Melissa Gorga… Bio and Links

Melissa Gorga

Melissa says she was born on the Jersey shore. “I’m a shore girl, Toms River,” she says and calls herself a “Benny” (indicates someone who’s from Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark or New York).

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga…  sister’s in law… Melissa is married to Teresa’s brother, Giuseppe (Joe)


Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga joins The Real Housewives of New Jersey for Season 3, but is already part of the family as her husband Joe is Teresa’s brother. Melissa is a sassy Italian who is known for her witty, fun, and loving personality. After graduating from New Jersey City University with a B.A. degree in education and psychology, she is now a stay at home mom whose life is all about her family. Melissa and Joe have been married for almost seven years and met while both were away on spring break in Cancun. They live in an ornate mansion that her husband, a successful real estate developer, built and Melissa decorated. Melissa and Joe have three beautiful children, Antonia, five, Gino, three, and Joey 11 months.

From NY Daily News:  Gorga, who is married to Giudice’s brother, Giuseppe, a real estate developer, rivals her sister-in-law when it comes to luxurious living.  “She has two live-in nannies and lives in a $4 million mansion on an exclusive lot in Montville.  Teresa and Joe’s house looks like a garage compared to theirs.”

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22 comments on “Melissa Gorga… Bio and Links

  1. Love your blog. Fascinating to read. But I beg to differ about what a BENNY means. No one has ever been able to say for sure what that terms signifies. Some say it was to do with military time off BENEfits. Others suggest it has to do with the Benjamins that NY, PA and Northern NJ tourists spent while visiting the the NJ beaches. But I do commend you for even mentioning the expression. In those central NJ towns, that is a terms that all locals are aware of. When you visit there, you will see all over the place tiny little signs that say things like “benny go home” or “bennies are like pennies from heaven.” It is all silly and harmless, but like our nutty housewives, it is all real.


    • Priscilla: “BENNY”… Stands for Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York, which are the places bennys come from. If you are from NJ, you would have known this. Ms SH don’t take kindly to no one sayin’ she don’t know her stuff… TFC!!! SH


  2. She is the less educated person ever. I mean look how she talks, haha ))) And look at her weird style when it comes to her cloth.


  3. To Marina: Learn how to spell. If you choose to insult others to make yourself feel better about your insecurities, fine. FYI….Melissa has two B.A’s and maintained an excellent grade point average. I am certain you have not achieved the same. Maybe you should attempt to do so. You could improve your spelling and present yourself as a more educated woman.


    • I would like to know at what college she obtained her “education” and exactly HOW she maintained an “excellent GPA” Do professors accept lap dances these days?


      • Heh. I was gonna ask what the BA stands for. Cuz I wasn’t believing she has two bachelor of art degrees… That just does not seem like money well spent if it’s true.


        • MP: You mean B.A’s without the obligatory period (.) after the A? Ha.

          FYI: If you are going to correct someone for stating their opinion because of a scholastic reason, you best be sure you cross all of your T’s and dot all of your I’s lest you be found to be less credible than you think you are. The gist of her reasoning was clearly stated. You just felt defensive for some truly odd reason. In addition, you have the same writing style and depth of thought as an angry middle school girl.

          I have a Harvard MBA, and I absolutely abhor pseudo intellectuals correcting people without any substance to back up their superiority complex; not to mention proof reading their dissertation. If your darling Melissa was so smart, she would not be on TV embarassing herself and family, both past and future generations. This show highlights the worse characteristics of the subject and diminishes the best of them forever.

          Your defensive claim that Melissa Gorga is an intellectual and showing her astuteness on this show is akin to you tying your shoelaces together just before running the 100 m high hurdles. Hilarious.


    • Nathan: Who have you been brainwashed by??? I’d like to see Melissa’s transcripts. Here’s another item: NO ONE attacks another commenter on this site… except for moi. Only I can tell someone “learn how to spell.” This is a warning. SH


    • Nathan are you lost? I think you belong on gorgafans where there are unicorns, ‘n rainbows, ‘n delusions galore. There you’ll receive a nice welcome because they never question, discuss, debate or investigate. In fact, they accept ONLY your kind.


  4. Yes a BENNY is exactly what SH described it as & if you disagree then your NOT from Jersey. I’m from Bayonne, spent summers down the shore & am proud to be a Benny. Melissa is from North Jersey & spent the summers down South Jersey. So Yes she is a BENNY too.


    • ok people i grew up in toms river n.j went from kindergarden to graduating from toms river high school north i would never call my self a bennie if i moved up north see those north jersey people think the word bennie means status with money and we locals think they are a real pain in the butt when they as they say visit the shore


  5. . What I have a problem with is Melissa being a college graduate, whether one major or two majors. She doesn’t speak well nor does Theresa, but Theresa is a wiz at her major and that is marketing and sales, she is successful. Melissa can’t remember words to a song with more than 8 hours to memorize those words. The chorus is the same throughout the song. Even the Music
    Manager questioned the wording when singing. Why would you not memorize the words if music and singing is what you seek as your goal? Hope that Bravo paid for the in house music studio as well as the very large music industry writer and manager who not only visited your house but took you, Melissa, to Florida to try to make your voice ready to sing “on the air” at a radio interview when you then lip sinked to pre recorded music. All of the above is very expensive. You don’t hear that you have no real singing voice? I know people who have trained for years, have natural talent but still pay for vocal lessons and are still singing at weddings, in clubs, lounges, funerals to make money to pay for vocal lessons. Yet, you have it handed to you and you cannot remember the words to a song? Can’t say you are nervous as you are on TV, you are seen by people who attend public appearances you attend, so what is the reason for seeking this hit record when you
    cannot sing nor do you work at it?


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