. She currently resides in Laguna Beach, California with husband of over 18 years, Frank Curtin, and their two teenage daughters Raquel, 18, and Alexa, 16.

A former gymnast, Lynne is an avid surfer, runner, horseback rider and kick-boxer – and she has the toned body to prove it. She also has a laid-back philosophy when it comes to her parenting style because she wants to be labeled the cool mom and sge wants to be her daughters’ best friend —which is quite different from her husband’s parenting style.   She is obsessed with “having fun” and dressing “classy” like a stripper.

This stay-at-home mom seems to have everything under control but she’s not without issues. She’s actually reluctance to accept that she is getting older and chooses not to not divulge her age because she’s absolutely afraid of getting old when she just wants to “have fun.” She also prides herself on looking young and wearing the same size clothing as her teenage daughters.

Most recently, though, Lynne Curtin faced bigger problems as she was evicted from her home (August 2009)  for non payment of rent and the property owner filed a police report for the loss of several expensive pieces of furniture.   (December 22,  2009:  Lynne Curtin and her husband of 18 years, Frank Curtin, were supposed to show their faces in court yesterday relating to the $1.2 million they were ordered to pay a former business partner.  Lynne and Frank didn’t show up. A judge in Riverside County, CA has issued a bench warrant for both Lynne and Frank’s arrest. It’s been a rough year for Lynne’s fam — they were also evicted from their home back in August for not paying rent.)

On August 9, 2010, Lynne Curtin announced her departure from the show on her Facebook page.

Trivia:   Lynne Curtin is the Aunt of Heather Deloach, who is the Bumble Bee Girl in the 1993 Blind Melon video, “No Rain.”   Heather is also an actress.


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