16 comments on “Real Housewives of ORANGE COUNTY

  1. Ummm Capparella? You do know that it is a tv show right?? She is obviously playing this “character” !! It is all for the cameras!!!

  2. the nay-sayers above on this page are the not so bright ones.stop watching then. if you think they are so fake.no one makes you turn on bravo.alexis is my fav.some of you just do not like her speaking of the lord.she is strong and smart and stands up for what she believes.we as christians do not have to live in a box.learn a lession.bev!she has alot of fans on facebook.get over it.be kind.

    • Hmmmmm…..I guess one could say the same thing to you about reading this blog. Stop reading then. One could say this. I wouldn’t, ‘cuz I am just too darned nice.

      • Ana is too nice to say it, but I’m not. See here’s the thing. I think of myself as religious, but don’t u think that Alexis is a weeeee bit of a contradiction. I mean she loves the Lord, but not as much as her plastic surgeon. Hmmm. I don’t think religious peeps tell others that they’re not so bright.

      • Hey, I didn’t get the video! Rats. But I have to put my two cents in….
        Bev is it? Yes, Bev. It was difficult to make sense of your comment as your sentence structure and punctuation were not used correctly. The result was just a confusing mess. So would you please make the needed corrections so we can try to figure out what it is you want to say please? Thanks hon!

  3. well really alexis has not done any thing too the ladys on the show and they should take care of there own bussiness. and tamra please please would some one make her GO AWAY WITH A PASSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Alexis is ridiculous. Always talking about the Lord with her chi chis hanging out all over the place. When she said a prayer before Gretchen’s Pussycat Doll performance, I fell out laughing. Really? You are going to ask the Lord to bless an event like that? Her prayers should have been for the people who had to suffer through Gretchen’s awful singing.

  5. I think they are for the most part all rediculous vicki is pathetic, tamara is a joke and cannot be trusted, the only one I really like anymore is gretchen ,I think she has more smarts and heart than any one of them,heather is so into herself that she is obvious about it ,she doesn’t know everything she only knows how wonderful she is ,how does she know whether gretchen has been offered a part or not and what business is it of hers.I will not watch her sitcom because of her,I would rather see gretchen in it,I think she has been treated horribly by vicky and tamara,what a joke those two are——————-its time to go to another channel!

  6. What is sad is how nick picky two faced, back biting women they are. Most of them have no class and are trashy in expensive clothing. Who the heck cares if Alexis brags about her money, cars etc..why care..let her talk for one and Vicki when she starts has no class, most of them don’t. Sad hope the young don’t look at them as role models. Money surely doesn’t buy you class! Nor your 1099 Vicki!

  7. Vicki is pathetic and so miserable that she has become very skilled at ruining friendships and any other happy relationships she detects…..her mission to bring down Gretchen is pure and obviously jealousy. Gretch has a man that loves her so deeply, her business is flourishing, and Vicki can no longer claim to be the only businesswoman in the group….Gretch is a burr in Vicki’s saddle…She looks more like Ms. Piggy after all that plastic work.

  8. I enjoy hate-watching the neurotic, dippy, and occasionally castrating Shannon Beador but I have to admit the Daily Mail pix of her with David in Hawaii are a pleasant surprise – she looks good with no makeup.

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